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ACMEE Magic Sound 4S 192K

ACMEE Magic Sound 4S 192K
ACMEE Magic Sound 4S 192K
ACMEE Magic Sound 4S 192K
ACMEE Magic Sound 4S 192K
ACMEE Magic Sound 4S 192K
ACMEE Magic Sound 4S 192K
ACMEE Magic Sound 4S 192K
ACMEE Magic Sound 4S 192K
ACMEE Magic Sound 4S 192K
ACMEE Magic Sound 4S 192K
ACMEE Magic Sound 4S 192K
ACMEE Magic Sound 4S 192K
ACMEE Magic Sound 4S 192K
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ACMEE Magic Sound 4S ES9018K2M 192K/24Bit DSD128 USB DAC HiFi Portable Type-C to 3.5mm/4.4mm Headphone Amplifier


Dark blue color Magic Sound 4S, simple and pure.

The Magic Sound 4S amp inherits the exquisite sandblasting workmanship and dark blue of the MF02S. The appearance design echoes and inherits the MF01 and MF02S. It adopts the same intaglio process of the side gully and the MF02S high-end version. It feels great. In terms of appearance, Magic Sound 4 uses a non-button, single indicator light, and seamless design. The appearance is extremely simple and generous, blue is dark, and hearing is pure.

Fully equipped with power supply, seven stars with the moon

The audio power supply of the Magic Sound 4S amp adopts ±5.5V boost and ±4.8V ultra-low noise LDO design, which effectively reduces power supply noise. The DAC left and right channel power supplies are separated, using two 3.3V LDO power supplies to improve the left and right channel separation . Plus the 3.3V power supply and 1.2V power supply for the digital circuit. Magic Sound 4 has 7 power chips in its petite body.

Audio pure land, channels symmetrical left and right

Magic Sound 4S uses the same independent PCB board design for audio circuits as MF02S, which is called pure land technology within the ACMEE team, which is to create an independent pure land for audio circuits and eliminate the interference of digital signals on audio circuits. In addition, in the audio circuit, a completely symmetrical design for the left and right channels is adopted, and the wiring length, wiring width, wiring path, and component layout are consistent to improve the consistency of the left and right channels.

Balance support, amp assist

Magic Sound 4S uses RT6863 high-sound quality and high-drive amp chip, and has both 3.5mm audio and 4.4mm balanced interfaces, which can satisfy most headphone drivers. Please refer to the specification for details.

Never perfect, never stop.

ACMEE Audio has been surrounded by many customers and friends for 4 years. Thanks to the friends who have used ACMEE products and provided valuable opinions. ACMEE's works have never been flawless, and we need to hold a carving knife and carve together. ACMEE Audio will not work behind closed doors, and will explore everyone's acoustic understanding with friends.


Model: Magic Sound 4S decoding headphone amplifier

Body material: 6060 aluminum

Working current: 150mA

Sampling rate/bit depth: up to 192K/32Bit, DSD128(NATIVE), DSD64(DOP)

Output level: single-ended 2Vrms/ balanced 4Vrms

Mono output power

Single-ended: 250mW (16 ohm)/125mW (32 ohm)/26mW (150 ohm)

Balance: 270mW (16ohm)/500mW (32 ohm)/106mW (150ohm)/53mW (300ohm)/26mW(600ohm)(PS: The power of 16 ohms is smaller than 32 ohms under balanced output, because it is limited by the output drive current of the amp chip.)

SNR: single-ended 110dB, balance 115dB

Frequency response: 15Hz-45kHz

DAC: ES9018K2M

DSD: 128

Headphone amplifier: RT6863D*2

Audio power supply: ±5.5V

DAC power supply: Low noise LDO *3

Input: TYPE-C

Output: 3.5 PO/4.4 balanced

Size: 60mm*24mm*11.5mm


Magic Sound 4S

Type-C to USB cable

o0Genesis0o 05/01/2023

ACMEE 4S is an affordable dongle with a lot of loudness. If this dongle is the only option (and you don't intend to listen very closely and compare), it's not a poor choice.

- 4.4 balanced output
- Plenty of loudness
- No noise floor with sensitive IEMs

- Bright tuning
- Closed-in soundstage
- Lack of micro-details compared to top performers

Full review on head-fi:

Gabriel 11/06/2022

Being based on the ES9018K2M DAC chip, unsurprisingly the Magic Sound 4S leans a bit towards a neutral-bright, slightly analytical sound. Transients are crisp, the soundstage is clean and open (though I don’t note an abnormally large stage size), imaging is more precise than average, and there is very good detail present. Thankfully the infamous Sabre pinna glare is not in evidence here to my ear, and in general there is not a great deal of coloration to the sound; it simply tends very subtly towards an analytical presentation. The noise floor is very low, I always heard a very black background in my usage.


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