Macaw RT-10

Macaw RT-10 - RT-10

Macaw RT-10 Interchangeable Panel High-Fidelity Quality Inner-Ear Earphones


RT - 10 is the first product of Macaw RT series, RT is the abbreviation of the romanticism, RT-10 high quality HIFI headphones is specially designed for modern young people, Macaw electro-acoustic design team invested enormous aesthetic elements and technology patents for this series, strive for the series of each into audio equipment with visual and auditory.

Personalized design concept

High-end fashion design, highlighting the unique personality, high playability, fine resolution, powerful bass for all musical instruments, bass-driven stereo eartips, all in order to show the rhythm of life, youth beat.

How to make an entry-level HIFI headphone with excellent industrial design?

Macaw RT-10 first used on headphone panel with IML mold inserts process, and a bold attempt detachable design, which gives the headset more creativity and vitality.

Anti-winding wire-speed

RT-10 comes with anti-winding gear, a high-quality TPE elastic wire, elastic adjustable divider of the two headphone cable into one, the possibility of resolving the winding from the source, to solve your headphone cable knot together.

TPE durable wire material

Headphone cable insulation aging is not easy to crack, durable, excellent quality audio signal transmission, anti-pull, anti-winding, strong life, surrounded by TPE high-grade wire, prevent dirty winding, wire soft, skin texture, more resistant to bending, Let you enjoy music better.

3.5mm universal plug

Protection upgrades, conducting the upgrade, lossless gold-plated anti-oxidation transmission plug, signal lossless transmission anti-oxidation plug, fine workmanship, reduce signal transmission loss, fidelity reduction of details, suitable for all types of portable audio devices.

How to make an entry-level HIFI headphones have acoustic black technology?

Macaw RT-10 took the lead in the moving coil unit with complex sets of nano-carbon fiber diaphragm technology, which is only used on high-end audio before. Wonderful mixed material to make the low frequency dive deeper. Transient performance is more explosive. So that headphones overall feeling is full of youthful and passion.

10 mm full-range high-end custom moving coil unit composite nano carbon fiber diaphragm

How to get an entry-level HIFI headphones wearing comfortable?

Excellent industrial design, make the body more with streaming linear, wearing more comfortable, in the same cavity space, hearing more smooth, bass performance is more outstanding, dive mile is very deep.

How to make an entry-level HIFI headphone with more love?

Macaw RT-10 using antibacterial spray technology in the headphones body and plug surface, makes the harmful bacteria such as e. coli and staphylococcus aureus on the surface of headphones survival rate lower than 20%.

Storage bag

According to the majority of headset size and made of PU black environmentally friendly material, elegant appearance, delicate texture, giving carrying RT- 10 headphones more convenient.

Mixed silicone eartips

Using two hardness silicone eartips, to distortion caused by deformation of eartips. Sound quality will be greatly reduced without suitable eartips, please try with different types of silicone eartips, select a perfect fit with your ear size, make it comfortable and tightly placed inside the ear.

More artists panel

Macaw corporate with more than 30 artists from CAFA, China Academy of Art and many other Asian Art Colleges, have been gathering nearly 200 works, will continue to filter more in line with contemporary art elements with young people made into RT -10 artist panel. Provide users with more personalized options.


  • Model: Macaw RT10
  • Type: In-ear 
  • Headphone output audio: HIFI
  • Headphone category: HIFI headphones
  • Impedance: 16Ω
  • Headphone sensitivity: 91dB/mW
  • Frequency range: 20-20000Hz
  • Interface: 3.5mm
  • Cable Length: 1.1M
  • Headphone plug type: Through Hole   
  • Microphone: No


  • Macaw RT10 In-ear Earphone
  • Silicone eartips(S/M/L)
  • Earphone panel
  • Storage bag

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