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Brand: XUELIN Model: Clear
Xuelin Clear Dual 9038Q DAC Decoding Lossless HiFi Audiophile Music Player with 3.5mm & 4.4mm Output (64/128G)Description12864 OLED x 4FFT playRK NANO DTPS7A47OPA1612 x 3LPF2.5V thrustDAC ES9038 x 2TF CARDAMP OP1622 x 2 Glass panelDouble clock3.85V batteryClear's 9 advantages1. Pure ..
Brand: XUELIN Model: H7
XUELIN H7 Dual ES9038Q2M DAC HiFi USB Sound Card Headphone Amplifier for Android Mobile Phone/iPhoneDescriptionXUELIN H7 decoding amp, mobile phone becomes high-end player in seconds More and more mobile phones do not have a headphone jack, but you are not satisfied with the Bluetooth sound qualit..
Brand: XUELIN Model: Balanced Module
Xuelin H8 Tuner OPA1622 Balanced Module for 2.5mm Balanced OutputDescriptionXuelin tuner balanced module uses 2 OPA1622 to form BTL output. We have made careful design on the ground wire shielding, component layout and power supply decoupling, and the background noise in the actual test is very ..
Brand: XUELIN Model: H8 Tuner
XUELIN H8 Tuner AK4497 OPA1642 HiFi Lossless Portable Music Player pls check the details of optional module here : LME49990 + OPA1622 Balanced DescriptionWhy make Tuner ?The human ear has a lot of perceptual factors in understanding the sound, and is susceptible to external interference a..
Brand: XUELIN Model: for IHIFI790
XUELIN IHIFI790 High Quality Leather Case Protective Cover For XUELIN IHIFI790DescriptionFit for xuelin iHiFi790  Accessory Leatherette caseWith durable and protective leatherette outer surface and soft felt inner surface for secure and snug fit. All ports and buttons accessible while case ..
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Brand: XUELIN Model: iHiFi790
Xuelin iHiFi790 32GB AK4490 DSD/WAV/FLAC HiFi Mini Lossless Music PlayerSpecificationShell: Full aluminum alloy CNC processing + surface oxidation + hyperbolic surface 2.5D glass panelDisplay: 2.0 inch IPS full view (VGA resolution)Master: RKNANO-DAudio decoupling: 227 polymer capacitors (45 mill..
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Brand: XUELIN Model: iHiFi780
XUELIN IHIFI780 8GB DSD Wm8740 Lossless Portable Music  PlayerDescriptionUltra-clear sound DSD support advanced decoding Built-in lithium bass boostTRUBASS bass enhancement technology can produce rich, flexible bass; this technology is the first time to applied in the portable devices Sound ..
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Brand: XUELIN Model: IHIFI770
XUELIN IHIFI770 WM8740 8GB Amplifier Portable HiFi Loseless Music Player  The link for Upgrade Version . Description IHIFI770 is an enthusiast music player integrating with high-end manufacturing process and high tone quality.The shell adopts high-cost overall aluminium alloy and molde..
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Brand: XUELIN Model: IHIFI760
XUELIN IHIFI760 WM8740 8GB AMP Portable HiFi Music Player Description The zinc alloy die - casting process, surface auto spraying, the fashion exquisite, has strong metal texture. The product supply part of the optimization process, the use of 5 polymer filter capacitors as, the ripple pa..
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