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  • Brand: SIMGOT
  • Model: EA500
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SIMGOT EA500 10mm DLC Diaphragm Dual-Magnetic-Circuit & Dual-Cavity Dynamic Driver In-Ear Earphone


10mm dual-magnetic circuit & dual-cavity dynamic

The 4th generation DLC composite diaphragm

Detachable nozzle design

Two tuning styles with high completion degree comply with two target curves

Alloy melting & casting CNC processing mirror plating process

Over-ear wearing secure and comfortable

2pin 0.78mm detachable design

High purity silver-plated OFC cable

High resolution easy to drive suitable for a variety of genres


Giving up evaluating sound by price, this is an overwhelming dynamic earphone

10mm dual-magnetic circuit & dual-cavity dynamic

Two kinds of tuning & two target curves

Detachable nozzle design

The 4th generation DLC composite diaphragm


Consistent philosophy

While developing the year 2022 dynamic flagship [EA2000 Boson], SIMGOT has accumulated a lot of technologies and tuning methods in the dynamic products. These technologies and experiences, if only used on high-end flagship, and never have access to entry-price products, are not in line with SIMGOT 's consistent philosophy: to lower the threshold for enjoying good sound. We select the technology and tuning methods gained in the development of the flagship and use them to the EA500.


Hi-Res certification

EA500 is certified by JAS “Hi-Res Audio”, with the high frequency can be extended more than 40kHz.more complete and accurate sound can be present.


It is dual-magnetic circuit & dual-cavity

Taking one sentence to describe the driver and acoustic characteristic of the EA500, it is: powerful driver configuration and powerful acoustic indicators. The EA500 adopts a 10mm dual-magnetic-circuit and dual-cavity driver. Different from the two single magnetic circuit forms of "internal magnetic" or “external magnetic" commonly used in dynamic earphones, the dual-magnetic-circuit system of EA500 provides both internal and external magnetic circuits. Combined with the N52 magnet, this driver presents a powerful magnetic field and amazing performance. The dynamic range and transient capability have been greatly improved, providing a wider bandwidth range and lower distortion, which gives the EA500 a stunning dynamic and sense of presence.


4th Generation DLC composite diaphragm, a clever blend of 3 materials

The DLC composite diaphragm of EA500 incorporates 3 kinds of different materials, which are used to build different parts. DLC is characterized by strong rigidity, high damping, and light-weight, and is used as a dome that determines the characteristics of treble. The edge, which affects the mid and bass, is built with elastic composite material. The whole diaphragm has undergone multiple pattern design and material content ratio tests to achieve surging and natural bass, high resolution and high-density mid, and smooth treble extension.

It can be said very responsibly that the resolution of this diaphragm and driver has no essential difference with that on 150 USD and the above products.


Multiple simulation and proofing tests, for optimize dual-magnetic circuit structure

Based on finite element simulation, we dig deep into the information that is difficult to obtain in physical testing, analyze and obtain local optimal solution, and clarify the development direction of the magnetic circuit on the loudspeaker, thereby reducing the frequency of proofs and shortening the development cycle. The magnetic flux density of the model electromagnetic analysis indicates the performance of the loudspeaker, which is of great help to the subsequent analysis of mechanical, vibration and acoustic characteristics.


Detachable nozzle

Detachable nozzle design is rare at this price level. By quickly disassembling and installing the nozzles of different tuning cloth systems, users can change different tuning styles. When the filter is blocked after a long time wearing, users can replace the filter themselves, which can extend the service life of the product and increase the scope of adaptation.


The difficulty is on two target curves and both sound good

If the difficulty of matching a target curve is 1, the difficulty of meeting two target curves at the same time is much greater than2. By just replacing the nozzle, the user can obtain two different curves of high completion degree, but not just add a "little value" tuning. To achieve that, we have to take many aspects into consideration, including the design of headphone cavity, dynamic structure, inner cavity volume, diaphragm, tuning cloth etc., and carry out a lot of calculation, simulation, proofing and tests.

Not only can you experience the SIMGOT classic tuning style that has been used in EN1000EA2000etc., but you can also experience other manufacturer tuning styles that target the H-curve. The debate over "Monitoring or HiFi" no longer exists here.


“Monitor style”, “HiFi style”, “professional tool type” and “music listening type” are all satisfied.

Nozzle 1 (red silicone ring) H brand-2016 Curve is a very universal trend-oriented tuning style. It is also the basic target curve widely used by different brands of audio manufacturers in the industry (on this basis, each brand has a slight derivation). The three frequencies are highly balanced, the positioning is accurate, the sound field is restored accurately, and the sound is plumb. It has less sibilance on the treble, adapts well to different music genres, even to poor recording. This tuning style can be sorted as "jack of all trades".


Nozzle 2 (black silicone ring)

SIMGOT-Classic's target curve runs through the tuning ideas of EN1000 and EA2000. Through appropriate gain of the treble and slight forward shift of the first peak, on the basis of ensuring accurate positioning and clear image, the three-frequency keep balanced, making the instrument more beautiful, the separation clearer, and the female vocal more addictive. There may be slight sibilance in the treble, but the resolution is higher and more details can be presented. It is a little bit weak to adapt to poor recording source. It belongs to tuning style of "female vocal addictive", or “instrument type”.

SIMGOT will continue to develop the nozzle of EA500 to bring more tuning styles under different target curves.


All metal cavity with mirror plating process

The earphone cavity is processed through high-density alloy metal melting & casting and CNC fine engraving. The body is sturdy and durable. The inner surface is subtle uneven, which can effectively suppress standing wave and provide a clear sound floor.

Complemented by mirror plating technology, the earphone body is elegant as an art piece.


Note: The alloy melting and casting process is a metal mold opening process. Although the whole body has been carefully polished, there is still possible "appearance defect" such as slight mold closing line mark in some parts, which do not affect the function and use of the product, and is not supported as the reason for the return and exchange request. At this price, it is admittedly not easy to make such a high-quality all-metal product. We appreciate your understanding.


Stable and reliable 2-pin detachable design, high quality silver-plated OFC cable

The EA500 comes with a high-quality 0.78mm 2 pin detachable silver-plated OFC cable. This cable effectively improves the separation and transparency, making the sound floor clearer, the vocal and instrument more beautiful. The detachable design also leaves space for cable upgrade and brings more fun. The 2-pin is durable with long service life.




Model: EA500

Driver: 10mm dual-magnetic-circuit + dual-cavity structure dynamic

Diaphragm: fourth generation DLC composite diaphragm

Impedance: 16Ω+15% (@1kHz)

Sensitivity: 123dB/Vrms (@1kHz nozzle with red ring), 124dB/Vrms (@1kHz nozzle with black ring)

Frequency response range: 10Hz-50kHz

Effective frequency response: 20Hz 20kHz

Connector: 0.78mm 2pin

Cable: high purity silver-plated OFC




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