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Brand: Astrotec Model: limited Edition
Astrotec Lyra Nature Limited Edition Dynamic Driver MMCX HiFi Audiophile Earbuds EarphonesDescription Natural soundSpecial filter module technology, effectively suppress the refraction of sound waves.ComfortEar guide, comfortable wearing.6N OCC cable8 strands, 128 cores, high purity 6N OCC cab..
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Brand: Astrotec Model: Flagship Edition
Astrotec Lyra Collection Limited Flagship Edition Dynamic High-Fidelity Earbuds EarphonesDescriptionLyra Collection 150 Ohm can get unexpectedly relaxed nature with plenty of thrustIn the case of large thrust, the sound could be generous without distortion. High frequency loud without stimulatio..
Brand: Astrotec Model: GX40
Astrotec GX40 High-Performance Dynamic Driver High Fidelity IEMs In-ear Earphone Description Bright gem Exclusive fashion nobility into the West sailing elements, using top-quality sparkling crystal shaped diamond knife cutting technology made crystal clear, emitting a comparable shine l..
Brand: Astrotec Model: GX50
Astrotec GX50 High-Performance Dynamic Driver MMCX Detachable HiFi IEMs In-ear Earphone Description Delicate craft Special high-density glass, top diamond cutting process Front of GX50 headphone is a high density of lead-free glass which through specially processed, and into the curren..
Brand: Astrotec Model: AM-900
Astrotec AM-900 10mm Driver Units In-Ear Dynamic Earphones Description 3.5mm gold plated plug fits for most electronic devices Delivers impressive bass response and clear mid-high range notes for incredible sound with every kind of music Transparent anti-rebound fiber cable with high te..
Brand: Astrotec Model: AX-60
Astrotec AX-60 Hybrid Technology Triple-Driver In-Ear Monitors Earphone Description 10mm Dynamic Driver to provide clean and detailed bass with quick response Top-end Customised dual-balanced armature from Knowles The AX60 is the first patented hybrid headphone developed and Made in Chi..
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