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ACMEE MF02S ES9038Q2M DSD Bluetooth 5.0 APTX-HD UAB DAC HiFi Audiophile DAP Portable Lossless Music Player


It all starts with power

We never challenge anyone, never surpass anyone, and never stop at others. We just want to surpass ourselves again and again and strive to improve ourselves.

MF02S is cost-effective in terms of power supply. The motherboard uses a 5V boost power supply, 2 LT3529 low-noise power supply chips, 3 TI ultra-low noise LDO power supplies TPS735, and the audio board uses 2 TPS375 to provide digital and analog  power to the ES9038Q2M(PSRR: 68dB at 1kHz frequency), 2 LT3042 provide audio power, (PSRR: 79dB at 1MHz frequency). The op amp power supply is powered by ±7V, which is boosted by LT3471 to ±8V and then regulated to ±7V by 2 ultra-low-noise LDO power chips respectively, which achieves low power supply noise while responding quickly. (Note: The larger the PSRR, the better the suppression of power supply noise).

Parameters are just numbers

Being in the darkness and tranquility of the deep sea, the expansive sense of presence is the good experience we want to give you.

Audio circuit

We have always disliked putting dual DACs in a limited space. This is not to save costs, but we prefer to reserve space for power supplies and audio amplifier circuits. Compared with MF01, what upgrades does MF02S have in terms of audio circuit?

At the amplifier circuit and headphone amplifier circuit level, the MF02S regular version uses 2 OPA1612 + 2 HDAM9988 + 2 OPA1622, of which OPA1612 is responsible for IV conversion. Because of its high precision and ultra-low BIAO voltage, it can effectively remove the deviation after DAC output. Set the voltage to reduce popping noise after starting up. The second stage of the circuit is the amplifier circuit, which is completed by HDAM9988. HDAM9988 can make the sound warm and sweet, and filter out the burr of digital decoding. The third stage is the headphone amplifier circuit, which is completed by OPA1622, which has +145mA/-130mA current drive capability. When powered by ±5V, driving 32Ω and outputting 10mW, THD+N can reach to -116dB, which is much better than the TPA6120A2 used in MF-01 under the same conditions with THD+N 101dB. Because of this, although MF02S The driving force under the single-ended output condition is not as good as that of the MF-01, but the control and responsiveness are improved a lot, which is quite friendly to in-ear headphones. Of course, for headphones that require high driving power, the balance of MF02S still has excellent driving power. So there is no need to worry about the driving problem.


The DAC chip used by the MF02S is a single ES9038Q2M decoder chip. With the support of the above-mentioned power supply circuit and audio circuit, its performance can be fully released. Regarding our ability in this area, we believe you also feel something in MF-01.

Volume knob

The volume encoder of MF02S uses imported Panasonic 32 positioning point encoder, which has a long life and a good sense of paragraph. The volume knob adopts a delicate knurling process, and the moment you touch it, you can turn it a few times more unconsciously.

Solid body

The 6063 aluminum CNC precision carving process, the anodized aluminum sandblasting is delicate and smooth to the touch, and the stable and solid body is durable.


Have clean and comfortable listening, simple and easy-to-use operation, smooth non-touch screen system. A good player does not need to be too complicated.


You don't need to care about the parameters, but you can't let it go. It's possible to improve. In a limited space, it is so meticulously crafted that it can't be added.

Crossover audiophile player, self-nirvana

Two-way high-definition Bluetooth, AUX car mode, external sound card DAC, balanced amp output.


Model: MF02S

Color: light gray

Body material: 6060 aluminum

Screen: 3 inch 480*854 IPS non-touch screen

Audio formats: WAV, FLAC, APE, MP3, AAC, M4A, ALAC, DFF, DSF(with firmware update, continuous upgrade)

Input: TYPE-C

Bluetooth: 5.0/APTX-HD

Output: 3.5mm PO/LO, 4.4mm balanced

Output level:

3.5mm single-ended : 3.5Vrms

4.4mm balanced : 7Vrms

Output Power:

3.5mm single-ended : 142mW(32Ω);

4.4mm balanced : 284mW(32Ω)


3.5mm single-ended : 112dB,

4.4mm balanced : 118dB

Frequency response: 15Hz-45kHz

DAC: ES9038Q2M


Main frequency: 480Hz

IV Op amp: OPA1612*2

Main Op amp: HDAM9988*2/HDAM2627*2

Amp: OPA1612*2

Audio power: ±8V + ultra-low noise LDO to ± 7V

DAC power: ultra-low noise LDO*4

Size: 115mm*52mm*21mm

Weight: 178g

USB DAC: support

Firmware upgrade: support

Battery capacity: 3000mAh

Play time: 6.5 hours

Charging time: 2 hours

Built-in memory: 32GB

Extend memory: support up to 256GB

MF02S High configuration version

Decoding chip: ES9038Q2M

Power supply: LDOx4 combination DAC power supply

OP amp: HDAM2627x2

High-end amp: OPA1622x2

High voltage power supply: plus or minus 7V low noise L DO audio power supply high speed

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0 APTX-HD

CqTek 16/10/2021

The MF02s, from the low range, already offers a higher level of depth and width. In the mid-range, the distance between elements is perceived as superior and the body of both voices and instruments expands the scene and develops it in a more three-dimensional and voluminous way. The upper zone adds the necessary air to extend it to that higher point and the result is clearly perceived. The descriptive level and the higher resolution add an ornamental richness, incorporating more complex elements to the details, such as a more palpable texture, a more recognisable path in the execution of the musical notes, more elaborate and complex nuances, which give the sound produced by the ACMEE that soul that I mentioned before.

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