COZOY Astrapi

COZOY Astrapi

COZOY Astrapi APPLE MFi Approved Digital Lighting Amplifier for Android/iOS/PC


  • COZOY is a digital-to-analog converter and amplifier that provide significantly improved headphone sound quality for audio players, tablets, and portable devices.
  • COZOY take the digital audio data stream from your preferred audio device and process and amplify it making your favorite headphones sound their best.
  • The Astrapi is all-aluminum build and modern design.

  • COZOY was designed for audio players, tablets and other portable devices running operating systems such as; Android, iOS and PC. 
  • COZOY incorporates proprietary digital Sound processing and conversion along with a high-performance headphone amplifier, all within an extremely portable form factor.
  • COZOY is designed for those who use their phones, tablets, laptops and other portable devices as their primary listening and viewing platforms and who seek the best-possible headphone or in ear listening experience for music, video, and gaming by providing improved resolution, spatiality, dynamics, and heightened realism.
  • COZOY is compatible with all audio formats supported by portable devices
  • COZOY’s extremely low power consumption allows for extended playing time and with its plug-and-play connectivity, eliminates any complex setups. 


  • Low power consumption with strong driving power
  • Clean Line-Out activated at Max Volume
  • Built-in DSP
  • Software DSD
  • External USB DAC Functionality (OSX + PC)
  • Compatible with various Android devices through OTG
  • Hi-resolution :24Bit-96khz 192khz
  • Headphone output :3.5mm
  • Impedance :16-100ohm at 1khz loading
  • Output vrms:1.5Vrms max
  • THD+N:0.003% ,1khz 0dbfs
  • SNR:105Db AT 3.3V power supply
  • Resolution :24bit/192khz sampling
  • System power current :10mA-70mA max
  • Power input:1.8V-3.3V+-10%
  • Output gain level step :3dB/step ;16 steps
  • Headphone power output :10mW max
  • Plug type: digital lightning connector
  • Cable length:20cm
  • Support USB2.0
  • Support connectors: Lightning connector .micro usb -micro usb ,micro usb-usb

Support Models

  • iPhone5,iPhone6/6s,iPhone 7,iPad/iPod mini,iPod touch
  • Android (OTG Function)
  • PC/Laptop


  • COZOY Astrapi DAC AMP
  • Android Cable
  • iOS Cable
  • PC Cable

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