Rose Mojito

Rose Mojito

Rose Mojito 3D Version Flagship Dual Dynamic Driver Earbuds


  • Suitable styles: big compilation, small compilation, Folk music, and all instruments, new acg ethereal female voice, pop music
  • Mojito originally was a local Cuban cocktail, which is mainly made up by Rum, lime juice and sugar water, joining the soda water and mint leaf. Its flesh taste makes people fall in love with it at once.
  • Nowadays, we are honored to recommend you the flat earbuds named” Mojito”. It takes two years for tuners to patiently modulate the perfect sound. It is such a cuddly and unforgettable earphone to your ears that it amazes people at every moment. Coming for instrumental music, Mojito bears a generation of flat feelings, which will absolutely become the king of Dynamic.
  • Mojito possesses several high technologies that are difficult to duplicate.Customized dual dynamic driver dedicated in bass .It has 3 excellent quality frequencies, grand sound field, pinpoint imaging and good sense of form, which specially modulate cool trend for classics. Such important technical breakthroughs will change your cognition about flat earbuds before.
  • The resolution of 10mm flagship high frequency driver makes high frequency of earphone be comparable to every flagship in-ears.
  • The 60 degree gathering designed and labyrinth air outlet of low frequency driver and the coaxial cavity inestimably strengthen the low frequency, and ensure the excellent control as well.
  • The Cortina filter can reduce the burr, which will avoid the harsh sound caused by high resolution and significantly improve the sound quality.
  • The function of exclusive high frequency burr reducing Cortina filter is to reduce the sound burr of high resolution driver. It is applied to iron triangle earbuds.
  • Positioning in omnivorous instruments, Mojito is especially good at big and small compilation. It can deal with pop music easily, and also has an uncommon performance in new ACG. As the only and the best flat earbuds of Rose Technology, Mojito constantly improves according to the sound experiences of different crowds. In terms of the tuning, this earbud is beautiful in high frequency, powerful in low frequency, imaging precise in medium frequency. And it has a good sense of form, powerful resolution and brand lateral and longitudinal sound field. The magnificent momentum and high quality of this flagship earbuds must impress you deeply.
  • In order to consider both the comfortable wearing and elegant shape, we redesign its appearance. Inspired by long drink cup, the metallic luster and smooth curve bring beautiful experience; meanwhile, it will exquisitely spoil your ears. It is a recast of Rose Technology designers to Mojito. Its brand new materials are from Germany. And the precise craftsmanship is only for sounds of nature.
  • The  excellent cable is  come from French X symphony , which can effectively reduce distortion. it is carefully selected by engineers from more than ten types of cables, which will bring you the good experience together with the specialized port and contact pin.
  • The full version Mojito is aimed at demonstrating its full strength on portable devices. In addition, there is a piece of good news for audiophiles: we have discovered that the amazing potential of Mojito in the system combination of the top earphone and headphone amplifier. That is to say, matching with the more excellent front end, the sound of earphone will be more surprising. And for now, it potential limit has not been found yet.


  • Driver :15.4mm dynamic driver  , Impedance: 18Ω , Sensibility: 108dB
  • Driver : 10mm dynamic driver , Impedance: 12Ω , Sensibility: 98dB
  • Frequency response: 8-28 kHz


  • Rose Mojito
  • 1 Cable
  • Compressive Earphone Case
  • 2 pairs of foam eartips

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