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LZ A2s

LZ A2s  Dynamic +  Balanced Armature Hybrid  HiFi In-Ear Earphone Without Mic Desc..


LZ A3 Triple Driver Hybrid

LZ A3 Triple Driver Dynamic+ 2BA Hybrid HiFi Inner-Ear Earphones Description The newest ve..


LZ A3s

LZ A3s 2 Balanced Armature+Dynamic Driver Hybrid MMCX Audiophile In-Ear Earphone..



LZ A4 2BA Balanced Armature  + Dynamic Driver Hybrid In-Ear Earphones With Detachable MMCX Cabl..



LZ Z03A Heavy Bass Dynamic Driver High Quality Fidelity HiFi Audiophile In-Ear EarphonesDescrip..


MusicMaker Ting

MusicMaker Ting Full Metal Cover HiFi Flat Head Earphone  Earbuds Description Metal ..


MusicMaker Tomahawk MrZ

MusicMaker Tomahawk MrZ High-Fidelity Sound Quaility  Alloy Flat Earbuds Earphones Desc..


MusicMaker TONEKING ShockWave III

MusicMaker TONEKING ShockWave III 1 Dynamic Driver+4BA Hybrid MMCX Connector HiFi  IEM..


MusicMaker TONEKING TO300

MusicMaker TONEKING TO300 300 Ohm Single Crystal Copper Silver-plated Audiophile Metal Flat-Head Ear..



MusicMaker TONEKING TY2 HIFI Coaxial Dual Dynamic Driver Earbuds Description Coaxial 10mm+1..


MusicMaker TP16

MusicMaker TONEKING TP16 32Ω  High Quality Flat Head Earbuds      ..


Seahf 32ohm Earbud

Seahf 32ohm Flat-Head Silver-plated Cable Earphone Earbud Specification Driver : Dyna..


TY Hi-Z Earbuds

TY Hi-Z Earbud HP150 (150ohm) /HP320 (320ohm ) /HP400 (400ohm) HiFi Earbud Description ..


TY Hi-Z G3

TY Hi-Z G3 32ohm Micro Dynamic Driver Heavy Bass HiFi In-ear Earphone Specification Sensit..


TY Hi-Z HP-32/32S

TY Hi-Z HP-32 32ohm HiFi earbuds Specification Sensitivity: 115+-5 db   ..


TY Hi-Z HP-650

TY Hi-Z HP-650 HiFi Earbuds Specification Model: HP-650 Unit diameter: 15.4mm Impedance..