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Shanling M3s DSD256 AK4490 Bluetooth 4.1 Apt-X Portable Lossless Music Player


New form, fully meet the wireless and balance era

  • Balanced output and unbalanced output, more options
  • 2.5mm balanced interface connects with balanced headphones to provide more powerful drive, full-balanced circuit to bring a wider sound field and more accurate positioning.

Dual DAC, 4-way LPF circuit, 4-way amp circuit, true full-balanced output

  • Dual output, well designed optimized circuit
  • Using two AK4490 as DAC chip
  • Two MUSE8920 chips as low-pass filter chips
  • The part of headphone amp divided two AD8397, regardless of cost, sophisticated materials, only for seeking more excellent voice performance.

Dual crystal oscillator (KDS ~ DSB series)

  • H24.5OD727 and H22.5OD726 two crystals use the sound source with different sampling rate respectively.
  • Provide clock frequency, the use of Japan's large vacuum imported crystal oscillator.
  • High accuracy, effectively reduce the phase distortion

FC Capacitor (Panasonic)

  • 4 Panasonic FC audio capacitors plus 4 Panasonic polymer tantalum capacitors are sued for amp power supply filtering.
  • Polymer Tantalum Capacitors (Panasonic)
  • 4 Panasonic polymer tantalum capacitors are used for DAC power supply filter, with excellent electrical performance, low ESR

Omron relay

  • Two OMRON relays provide circuit protection for single-ended and balanced output respectively, pure physical disconnection and suction, relative to the silent chip, no effect on the output

New Hiby Link function

  • Open the Hibylink function, make the phone become M3s bluetooth remote control
  • Don't need to take out the player can complete all operations, wireless and convenient
  • One touch and connect, remote control playback, adjust the volume by yourself, beautiful endless

Two-way 4.1 Bluetooth, support Apt-X Bluetooth protocol

  • Two-way Bluetooth, you can send Bluetooth signals, you can also receive Bluetooth signals

Rounded transition, fine design language, giving you a better sense of gripping

  • Aluminum alloy frame and the front and rear 2.5D tempered glass panel converge together, fine body size, one hand grip more ergonomics, bring a good hand feel experience.

HD Retina screen

  • 3 inch 480 * 800 pixels 300PPI

Dredge oil pollution, less fingerprints

  • Using mobile phone level coating process, dredge oil and water

Two-way USB Type-C interface

  • Connect the computer can be as an external decoder

Support USB digital output function

  • Support DSD Native / Dop / D2p output mode
  • Can be connected to decode amp, then can be used as a digital turntable

Sony Hi-Res standard certification

  • M3s through the Japanese Hi-Res certification, a high degree of restoring audio, to bring you a more realistic listening experience

Big driving, low noise

  • The main chip through excellent packaging shield, optimize the power circuit design, maintain a large drive and meanwhile reducing low noise.

Support playback a variety of lossless format

  • Support for hard decoding DSD256, PCM384kHz / 32bit support include: MP3, WAV, WMA, FLAC, AAC, ALAC, APE, ISO, DSF, DFF and other lossless audio formats, support cue, m3u, msu8

Special operation wheel

  • Japan imported ALPS surface exquisite masonry bumpy texture
  • Can press 500,000 times, can turn 100,000 times

Excellent life time (specific life time according to the different environment will be slightly different)

  • Unbalanced interface: 13 hours
  • Balance interface: 8 hours

20 days deep standby

  • Ready to use at any time, no need to set, no need to shut down

Precise CNC, to create all-metal frame

  • Integral form curved body, the surface uses sandblasting process, to give your gripping a new experience.

PO / LO integration

  • Can "Line out" connect with external amp


  • Size: 113 × 53 × 14.5mm
  • Weight: about 135g
  • Power supply (adapter): DC5V, 2A / Type-C USB interface
  • Charging time: about 2.5H (off state)
  • Life time: about 13 hours (headphone output); about 8 hours (balance headphone output)
  • Battery capacity: 2600mA
  • Storage: external TF card, the maximum capacity to support 256GB
  • USB: Type-C (USB2.0)

Headphone output (3.5mm)

  • Output power: 130mW (32Ω / THD + N <1%)
  • Frequency response: 20Hz ~ 20kHz (-0.15dB)
  • Signal to noise ratio: ≥115dB (A-Weighting)
  • Output impedance: <0.3Ω
  • Channel separation: > 75dB
  • Distortion + Noise: 0.0015%

Balanced headphone output (2.5mm)

  • Output power: ≥230mW (32Ω / THD + N <1%)
  • Frequency response: 20Hz ~ 20kHz (-0.15dB)
  • Signal to noise ratio: ≥115dB (A-Weighting)
  • Output impedance: <0.6Ω
  • Channel separation: > 102dB
  • Distortion + Noise: 0.0015%


  • shanling m3s


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