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Brand: AUNE Model: AR5000
AUNE AR5000 50mm Dynamic Driver Full Size Open Back Audiophile Headphone Description A Journey to the Texture of Sound MLD Driver· Large-Tilt-Angle Acoustic Structure· Concentric Circle Wearing System The AR5000 headphones adopt the innovative MLD (Multi-Layer Distributed) driver, the meticu..
Brand: AUNE Model: YUKI
Aune YUKI Dual CS43198 PCM32bit/768k DSD256 Fully Discrete Balanced Portable Decoding Amplifier HiFi USB DAC AMP   DescriptionYuki, Aune's new portable DAC with headphone amp, is equipped with dual CS43198 DAC chip. Aune innovatively designed the dual-layer structure, sepa..
Brand: AUNE Model: S17 Pro
Aune S17 Pro Full Balanced Class-A Twin JFET R2R Powerful HiFi Lossless Audiophile Desktop Headphone Amplifier Description Twin JFET, Class A, current adjustable, R2R volume As Aune’s new generation of fully-discrete class-A headphone amp, the S17 Pro has the features of twin JFET,..
Brand: AUNE Model: S10 Pro
Aune S10 Pro ES9038 Pro Bluetooth/WiFi 32Bit/768k/DSD512 USB DAC HiFi Audiophile Desktop AmplifierDescriptionThe one network music player that you needThe S10 Pro, the new generation of aune's network music player in 2023, innovatively adopts distributed multi-core frame - Media Tek streaming c..
Brand: AUNE Model: S9c Pro
Aune S9C Pro Dual ES9068AS Fully Balanced Powerful HiFi Lossless Audiophile Desktop Headphone Amplifier Description The all-round master PLL clock synchronization Fully discrete 5W amp Dual DAC chip External clock support Twin JFET As aune’s new generation of DAC wit..
Brand: AUNE Model: for M1P
AUNE M1P Protective Shell Leather Case for AUNE M1P HiFi Lossless Music PlayerDescriptionThe leather case is designed for AUNE M1S player which is extremely durable and provides a soft comfortable grip.Protect your AUNE M1P MP3 player against dust and scratches, dirt, grease and damages by everyd..
Brand: AUNE Model: M1P
Aune M1P 32bit/768Khz DSD512 FPGA 3.5mm Audio/2.5mm/4.4mm Balanced HiFi Audiophile Lossless Portable Music PlayerDescriptionBalanced output, FPGA hardware decoding, clock synchronizationThe M1p is the 3rd generation of the Aune M1 portable music player ser..
Brand: AUNE Model: Flamingo
Aune Flamingo Tube 32Bit/768k DSD512 Coaxial USB DAC Audiophile Tube Headphone AmplifierFlamingo tube: supports USB/Coaxial Input , without Bluetooth and aluminum remote control Flamingo tube Bluetooth Edition: supports USB/ Coaxial /Bluetooth input , supports LDAC,APTX-HD,..
Brand: AUNE Model: X8 XVIII Anniversary Edition
Aune X8 XVIII Anniversary Edition 32Bit/768k ES9038 DSD512 Lossless HiFI Audiophile Headphone Amplifier Description FPGA, TRS balanced output, op-amp interchangeable, 7 filter modesThe X8 XVIII is the special edition of the company’s 18th anniversary. Having reserved the classic feature of “o..
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Brand: AUNE Model: BU2
AUNE BU2 DSD512 32Bit/768k Bluetooth Dual-DAC HiFi Portable USB DAC Headphone Amplifier Description Master tape level decoding, balanced, BluetoothThe BU2, as the new generation DAC with headphone amp of the Aune B series, adopts the single-to –dual positive-and-negative voltage power supply ..
Brand: AUNE Model: X1s GT
Aune X1s GT 4.4mm Balanced 32Bit/768K DSD512 USB DAC HIFI Audiophile Headphone Amplifier Description PLL external clock support 4.4mm balancedThe X1s GT, as the 8th Gen of the classic X1 series, innovatively added clock input with PLL clock technology and the complex fully-discrete headphone ..
Brand: AUNE Model: XC1
Aune XC1 Universal Audio Clock Ultra-low Jitter 4-Way Output for HiFi Lossless Music Player Description New technology, multiple interfaces, high requirementsXC1 is built by the aune S1C team. It uses a high-quality OCXO clock source and 2*2 sets of fully isolated clock outputs. It is a shortc..
Brand: AUNE Model: X5s 8th Anniversary Edition
Aune X5s 8th Anniversary Edition 32Bit/384k DSD512 AMP HIFI Audiophile Digital DAPDescription Multi-format, PLL clock technology, FPGA algorithm The X5s 8th Anniversary Edition is the fourth generation of the Aune X5 series. With the freescale™ 600M processor, a purely low-level hardwar..
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Brand: AUNE Model: BU1
AUNE BU1 DSD512 32Bit/768k Fully Discrete HiFi Portable USB DAC Headphone Amplifier DescriptionFully discrete Hi-Res Multi-ScenarioThe BU1 is a high quality portable DAC with headphone amplifier that purely focuses on sound quality, it supports up to 32bit/768h and DSD512 decoding, the amp is f..
Brand: AUNE Model: X1s Pro
Aune X1s Pro ESS9038Q2M PCM768K 32Bit/768K DSD512 DAC HIFI Audiophile Headphone Amplifier DescriptionHi-Res formats, multi-function, classicThe X1s Pro is the 7th generation of the aune X1 series. With the ES9038Q2M DAC chip(three filter modes) and the decoding capability of 32bit/768k and DSD5..
Brand: AUNE Model: X8
Aune X8 32Bit/768k ES9038 DSD512 Lossless HiFI Audiophile Headphone Amplifier Stocked Op-amp is OPA2134 Extra 4PCS Op-amp is MUSES01+MUSES01+OPA2604+NJM5532DescriptionHi-Res formats, multi-effects, multi-functionThe X8 is a DAC of the aune X series. It uses aune’s self-developed FPGA technol..
Brand: AUNE Model: S7 Pro
Aune S7 Pro Fully Balanced Powerful HiFi Lossless Audiophile Desktop Headphone AmplifierDescription S7 Pro use the second generation AMP output moduleThe driving ability is stronger, the atmosphere is better, the low-frequency sound performance is more stable, which is more warm, delicate and lo..
Brand: AUNE Model: S5A
Aune S5A DSD/FLAC/APE/WAV Digital Turntable WiFi Network HiFi Audiophile Music Player with DAC Decoding RCA OutputDescriptionMulti-function·multi-forma·low jitterAune's third-generation quad-core network digital music player, focusing on t..
Brand: AUNE Model: S6
AUNE S6 32bit /384K DSD128 Balanced output DAC/Headphone amplifierDescriptionBalanced Output · 32BIT/DSD · Natural And MusicalThe S6 is the latest product of the Aune S series. Equipped with both decoding and headphone amplification functions, it adopts a simple and smooth design while consisti..
Brand: AUNE Model: 10th Anniversary Edition
Aune X1s 10th Anniversary Edition 32BIT/384K DSD128 DAC HIFI Audiophile Headphone AmplifierDescriptionA superior heritage decoding headphone AMPX1s 10th Anniversary Edition is the sixth generation of X1.It is a special version to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the launch of X1. X1 series i..
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