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Colarad C01

 Colarad C01 32ohm HiFi earbudsSpecificationSensitivity: 115+-5 db   Freque..


Colarad C2

Colarad C2 HiFi In-ear Earphone with MIC & Remote ControlSpecificationImpedance: 16 OhmSens..


TY Hi-Z 150ohm 4.4mm Balanced New

TY Hi-Z 150ohm 4.4mm Balanced

TY Hi-Z 150ohm 4.4mm Balanced HiFi EarbudSpecificationIt tuned spe..


TY Hi-Z 320/400s/400se

TY Hi-Z 320/400s/400se HiFi EarbudsModel: HP-320Impedance: ≈320ohmSensit..


TY Hi-Z F150TS/150s/150 Earbuds

TY Hi-Z 150ohm HiFi EarbudSpecificationModel: HP-150Impedance: ≈150ohmCable Material:&nbs..


TY Hi-Z F300C

TY Hi-Z F300C 300ohm HIgh Fidelity Earbud DescriptionUnit diameter: 15.4mmImpedance: ..


TY Hi-z F300M

TY Hi-Z F300M 300ohm High Fidelity HiFi Flat-head Earphone Earbud Specif..


TY Hi-z F32MT

TY Hi-z F32MT 32ohm Flagship Version with MICSensitivity: 115+-5 db   ..


TY Hi-Z HP-32

TY Hi-Z HP-32 32ohm HiFi earbudsSensitivity: 115+-5 db   Frequency response ran..


TY Hi-Z HP-32 32ohm 2.5mm Balanced Ver.

TY Hi-Z HP-32 32ohm 2.5mm Balanced Version HiFi earbudsSpecificationSensitivity: 115+-5 db ..


TY Hi-Z HP-650

TY Hi-Z HP-650 HiFi EarbudsSpecificationModel: HP-650 Unit diameter: 15.4mm Impedance..