3mm/4.5mm/4.9mm Foam Eartips

3mm/4.5mm/4.9mm Foam Eartips- 1 pair

3mm/4.5mm/4.9mm Memory Foam Eartips


  • In the middle of this memory sponge there has a silicone tube whose apertures are 4.9mm, 4.5mm, and 3.0mm. the foam outer size are all the same size .
  • The unique materials of slow rebound are easier to play a role in reducing noise, improving sound quality and making comfortable wearing. This kind of ear tips should be more and more widespread so that people can enjoy the more beautiful music.


  • Material: memory foam
  • Function: noise-isolation
  • Noise-isolation rate: 30%
  • Application: in-ear earphones
  • Feature: comfortable, breathable, noise isolation

Applicable earphones:


  • ALTEC LANSING: Bliss Gold, inMotion 616, 716
  • CREATIVE: Aurvana 2
  • ETYMOTIC RESEARCH: ER-4B, ER-4P, ER-4S, Ety-8 Bluetooth Earphones, HF-2, HF-3, HF-5, MC-3, MC-5
  • FUTURESONICS: Atrio Series (All)
  • GRADO: iGi
  • HARMAN KARDON: EP-710, EP-730
  • IFROGZ: Ear Pollution LUXE
  • JAYS: D-Jays, Q-Jays, S-Jays
  • KLIPSCH: Custom 1, 2, 3 ImageS3, S4, S4A, S4i, S4i Rugged, S5i, Image X5, Image X10/X10i, ProMedia Reference S4i
  • MEElectronics: A151
  • MICROSONICS: Epic JC, Epic X
  • PHIATON: PS200
  • PHILIPS: SHE9850, SHE9900
  • SHURE: E3c, E4c, E5c, E3g, E4g, E500, i3c, i4c, SCL3, SCL4, SCL5, SE110, SE115, SE210, SE215, SE310, SE315, SE420, SE425, SE530, SE535
  • TDK: BA100, BA200
  • WESTONE: UM-1, UM-2, UM-3X, Westone 1, 2, 3, 4,4R



  • AIAIAI: Pipe, Swirl
  • AKG: IP-2, K-324, K-370, K-390NC
  • ALTEC LANSING: BackBeat (Classic, Plus, Pro, Titanium), Bliss (Platinum, Sliver)
  • Muzx (Core, Mesh, Ultra, XX, XY)
  • AUDIO-TECHNICA: ATH-Series: (ANC: 3, 23; CK: 1, 7, 32, 52, 400i; CKF: 300, 500; CKL: 200; CKM: 33, 50, 55, 77, 500; CKP: 300; CKS: 55, 70, 77, 90; CKW: 1000ANV), EP-3
  • AUVIO: 33-266, 33-267, 33-268, 33-271, 33-286, 33-289
  • BEATS BY DRE: Beats Tour, Diddybeats, Heartbeats (All), iBeats, Powerbeats
  • BEYERDYNAMIC: DTX Series: 50, 60, 71iE, 80, 100, 101iE, MMX101iE
  • BLACKBOX: C18, i10
  • BLACKBERRY: OEM Earphones
  • BRAINWAVZ: Beta, M1, M2, M3, M4, ProAlpha
  • CREATIVE: EP-630, EP-830
  • CROSSROADS: Hippo Series: (Boom, Epic, Epic Sparkles, Pearl, VB), Quattro, Woody 1 & 2
  • DENON: AH Series (260R, C252, C351, C452, C551, C560R, C700, C751), NC600, EckoUnltd: ZONE, CHAOS II, ZIP
  • FISCHER AUDIO: Equilibrium v.2, Eterna rev. 2, Genesis, Marcus, Silver Bullet
  • HifiMAN: RE-0, RE-1, RE-2, RE-262, RE-272, RE-ZERO
  • HOUSE OF MARLEY: Conqueror, Midnight Ravers, People Get Ready, Redemption Song, Smile Jamaica, Zion
  • IFROGZ: Ear Pollution (Evolution Ozone, Timbre), Spectra
  • JAYBIRD: Tiger Eyes
  • JLAB: JBuds Series (J2, J3, J4, J5, J6), Q1
  • JVC: Air Cushion, Marshmallow (All), HA Series (EBX85, FR201, FX5, FX30, FX40, FX55, FX66, FXP3, NCX77), Riptidz HA-FX8 Xtreme Xplosives
  • KICKER: EB72 Flow Talk, EB101, EB141 Vaild, Vaild Talk
  • LG: Tone HBS-700
  • MAXIMO: iMetal Series (Im-390, Im-490S, Ip-395)
  • MEElectronics: M9, M11, M21, M31, R1, SP51
  • MEMOREX: EB Series (110, 200A, 300A)
  • MONSTER: Butterfly, Jamz, Lil’ Jamz, Miles Davis Tribute, Turbine, Turbine PRO (All)
  • MUNITIO: Billets (All), NINES
  • NIXON: The Wire (3-Button-Mic, P8mm, 8mm Micro, 10mm)
  • NOKIA: WH-701
  • NUFORCE: NE Series (6,7M, 8,600M, 600X, 700M, 700x)
  • PANASONIC: RP Series (HC30, HC55, HJE70, HJE300, HJE350, HJE450, HJE550, HJE900)
  • PHIATON: 210i
  • PHILIPS: SHE Series (8000, 8500, 9000, 9500, 9600, 9700, 9800), SHN2500, SHS Series: (8000, 8100), The Specked
  • PLANTRONICS: Virtual Phone Booth, Voyager 855 Bluetooth
  • PUMA: 360 Yarn, EI Diego Social Buds, Keg, PMAD6000 Roadies, Social Buds
  • RADIUS: Atomic Bass, HP-TWF11R
  • RAZER: Moray+
  • RED GIANT: INCUS-A04, Ossicle-A03, Auricle-Auricle, Malleus-A00
  • ROCKETFISH: RF Series: EB01, EB22, EHP11 (in-ear), EHP12 (ear loop), IC3BL, IC3P, JJX15, PHS2BL, PKNJ2 (mobile)
  • SCOSCHE: HP200S, IDR Series: (300, 350MD, 350M, 600, 603, 650M, 655M, 656MD)
  • SENNHEISER: CX Series (6, 95, 200, 215, 270, 280, 300, 300-II, 380, 400, 400-II, 500), IE4, IE60, MM Series: (30i, 50, 70, 80i)
  • SKULLCANDY: Fix, 50/50, Asym, Dub, Full Metal Jacket (FMJ), Heavy Medal, Holua, INK’D, Merge, Riot, Smokin’ Buds, Striker, Titan
  • SONY: MDR Series (AS-40EX, EX-32, EX-51LP, EX-55LP, EX-71SLA, EX-75, EX-81LP, EX-85LP, EX-90LP, NC-11, NC-22, NWZW262, XB-40EX)
  • SOUL: SL49, SL99
  • SOUNDMAGIC: E-10, E-30, PL-11, PL-30
  • SPIDER CABLE: RealVoice
  • SUNRISE: Xcited
  • TDK: EB900, EB950, IE500, IE750, IE800
  • ULTIMATE EARS: Metro.Fi Series (100, 150, 170, 200, 220), Super. Fi Series (4/4vi, 5/5vi)
  • VELODYNE: Vpulse
  • VSONIC: R02 ,VSD1/s ,VSD2/s/i , VSD3/s ,VSD5/s ,GR07 , GR07 Bass 
  • V-MODA: Bass Frep, Bass Frep Metal, Faze, Remix, Sport Series, True Blood REVAMP, Vibe, Vibe II, Vibe- Duo, Vibrato
  • YAMAHA: EPH Series (20, 30, 50)



  • UrBeats,beastour 2.0, ibeats inspirations ,
  • PR200MKII,IE800,CX200,CX300,CX3,CX5,
  • UE600,
  • AM-90 ,
  • AKG K323XS,
  • H280,H285,
  • WH-208


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