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Cayin C6

Cayin C6 WM8741 DAC Portable Headphone Amplifier for Apple iPhone iPad iPodDescriptionC6 ..


Cayin C5 -36%

Cayin C5

Cayin C5 Portable HIFI Audio Headphone AmplifierDescriptionDedicated&..

$169.90 $109.00

Cayin C5DAC

Cayin C5DAC Portable Decoding Headphone AmplifierDescrptionCayin C5DAC is not just a simp..


Cayin CS-40TC35

Cayin CS-40TC35 Type-C to 3.5mm Coaxial Lossless Adapter Cable for Mojo/Hugo 2 & DAPDescript..


Cayin I5

Cayin I5 384 kHz/32Bit AKM AK4490 DAC Android Bluetooth WiFi Portable Lossless HiFi Music Player..


Cayin N3 Leather Case

Cayin N3 Anti-skid Wear-resistant Waterproof Leather Protective Cover CaseDescriptionAudiophile..


Cayin N5

Cayin N5 192KHZ/24BIT DSD64/128 TI AK4490EQ DAC Lossless HiFi Music PlayerDescriptionCare..


Cayin N6

Cayin N6 Dual Decode DSD lossless Portable Music PlayerDescriptionN6 is the only portable..