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Penon ASOS Cable

Penon ASOS
Penon ASOS
Penon ASOS
Penon ASOS
Penon ASOS
Penon ASOS
Penon ASOS
Penon ASOS
Penon ASOS
Penon ASOS
Penon ASOS
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Brand: Penon
  • Model: ASOS
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Penon ASOS 8 Shares Alloy copper Silver-plated & OCC Silver-plated Mixed HiFi Audiophile IEMs Cable wth 3-in-1 Modular Plugs


Penon ASOS Audiophile IEM Cable 

Brand: PENON

Model: ASOS

Materials: 8 strands, 25 cores alloy copper silver-plated + 99 cores single crystal copper silver-plated wire mixed

High transparent imported PVC wire sheath

Carbon fiber silver shell

3-in-1 modular plug


Penon ASOS cable

3.5mm audio plug

2.5mm balanced plug

4.4mm balanced plug

nihalsharma 28/05/2024

The Penon ASOS cable has some solid synergy with the few IEMs I paired. The detailing and soundstage exhibit a notable enhancement, making all the subtle nuances more pronounced and clearly audible. There is a marked improvement in the treble region, making this cable perfect for IEMs that lack energy and detail in the upper frequencies. The mid-range stands out with greater tonal accuracy, resolution, and clarity. The cable may feel stocky, but the effort of putting the extra weight on the ears does pay off. Moreover, the price tag is also quite thoughtful.

Bosk 17/01/2024

If you want more bass, especially midbass, ASOS should be on your shopping list. There's good reasons why chunky 8 wire cables like this exist - one is to boost the bottom end beyond smaller 4 wire offerings.
ASOS isn't a one trick pony, also emphasising the lower midrange which can enhance the vocal resolution, doing it without adding the warmth a pure copper cable to keeps things more neutral.
In the case of the Penon ASOS that means more bass, a deeper soundstage & better dynamics - you may also hear a number of other improvements depending on the IEM you pair it with.

Dsnuts 25/10/2023

I am a firm believer of cables enhancing or detracting a sound. The last thing you want is a cable that detracts from a sound. The newest cable from Penon is a stunner. The ASOS will improve your sound. Stange enhancement in all axis including depth of sound. Enhance note weight. Enhances technicalities. It is an upgrade on the classic do it all OS849 and the Orbit. The new ASOS is one of those cables that will be a mainstay for audiophiles that are looking for value in an IEM cable. It is most definitely versatile and will upgrade any IEM you throw on them.

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Tags: 8 Shares , Mixed , 3-in-1

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