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Aune S8

Aune S8 - S8

AUNE S8 USB DAC ES9038PRO DSD HiFi Lossless Audiophile Desktop Headphone Amplifier


Innovation to change everything

The S8 is a DAC full of innovation. From power management to tuning, years of audio design experience enable us to achieve the ideal result as we expected. What’s more, the addition of the Low-Phase-Noise PLL designed by Titans Audio Lab takes the S8 to an even higher level.

More than ES9038PRO

The S8 adopts the successful and time-tested ES9038PRO which is based on HyperStream ll. Compared to the last generation ES9018S, it has huge improvements. The more flexible configurations enable the manufacturers that have technologies achieve better results via optimization of combination of interior and exterior, and the Aune S8 is one of such designs. The accumulation of technology leads to the high performance of the S8.

For sake of listening joy, for sake ASRC

Thanks to the digital processing technology from Titans Audio Lab, the S8 can completely discard the ASRC inside the DAC chip and present music more vividly. Authentic femtosecond clock reproduction: the S8 adopted the testing standard AABT (Aune Audio Band Test) that exceeds AES-12id- 2006 (r201 7). Strict standard brings natural and musical sound.

Authentic femtosecond oscillators, makes USB distinguished

USB has basically been a minor role for traditional DACs. The S8 specifically enhanced the USB design: adopted the solution of the combination of XMOS and FPGA, in which XMOS does USB data analysis and FPGA does audio data synthesis. Moreover, the customized Thesycon driver enables the S8 to support music files up to 32bit 768k and DSD512. Plus the two high-performance authentic femtosecond clocks, this time, USB has become a reason why you want to buy a DAC, too.

Measurement reveals the truth

J-Test is one of the acknowledged standards to test a DAC. The measurement of the S8's jitter of 44.1k shows the prowess of technical ability.

Professional tuning with 15 years' experience

All efforts are made for the sound. In the whole R&D of the S8, the hardware development only occupies 30% of the time. Most time has been spent on tuning and fine adjustments of all kinds of details. Over the 15 years, we have released lots of classic and well-received products. From the experiences, we know what sound the customers want. When the S8 starts, you' II know, that is exactly what you want.


USB input

Maximum bit depth: 32bit

Maximum sampling rate: 768k

Maximum DSD rate: DSD512

COAX input

Maximum bit depth: 24bit

Maximum sampling rate: 384k

Maximum DSD rate: DoP128

OPT input

Maximum bit depth: 24bit

Maximum sampling rate: 192k

Maximum DSD rate: DoP64

AES input

Maximum bit depth: 24bit

Maximum sampling rate: 384k

Maximum DSD rate: DoP128

IIS input

Maximum bit depth: 32bit

Maximum sampling rate: 768k

Maximum DSD rate: DoP512

Balanced analog output

Max output level: 4.3Vrms

Stereo dynamic range: 127dB(A)

Stereo THD+N @1kHz: -116dB(0.00016%)

Noise: 2.5μVrms

Unbalanced analog output

Max output level: 2.2Vrms

Stereo dynamic range: 122dB(A)

Stereo THD+N @1kHz: -114dB(0.0002%)

Noise: 2μVrms


Aune S8

Power cord (110V/230V)

Remote control

USB cable


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