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BGVP YSP04 Titanium Crystal Composite Diaphragm Dynamic HiFi In-ear Earphone with Mic


Tap unit, great sound effects

  • YSP04 tapped using a design principle unit of 180° unit transverse sound, now posted back cavity tuning mesh, after the sound through layers of processing, better bass output.

New design, CNC ARC Cutting

  • The new design, CNC five-axis CNC diamond knife cutting technology, sandblasting the surface oxidation process, which are made YSP04 look better, more comfortable to wear.
  • YSP04 use a 10.2mm Nano-titanium crystal composite diaphragm building, large unit, bringing greater bandwidth naturally, a perfect display of transient response and energy sense.
  • Double layer shielding OFC oxygen-free copper wire 32, better transmission. New 3.5 mm plug makes headphones are more durable than ever before.

YSP04 quality official detailed analysis

  • YSP04 use titanium crystal composite diaphragm, CNC high-precision machining; Its unique way of tuning the design, Treble, alto, bass are outstanding, good resolution, big sound field, strong control, high degree of separation, dynamic outstanding
  • Extension: the use of titanium crystal composite diaphragm, the measured extremely high frequency of up to 28000 Hz, stretch very far.
  • Delicate: high frequency analytical ability, not only to present a variety of high instruments sound, also the details and the change is very clear. High frequency is the soul of ornament music, listening YSP04 treble, as if listening to music of the soul.
  • Real: YSP04 treble part true ethereal, without modification, do not hide, this straightforward voice even the bad sound source and the rustling of high frequency distortion will be clear.
  • Straightforward: YSP04 loyal to original music, the pursuit of music scene, real reduction vocals. Vocal texture, thickness. That can show male masculinity, but also can show the gentle female voice. The expression of feelings is accurate and clear. YSP04 has a lot of advantages for singers to express feelings.
  • Knot like: knot like clear vocals, with stiffening texture column. Singer instrument position accuracy, distance clear.
  • Location: YSPO4’s human voice at a position near the base of the ear slightly rearward, very ear, listening to the female voice just like rap in your ear, comfortable and warm heart.
  • Analysis: has a unique resolution of titanium crystal compound diaphragm. Medium, high, low frequency rich in detail. Expression of music detail is very good, able to resolve a variety of musical slight vibrato.
  • Sound Field: YSP04 transverse sound field like a football field, vertical like cinema, is oval-shaped sound field. Such sound field to make sound open, feeling more comfortable.
  • Separation: high, medium and low mutual interference, as iron structure of separating degree, is one of the biggest characteristic of titanium crystal composite diaphragm. YSP04 blind listening test, be mistaken for armature driver, unable to distinguish.
  • Dynamic: YSP04 use 10.2mm unit transverse structure, front and rear chambers are tuning mesh. It has easy to deal with symphonic, heavy metal music, live, DJ, opera and other large dynamic music, but also to listen to the small establishment.
  • Control: 18Ω, good in control. We were strict matched with cable impedance (capacitors, resistors, inductors), so that the voice coil for maximum power, so that cell phones and other portable devices can be easily driven.
  • High Frequency: transparent sound general Chiang kai-shek, stretch is very good, delicate, real, tuning hole with steel mesh patch set, not to block of high frequencies, so that the high-frequency full amount of the unit into the ear canal, transparent and clear.
  • Medium Frequency: Medium frequency sound straightforward and clean, emotional. Knot like clear, vocals relatively close ear.
  • Low Frequency: YSP04 use titanium crystal composite diaphragm, the low frequency is very thick, and various kinds of strength are strong, control is very good.

The biggest advantage

  • Structured: different bass will form different extent in the sound field space, non-interference in each other, good in control.
  • YSP04 can listen to the large dynamic symphony, but also listen to pure and fresh music.
  • Overall evaluation: sound general , high quality, very comfortable, strong sound infectious.

The difference with SIDY series earphones

  • YSP04 as an independent design and tuning product, style is not the same with SIDY series. YS series earphone pursuit of high-quality and fashion appearance.
  • YSP04 better in all aspects compared with DM3; The comparability is not high Compared with DM4, although DM4 clear enough, but the style has been chasing pop music, completely different with YSP04.


  • Model Number: BGVP YSP04
  • Sensitivity: ≥110dB
  • Frequency Response: 13Hz-23000Hz
  • Drivers: 10.2mm Titanium crystal composite diaphragm Dynamic driver
  • Impedance: 18Ω
  • Maximum power:15mW
  • Whether with mic : yes
  • Plug: 3.5mm gold-plated
  • Cable Length: 1.1m


  • BGVP YSP04
  • 9 pairs of  silicone eartips(S/M/L)
  • Carrying pouch

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