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  • Brand: AUNE
  • Model: BU2
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AUNE BU2 DSD512 32Bit/768k Bluetooth Dual-DAC HiFi Portable USB DAC Headphone Amplifier


Master tape level decoding, balanced, Bluetooth

The BU2, as the new generation DAC with headphone amp of the Aune B series, adopts the single-to –dual positive-and-negative voltage power supply of the classic B1 headphone amp, the dual DAC chips and four amps in a compact body. The whole design is for sound.

Want a “DAP” to get HiFi? Your phone can turn into one, an excellent one

Connect your smartphone to the BU2 via USB, and they suddenly become a master tape-level music player. Stream your Apple Music/Kuke music libraries on your phone. Take the music scenes wherever you are.

Bluetooth can sound good, too

The smartphone/pad/computer can be connected to the BU2 via Bluetooth. Plug in the earphones. Enjoy the music with ease. The high quality Bluetooth and the special tuning makes Bluetooth sound good too.

Can’t get enough? Try the pairing with your computer

The BU2 can also be connected to a PC/MacBook. The 32Bit/768k DSD512 mastertape-level decoding contributes to the vivid presentation on your computer.

Dual-DAC chip, four independent amps bring out your earphones’ potential

The BU2, with the low-ripple positive-and-negative pump power circuit of the classic B1, the dual ES9318 DAC chips in parallel and the four independent amps, makes your earphones shine like they should.

Clock synchronization technology more naturalness

The BU2 adopts two low-jitter 45M/49M oscillators, which are synchronized with the two DAC chips by the USB chip, leading to the sound that is more natural and more refined.

One knob to control everything

The knob is also a button. All settings and controls are done here. Enjoy the simplicity.

R2R volume technology, dark background, uncompressed dynamic at low volume

The BU2 innovatively adopts the dynamic volume control technology consist by electronic switches and the R2R ladder network. At the volume, the R2R controls the subtle volume with the precisely matched resistance. Better SNR. Uncompressed dynamic. Let the details stay.

Excellent specifications vivid reproduction

The elaborately designed BU2, after multiple rounds of optimizations, had its noise reach as low as 3.16μV, and THD+N as low as 0.000145%. excellent specifications is the basis of excellent sound.

Aesthetic tuning

The tuning is based on real instrument sounds and music pieces referencing, leading to the signature that is natural and full of musicality.



Max bit depth: 32bit

Max sampling rate: 768k

Max DSD rate(native): DSD512


Output level: 1.8Vrms@ 3.5mm, 3.6Vrms@ 2.5mm

THD+N: 0.000145%

SNR: -120dB

Frequency response: 20-20kHz(±0.5dB)

2.5mm balanced headphone jack: 265mW@32Ω

3.5mm single-ended headphone jack: 100mW@32Ω

Battery life: 9 hours(USB DAC mode)

Size: 126*65*18mm



USB cable

Type-C to Type-C cable

Lighting(M) to Type-C(F) adapter

2.5mm(M) to 4.4mm(F) adapter

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