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About Us

About Us
PenonAudio online shop ( was born in 2013 and our main goal is to sell the best selected audio products at the most affordable prices for both the audiophiles and business users.
Many internet retailers sell thousands of products and provide you with nothing more than a generic description and a "Buy" button. We're different. We specialize in audio and head-fi gears, so our sales staff are fully trained on our products and are capable of answering detailed questions and making recommendations.
When shopping for audio and head-fi gears online, consumers often face a dilemma: buy from a reputable site and pay more, or risk buying from a not-so-trustworthy site to get the lowest price. With PenonAudio, you don't have to choose between low prices and a safe, high-quality shopping experience. You can have it all when you shop with us.
For wholesales orders, please contact our sales executives via email [email protected] / [email protected]