Bboooll BO-T1

Bboooll BO-T1 - BO-T1

Bboooll BO-T1 3 Dynamic Driver Heavy Bass HiFI In-ear Earphone with Mic for Mobile Phone


Bboooll three dynamic 6 core series headphones

6 nuclear power 6 speakers 6 cavity sound

6 dynamic passive noise reduction

Three dynamic earphones

The three dynamic generally contain six speakers, and three speakers on one side, two speakers on one side than the ordinary earphones, that is, a pair of three-dynamic earphones is three times the configuration of ordinary earphones, which is 1.5 times that of double dynamic.

The three speakers are clearly defined. By designing the mechanical cavity to form a low-pass filter, the high-frequency speaker is responsible for the high-frequency sounding work, the intermediate frequency speaker is responsible for the IF sounding work, and the low-frequency speaker is responsible for the low-frequency sounding work. The traditional earphone has only a single speaker. Either responsible for the sound of the mid-high or the sound of the bass, technically difficult to achieve three-band equalization

The three speakers independently sound each other, do not interfere with each other, can achieve high-pitched, vocal delicate and clean, the bass is powerful.

Use metal sound tubes to reduce unnecessary resonance and distortion

Highly rigid metal sound tube to reduce unnecessary vibration, providing a powerful and deep bass

True HIFI core proof

Built-in diameter 6MM+6MM+6MM three dynamic driver, using PEK+PU polymer composite diaphragm, can reduce current signal by 99%, with light weight, fast response, high fidelity advantage, help high frequency extension, present More detail, able to reduce low frequency distortion at maximum speed limit

Ergonomics & Bioacoustics

45 degree ergonomic angle, the structural surface of the ear fits to the Dmm unit, so that the entire earphone fits your ear canal, with the variable ear hook integrated on the earphone cable, the comfort level is greatly improved, wearing a whole The day is still not painful

Lighter, release binaural burden

Paranoid attitude, humanized upgrade using light and lightweight components, wearing light and comfortable

Multiple noise reduction, clear call

Effective passive noise reduction design, even in noisy environments, does not affect the ears immersed in music

Custom five-core anti-jamming cable

The cable is equipped with high-quality environmental protection TPE material. The main line is made of 5 strands of 56 0.06mm oxygen-free copper cable. It can effectively resist interference and reduce noise, and at the same time reduce the "auscultation effect" to a greater extent.

Compatible with a variety of smart devices

Devices for all 3.5mm audio jacks, including smartphone, tablet, PC and MP3 etc.



Driver unit: Dynamic




Frequency range:20-20000HZ



Bboooll BO-T1

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