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Brand: BGVP SIDY Model: ZERO
BGVP ZERO Electrostatic Dynamic Driver MMCX HiFi In-ear Earphone Description High performance accessory applications Micro electrostatic dynamic driver , using 10mm carbon nanotube dynamic driver, 7mm electret electrostatic driver has high amplitude, low distortion characteristics, can ..
Brand: BGVP SIDY Model: Q2
BGVP Q2 Knowles 2BA Wireless MMCX HiFi TWS Bluetooth Earphone Description Not only for the beautiful appearance, also the powerful performance. 3D printed resin cavities Germany ENVISIONTEC 3D printing equipment, imported PMMA acrylic fiber skin-friendly material to build, improved ..
Brand: BGVP SIDY Model: ES12
BGVP ArtMagic ES12 4EST + 8BA Hybrid 2pin HiFi Audiophile In-Ear Earphone IEMs with 3 Tuning SwitchesDescriptionBGVP presents the all-new 2019 flagship monitor – the ES12.4EST + 8BA Electrostatic Balanced Armatures Hybrid Earphones. The ES12 is one of the very few monito..
Brand: BGVP SIDY Model: EST8
BGVP ArtMagic EST8 2EST+6BA Hybrid MMCX HiFi Audiophile In-ear Earphone IEMs with 3 Tuning SwitchesAll other transparent color are also available , pls leave us your favorite color .DescriptionElectrostatic + armature balanced hybrid earphones. EST8 is one of the very few monitors currently usi..
Brand: BGVP SIDY Model: K6
Magaosi K6 6BA MMCX HiFi Audiophile In-ear EarphonesDescription​Stabilized Wood panel seriesMaterial selection, drying, shapingCutting, grinding, polishingComplex process, meticulous craftsmanshipSuperb production processImported resin material, solid injection molding process, hand-built, tra..
Brand: BGVP SIDY Model: DN1S
BGVP SGZ-DN1S Dynamic Driver + Balanced Armature Hybrid MMCX HiFi In-ear Earphone with MicDescription8MM bialogical diaphragm + custom-made high-resolution 30019 balanced armature Thanks to the high resolution advantages of balanced&n..
Brand: BGVP SIDY Model: DH3
BGVP ArtMagic DH3 2BA+1 Dynamic Driver Hybrid  MMCX HiFi Audiophile In-ear Earphones IEMs With 2 Tuning SwitchesPlease leave us the color code for custom order , Custom order need wait 2-3 weeks .DescriptionEnvision TEC 3D printing equipmentDH3 is based on German Envision TEC 3D printing..
Brand: BGVP SIDY Model: DM7
BGVP DM7 6BA Knowles+ SONION Subwoofer MMCX HIFI Audiophile In-ear Earphone IEMsDescriptionDM7 was made by adapting with four-way crossover which include Knowles high-frequency composite balanced armature ( SWFK-31376 ), medium-high frequency balanced armature ( ED-29689 ), low frequency balanced..
Brand: BGVP SIDY Model: DS1 Pro
BGVP DS1 Pro 2BA +1 dynamic Driver Hybrid MMCX HiFi in-ear earphoneDescriptionExcellent resolution comes from acoustic diaphragm of black technology3-way crossover system/ Dynamic+ balance armature/ Exquisite crossover boardThe three-way crossover system consist with Exquisite crossover board, c..
Brand: BGVP SIDY Model: MRY6
BGVP MRY6 Dynamic Driver Audiophile Full Metal High Fidelity HiFi In-ear Earphones with Mic Description MRY6 shell is made by imported CNC machine diamond knife arc cutting process, the details have been improved, the surface treatment is laser engraving. MRY6 uses the Japanese imports vo..
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