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ACMEE MF02S-PE ES9018K2M DSD Bluetooth 5.0 APTX-HD UAB DAC HiFi Audiophile DAP Portable Lossless Music Player


Designed and configured

Enhanced battery life, 8+ hours

4.4mm/ 3.5mm dual output

RT6863 HiFi headphone amplifier chip, USB decoding amplifier

ACMEE OS custom system

DSD512, PCM384

LDO x 6 sound channels are independently powered

Dual DAC independent crystal oscillator

±5.5V high voltage audio power supply

New master control architecture

ACMEE Pure Land 2.0 + fast charge protocol

710mW(35Ω) large thrust

Knob design, one button collection

CUE sub-track cover

MF02S-PE version is the original work of ACMEE team, which returns to the essence of music, abandons other unimportant functions, and creates a player that can play the decoding effect of dual DAC in a real sense. At the same time, compared with MF02S, PE version also made great improvements, effectively reduce the power consumption of the machine, greatly reduce the heat, but also support fast charging technology.

Top power supply, effective dual core

In the era when everyone likes to use dual DAC, ACMEE still insists on single DAC chip for a long time, mainly to give full play to the effect of dual DAC, and the power supply size is larger than that of single DAC. MF02S-PE makes room for power circuits after removing components such as Bluetooth. In this way, the sound channel power supply of the two DACs and even the audio power supply of the headphone amplifier circuit are completely independent.

Elaborate layout.Fully balanced drive, fully differential circuit design

PE uses dual Dacs. The reason why each DAC needs to be equipped with a separate power supply is that the power supply is not completely independent. Assuming that the channel experiment only allows signal output of the right channel, and then check the signal output of the left channel through a professional oscilloscope, it will be found that there will still be signal crosstalk. The independence of the power supply is essential to give full play to the performance of the dual DAC.

Balanced upgrade, sound’s good news

MF02S-PE optimizes the audio circuit, integrates LO/PO functions, and optimizes the headphone amplifier output, which is a boon to audiophiles. With the addition of RT6863 high sound quality and high driving power earphone chip, it can meet the needs of most earphone drivers.


The PE removes Bluetooth and memory modules to free up space for better layout of system modules, squeezing the value out of the device, and getting better music quality.

Squeeze the potential, detonate the energy

MFO2S-PE adopts the old flagship ES9018K2M audio decoding chip and squeezes out its performance.

What is squeezing potential? Pure Land 2.0, fully separated DAC power supply, audio circuit power supply left and right channels independent, high-end OP-amp, headphone amplifier, the cost of each item of these series is much higher than the DAC itself. ACMEE does not like to publicize the sound of products through decoding chip models. What they want to do is to give full play to the real sound of each DAC, so that people can feel the charm of different DAC.

Upgrade the main control, one upgrade double reduce

MF02S-PE version main control upgrade from MF02S to more difficult to develop NXP RT series, the overall power consumption has been reduced, the heat problem has been effectively controlled, MF02S-PE version finally achieved good sound, large thrust, high performance, low heat.

Compare with MF01, MF02S high configuration, MF02S PE version’s improvement



Master main frequency: 240M

Power: 3.3V x 1/5V x 1/±9V x 1

Screen: 1.3 inched single color OLED

DPI: 128 x 64

USB data copy function: not supported

4.4mm balanced interface: not supported

ACMEE Pure Land technology: NO

Built-in memory: NO

Bluetooth: NO

OP amplifier: 1

Headphone amp: 1

Main OP model: MUSES02

Decoding performance: WAV 192k/24Bit, FLAC 96k/24Bit, DSD 128/DFF128

MF02S high configuration

DAC: ES9038Q2M

Master main frequency: 480M

Power: 3.3V x 5/5V x 2/±7V + LDO6.5V x 1

Screen: 3 inches IPS color screen

DPI: 480 x 854

USB data copy function: supported

4.4mm balanced interface: supported

ACMEE Pure land technology: Pure Land 1.0

Bluetooth: 5.0

OP amplifier: 4

Headphone amp: 2

Main OP model: HDAN2627

Decoding performance: WAV 384k/32Bit, FLAC 192k/32Bit, DSD 256/DFF256


DAC: ES9018K2M

Master main frequency: 600M

Power: 3.3V x 5/5V x 2/±5V x 2

Screen: 3 inches IPS color screen

DPI: 480 x 854

USB data copy function: supported

4.4mm balanced interface: supported

ACMEE Pure land technology: Pure Land 2.0

Built-in memory: NO

Bluetooth: NO

OP amplifier: 2

Headphone amp: 2

Main OP model: HDAM9988

Decoding performance: WAV 384k/32Bit, FLAC 192k/32Bit, DSD 256/DFF256, continuous updating


Model: MF02S-PE (PURE)

Color: light gray

Body material: 6060 aluminum

Surface treatment: No. 180 sand anodizing

Lettering: white radium on the surface

Screen: 3 inches 480 x 854 IPS non-touch

Decoding performance: WAV 384K/32Bit; FLAC 192K/32Bit; DSD256 / DFF256; continuous updating

Output impedance:1.1ohm

Output level: single-end 4.5Vrms; Balance 9Vrms

Output power: single-end (16Ω) 320 [current limit] (32Ω) 633mW (300Ω) 67.5mW; Balance (16Ω)  [unknown] (32Ω) 2530mW (300Ω) 270mW

SNR: single-end 109dB; Balanced 113dB

Frequency response: 15Hz-45kHz

DAC: ES9018K2M x 2

MCU main frequency: 600MHz

Operational amplifier: HDAM9988 x 2

Headphone amp: RT6863D x 2

Audio power supply: ±5.5Vx 2 or so independent sound channel

DAC power supply: ON LDO x 4 low noise

Number of other power supplies: 4

Battery capacity: 3000mAH

Interface: 4.4mm balance, 3.5mm single-end

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