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Aune S5A

Aune S5A
Aune S5A
Aune S5A
Aune S5A
Aune S5A
Aune S5A
Aune S5A
Aune S5A
Aune S5A
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  • Brand: AUNE
  • Model: S5A
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Aune S5A DSD/FLAC/APE/WAV Digital Turntable WiFi Network HiFi Audiophile Music Player with DAC Decoding RCA Output


Multi-function·multi-forma·low jitter

  • Aune's third-generation quad-core network digital music player, focusing on the sound quality of the large FPGA black technology algorithm core, plus a simple and smooth arc of appearance, is an ideal digital music player focused on sound quality.

Black Technology: Dual Core Framework

  • Using high-speed quad-core 1.3G core processor and large FPGA to compose a dual-core system, with the processing power of most players, reproducing the details of music files one by one
  • When playing music steadily, the big core is in a quasi-standby state where only data is transmitted, the small core uses a large ROM for caching, then operates and outputs.

Play what you want, support multiple formats

  • It can play PCM768 and DSD1024 master tape level format's music files, supports various formats such as DST/ISO/CUE, and has a strong adaptability that can hardly be replaced in the short term. It can be your long-term music companion.

Ideal three external storage designs, wayward connection

  • Built-in detachable mSATA solid-state hard disk interface, rear USB 3.0 interface, hidden TF card interface on the panel, simulating numerous application scenarios, making music playing more convenient

Convenient operating method

  • Have infrared remote control, mobile phone control and PC system triple wireless control method, support NAS playback, allowing you to choose music as you like

Support external optical drive, give new energy to CD

  • The CD optical head has been discontinued, and traditional CDs will face the dilemma that without new machine. S5A can obtain direct play and track storage function of CD disc through external optical drive, let precious CD rejuvenate

The arc of bearing of the Founder era

  • Aune co-designed S series with United Kingdom industrial design team, let you feel the beauty of the arc

All-powerful output interface to meet HIFI audio requirements

  • With coaxial output / fiber output / AES output interface, with IIS output interface at same time, can meet your needs for HiFi audio source
  • S5A built-in AK4490, with adjustable volume analog RCA output, up to 0.00042% distortion, inheriting aune natural and rich music sense tuning

Black Technology: Patented Audio FPGA Algorithm

  • The patented framework of large FPGA + high-speed DDR combined with an autonomous audio algorithm to reproduce pure and low-jitter digital signals, which has been certified as a utility patent.

Core low jitter dual clock, reproduce more details

  • Two ultra-low-jitter femtosecond clocks are used as the part core source of large-scale FPGAs, making the reproduced signal lower jitter, and making details to be restored clearer

Powerful power engine

  • Adopts customized digital circuit-specific power transformer, two-groups independent linear power supplies, and multi-channel secondary ultra-low ripple steady voltage provide a constant source of power for the sound source core, strong dynamic.

Black technology: multi-level FIFO, more pure

  • System cache + FPGA large cache forms secondary FIFO, isolate optical drive/hard disk/U disk/network push effect, cache data all passes SUPER FPGA algorithm output, output signal is more pure

Full isolated output design, isolated interference

  • The output circuit adopts a digital dedicated full isolation transformer, so that the digital output signal is completely isolated, isolated interference, and the sound quality is cleaner.

Excellent hardware specifications make the sound more real

  • Lasted five hardware optimizations cast excellent indicators: -141dB @ 24bit/1kHz, jitter 204.5Ps, the ideal near-end jitter curve, make the sound more real

Clear and three-dimensional, condensed and meticulous

  • Refer to the timbre of a real instrument and systematically tuning based on its understanding of the music's connotation, making it natural and full of musicality

Music with hand movement, exclusive APP brings more perfect features

  • S5A is equipped with aune exclusive mobile phone app, allowing you to operate the machine through your mobile phone and manage your music files. It is fun and simple, easy and convenient.


Digital output:

  • Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise: 24bit/44.1k - 141.6dB
  • Jitter: 24bit/44.1k 204.5ps
  • Analog Output : RCA
  • Frequency Response (20Hz~20kHz): ±0.5dB
  • Signal to noise ratio: 109dB
  • Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise @1kHz: 0.00042% 24bit/44.1k
  • Interface support cap:
  • RCA Coaxial/AES Digital/Fiber: 192k/24bit DoP64
  • HDMI-IIS: 768k/32bit DSD1024
  • RCA simulation: 384k/32bit DSD256

Support format:

  • DSD: DSD64/128/256/512/1024
  • APE: 192kHz/24bit (MAX)
  • FLAC: 384kHz/32bit (MAX)
  • WAV: 768kHz/32bit (MAX)
  • Digital Output Interface: RCA Coaxial/AES Digital/Fiber/HDMI-IIS
  • Analog Output Interface: RCA analog
  • Input media/interface: Built-in mSATA slot / TF card slot / USB3.0 interface (support optical drive) / WiFi network / wired network


  • Aune S5A
  • Power adapter (110V or 230V)
  • Remote control
  • WiFi antenna
  • U disk


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Aune S5A DSD/FLAC/APE/WAV Digital Turntable WiFi Network HiFi Audiophile Music Player with DAC ..