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Aune X1s 32BIT/384K DSD128 DAC HIFI Audiophile Headphone Amplifier


Aune X1s is the 5th generation of the Aune X1 series, X1’s first generation of products was launched in 2008, it was popular and garnered many good feedback after six years of market tests and user responses.

X1 series was well received by magazines and forums

  • “This small Chinese box was able to maintain same tonal balance as Air did… It is an outstanding device that costs you same amount of money as three albums from Japan. I suggest you buy it to learn something and maybe also how some friend or relative what’s so wonderful in our hobby……” Wojciech Pacula, “High Fidelity”
  • This is one highly impressive headphone amp and USB DAC.Amazing Sound from a small, inexpensive packing. Highly, Highly recommended” Stepehen Lerch, “Head-Fi. org”
  • “The headphone amp/DAC combo is pretty typical of the AUNE sound signature … veering toward the warmer side of neutral and this is be expected given the components that have been utilized ……” PinkFloyed, “rock grotto”

The Specifications compare X1s with X1



Dynamic Range






Bit Resolution






Supported data rates



X1s has a low-jitter master clock

  • The X1s has a low-jitter master clock whose jitter measurement result was 1ps max. It controls the whole data transfer of X1s. The asynchronous transfer eliminates any traces of jitter. No traces of jitter-include distortion are measurable above – 135 dBFS which was the limitation of most instruments. This truly ensures all the details and transparent in music playback.

X1s has an excellent outstanding design and quality

  • Despite its compact size, X1s echoes the design standards of any other aune product. This ensures that quality of sound meet the critical demands for various kinds of music. X1S has an outstanding design with aluminum structure chassis and the panel with no screw, and it applies high-quality sandblasting oxidation and laser engraving technique. A 4 layer circuit board with a single ground-planes provides maximizes signal isolation

X1s applies the latest XMOS+9018 circuit frame

  • The core frame of X1s is the latest XMOS and 32Bit 9018K2M frame. The Asynchronous USB system of X1s supports USB Audio 2.0 for high-resolution 384khz, and DSD playback with our easy-to-install driver application for MAX/Windows operating systems.

X1s applies the enhanced OP+BUF amplifier frame

  • The amplifier of X1s is an independent positive and negative power supply OP+BUF frame.
  • The amplifier circuit of this frame gains extremely low distortion while providing extremely strong driving ability. The product is DC-coupled, for outstanding low frequency control and overall audio reproduction, and absolute phase is maintained throughout.

X1s applies independent power supply design

  • X1s applies an independent power supply which was well-designed for even higher audio quality. The use of an external power supply means the AC noise is kept well away from the pure analogue stages of X1s.

X1s Functions

32Bit/384K DSD128 USB DAC function

  • X1s is a supper cost-effective 32Bit/384K scheme. It can support the highest 32Bit/384K and DSD128 music files (full backward compatible) when connected to PC. It’s an ultra high format HIFI audio decoder that can combine with PC.

Independent USB interface function

  • When connected to PC to play music through the digital output socket, X1s can output 24Bit/192K high-index coaxial signal, which enables it to digitally record and decode.

X1s can function as an independent DAC

  • When connected to coaxial output devices, such as digital transport, X1S can be used as a pure DAC with the ability of decoding 24Bit/192K. X1S has coaxial and optical fiber input socket.

X1s can be used as an independent headphone amplifier

  • X1s applies OP+BUF headphone amplifier frame with positive and negative power supply, leading to its extremely low distortion and extremely strong driving ability. It can drive most headphones and mainly adjusted the sound for HD650 K701 880.


Input Interface                                     USB              COX            OPT

  • Maximum word length                 32Bit             24Bit           24Bit
  • Maximum sampling rate              384Bit          192K           192K
  • Maximum DSD Rate (DOP)        DSD128

Typical line output indicators                                         RCA

  • Output voltage level @ 0dB                                 2.1 V rms
  • Frequency response (from 20 Hz to 20kHz)        ±0.5 dB
  • Dynamic range                                                      126 dB
  • THD+N @ 1KHz                                                    -110 dB
  • IMD+N @ 19KHz & 20KHz                                   -110 dB
  • Stereo crosstalk                                                     -112 dB
  • Headphone out power: @300Ω 200 mW


  • AUNE X1s
  • Power adapter
  • USB cable
  • 6.5mm to 3.5mm stereo F adapter


  • Will ship via DHL/UPS/EMS/FEDEX
  •  It is required to put your phone number on the parcel, please leave us your contact number when you pay.

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