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ACMEE MF-01 AK4490EQ DSD HiFi Audiophile DAP Portable Lossless Music Player with USB Decoding


Function features

The system is simple and easy to use, and its functions are easy to operate.
Mark your favorite songs with one-button and easily check them later.
Solid buttons, knob design, easy blind-operate, select songs in comfortable.
The sound is listenable and cost-effective.
Full material, double V9 output, 300 ohms without pressure
MP3/FLAC/APE/WAV/DFF....More formats are continuously updated
USB decoding can be connect to USB devices such as PCs, mobile phones, and tablets. The player can be used independently.

Small body, big power

The MF-01's preamplifier is MUSES02, the flagship dual op amp produced by JRC. It is called "the original voice patron" in Japan, and the sound characteristics of MUSES02 are very pure. The background is clean, the resolution is good, the details are rich, there is no burr, the sound field is wide and deep and the layers are distinct, the sound is mellow and transparent, and its texture, density, bandwidth and dynamics are very reference, HiFi, music and both it is a full-range sound effect fever amplifier. The post-amp TPA6120A2 which is the amp that is equipped with DMP-Z1. It is not necessary to explain more. Don't look at the MF-01 small body, but the audio dedicated power chip, dual 9V, 1200mA load capacity, the strength to release the potential of TPA6120A2. The decoder chip is AK4490EQ. This high price chip is used by iRiver AK380 and FiiO M9. MF-01 is one of the cost-effective players equipped with AK4490EQ.

MF-01 workmanship

MF-01 workmanship is commendable, small body and even small girls can easily hold in the palm, frosted metal feels like the comfort of a lover's palm. The feedback on the buttons is also very addictive, ringing click when pressed. Wheel damping sense is just right, not loose and not tight, accurate response to the operation. The whole machine adopts an asymmetrical design, and the side design is inspired by the traditional Chinese musical instrument Panpipe, adopts three round bottom groove decorate the side. In the Warring States period, the Panpipe has already appeared. It is not arranged according to the rhythm, but it is beyond the scope of the five-tone scale. It represents the pursuit of music exploration. Just as the MF-01 is not limited by the profit of the product, it is daring to create a new ratio of price-to-tone. In addition, the tone of the Panpipe is pure, delicate, ethereal and ethereal, which coincides with the tuning of the MF-01. On system interaction logic, MF-01 is simple and easy to use, the four buttons are clearly defined, the wheel in right can quickly adjust the volume, and also can be used as a menu selection tool, the utility is extremely high, and the blind operation is also convenience.


On the tuning, the MF-01 is a high-resolution that can be felt at the beginning of listening, and can easily to find the singer's breathing sound. The bottom sound purity is like a few kilometers of deep sea, and no murmurs should be allowed. The low frequency is not expending but full of elasticity. It can make you shock. Balanced is nature, the vocals are slightly ahead but not much near to pop, the high-frequency clear and extended comfort, the dolphin sounds enough to get up, and match with the vocal songs and Japanese ACG. At the same time, the MF-01 has the powerful of push with the Sennheiser HD650 can make a good sound. The earphones within 300Ω do not need to be equipped with an amp

MF-01 explore the upper limits of sound and hearing

The advantage of the HiFi player is the sound quality, the operation is mainly enough, and the touch screen does not make much sense. The player manufacturer designed a product with a common sound quality and a bunch of bugs in the system. The parameter configuration has a surprise, but the experience is quite different, completely losing the initial simplicity and touched of the audiophile. There are two types of HiFi players: one that explores the upper limit of sound and hearing, and the other that is generally sound quality but pursues functional perfection. The positioning of the MF-01 is obviously the former, and the whole machine design is a sound service, not a game machine that plays games or a reader that reads novels.

MF-01 provides a shortcut to the majority of audiophiles in order to popularize HiFi.

NOTE:Only supports first-level folder track playback, does not support USB cable for computer data transmission.


Model: MF-01

Decode chip: AK4490EQ

Pre-amp: MUSES02

Post-amp: TPA6120

Audio power supply: ±9V(audio dedicated power, can output 1950mAh current)

Decoding parameter: 384kHz/32Bit

Support impedance: 10-300Ω(no pressure to push high impedance amplifier)

Support language :English and Chinese

Size: 53mm x 80mm x 21mm

Weight: 133g

Screen size: 1.3inch

Screen material: OLED

Screen resolution: 128x64

Battery: 2000mAh

Playing time: 6-8hours

Support formats: MP3/FLAC/APE/WAV/DFF/DSD (update will be lasting)



CqTek 22/12/2019

All those who have read some of my posts in the forums will know my search for the best DAP below 100€. Is ACMEE MF-01 the end of the search? Every new player I buy I hope it is. On this occasion, in sound is positioned as one of the best DAPS I have tried, because it is unique in its kind, as it offers a distinctive seal that no other has managed to provide. That makes it totally special, different and irreplaceable. But, in my opinion, it has a negative point, something that is characteristic of some DAPS DIY: the high output impedance. It is also true that it has some limitations of use, but in view of the excellent response that is offering its after-sales service, is something that does not worry me at all, because surely they will be able to correct all the errors, even improve the handling. That’s why I can say, without fear of making a mistake: Long live ACMEE MF-01!

The full review here:

Bogdan Rozhkov 13/09/2019

получил, доставка 2 недели

Yair Levy 03/09/2019

Cute little dap ,the size is small but the sound is big it's have excellent sound and a lot of power I love it.
Penon is excellent like always send my order quickly and it arrived very fast.
Penon and that dap is highly recommended.
Thank you

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