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1MORE E1001 Triple Driver Hybrid

Out Of Stock 1MORE E1001 Triple Driver Hybrid

1MORE E1001 Dynamic Driver +Dual Balanced Armature Triple Driver Hybrid IEM With Remote Control for iPhone Android



  • Invited get four Grammy music master Luca Bignardi tuning, sophisticated professional standards so that the ears feel warm southern Europe

Triple Driver, rich in details

  • To achieve more detail, we use "dynamic + dual armature " unit structure, dynamic responsible for the low frequency, dual armature jointly responsible for the high frequency so that high-frequency extension range up to 40,000Hz, which means they can capture more details. Three natural convergence capability, combined with the advantages of dynamic and armature, voice soft, warm sense of music, and to achieve a comprehensive upgrade richer detail on the high quality of analytical capabilities, a complete sound performance

Two metal cavity, natural transparent, more explosive

  • Full metal build small and large cavity work together to form a more shocking and powerful sound

Hi-Res Audio authentication HD resolution, Low Distortion dual armature driver unit for ultra-wideband

  • Within the limited sound cavity space configuration with dual armature driver unit, jointly responsible for the operation of high-frequency, low-distortion performance. Compared to a single armature driver unit, dual armature driver unit can withstand higher power, in the case of a sudden increase in volume is not easy to break the sound. Headphones by Japan Audio Society "Hi-Res Audio" certification, high-frequency extension range up to 40,000Hz, it means that when listening to CD quality music, can be more complete and accurate analytical and restore music, bring more natural, realistic listening experience
  • Recommendation: listen music with Hi-Res Audio certified front-end equipment together to achieve better sound quality

High-strength silicone protective sleeve to ensure the armature driver unit is more durable

  • Since the armature driver unit is very sophisticated, in order to strengthen the protection of the external armature driver unit package durability grade silicone protective sleeve. can effectively shock absorption ,avoid the impact of adverse effects on the armature driver unit when using headphones accidental falls, knock, so that armature driver unit more solid, durable

Metal composite structure diaphragm, triple frequency, new resolution

Dynamic driver unit, we used a metal composite diaphragm, in order to make the metal diaphragm in the low-frequency performance is more prominent, the use of the "sandwich" design: two outer layer of PET material, the intermediate layer is made of aerospace metal. Aerospace metal material ultra-lightweight, rigid acoustic fast, this would bring more extended treble detail; at the same time, because the PET material is soft and flexible, but also to ensure that the full-bodied midrange and strong and powerful bass. This design makes the headphones high, medium and low frequency tends to be more balanced, but also the resolution of upgrading to a new level.

Black gold carve luxurious texture

  • Precision aluminum body to create a headset, use of multiple surface craft: fine sand, high-cut diamond, drawing, CD lines carving, simple atmosphere; pure black and gold is exquisite, texture are presented from the viewpoint of feel luxurious

Dual system of intelligent remote control, adaptive control Apple and mainstream Android phones

  • Intelligent dual system  intelligent control technology, adaptation Apple and mainstream Android smart phones, to solve the current Apple and Android (CTIA international standard interface) smart phone remote control compatibility , compatible control volume addition and subtraction, music selections and other functions .

Precision ergonomic design, comfortable to wear

  • Follow precise ergonomic design; two different bevel design, make its natural fit ear canal, wearing comfortable, and not easy to fall, enjoy music more freely.

Unique wire design

  • Headphones internal core packages the Kevlar fiber, tensile and durable. Headphone cable surface using braided line and TPE material, making it more flexible and less wound. Caudal peduncle and ear headset to maintain a certain distance, so that the headphone cable is not easy to come into contact with the human body, effectively help reduce the "stethoscope" effect, less friction sound, make you enjoy the music more clearly.

Humanized wire control design, high-definition and convenient calling experience

  • Wire and ground wire left and right channels of the microphone completely separated, resolved sound crosstalk acoustical problems sound clearer. Unilateral wire design, close to the face, not need holding, call and control more convenient.

More than 700 various types of reliability tests are higher than the industry standard


1MORE Triple Driver Units Earphone

Industry Standard

Key life test

400,000 times

100,000 times

Wire swing test

15, 000 times

5, 000 times

  Speaker life test



Wire hoist test





  • Driver: Triple Driver Hybrid(Dynamic + Dual Balanced Armature)
  • Wearing styles: in-ear
  • Speaker Impedance: 32Ω
  • Headphone sensitivity: 99dB
  • Plug Type: 3. 5 mm
  • Frequency range: 20-40,000Hz
  • Wire Control: Yes
  • Rated power: 5mw
  • Wire material: enameled copper wire
  • Implementation of the standards: GB/T 14471-2013
  • Product Weight: 18g
  • Cable length: 125cm


  • 1MORE E1001 earphone
  •  6 sets of silicone ear tips
  • 3 sets of memory foam ear tips
  • Magnetic clasping traveling case 
  • Attractive storage case
  • Quality dual prong airline adapter
  • Matching shirt clip

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