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Colorfly CDA-M1

Colorfly CDA-M1
Colorfly CDA-M1
Colorfly CDA-M1
Colorfly CDA-M1
Colorfly CDA-M1
Colorfly CDA-M1
Colorfly CDA-M1
Colorfly CDA-M1
Colorfly CDA-M1
Colorfly CDA-M1
Colorfly CDA-M1
Colorfly CDA-M1
Colorfly CDA-M1
Colorfly CDA-M1
Colorfly CDA-M1
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Brand: Colorfly
  • Model: CDA-M1
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Colorfly CDA-M1 Type-C to 3.5mm Audio/4.4mm Balanced DSD512 HiFi USB DAC AMP For iOS/Android/Windows


DSD512 hard solution

PCM 32Bit/768kHz

Multi-platform compatibility

Pre-level volume control

High and low load mode

Detachable line design

Colorfly professional player architecture

100M ultra-low jitter active crystal oscillator

ESS deep custom Digital-to-Analog converter · Colorfly Alpha α DAC

3.5mm single-ended + 4.4mm balanced

RT6863 independent op-amp

jitterKill 2 independent clock

HiFi level wire core

Plug and play, all can HiFi

It’s compatible with the Apple Mas OS, iPad OS, iOS devices, Android devices, Windows devices. 

*Need to install driver if the system below Windows 10.

360° full arc design

Full fluid body

It is integrated fluid-type body design, USB power supply, with pre-level volume control function.

High precision CNC

The 180-mesh zircon sandblasted metal shell has a fine and smooth grip.

The same independent audio architecture as the HIFI player, the colorfly U series players have, it also has

M1 uses the player architecture, with the second-generation jitterKill, ultra-low jitter 100M active clock crystal technology. Receive data through ASYNC asynchronous mode, help audio signal transmission bypass the interference of USB clock and SRC, and output accurate and natural sound.

U8 core processor

Colorfly's flagship HIFI player U8 core processor "Alpha" is now coming to CDA-M1.

Two independent, two power supply

Colorfly implements the uncompromising concept of analog circuit design

4.4mm balanced: 200mW@RL=32Ω

3.5mm audio: 100mW@RL=32Ω

M1 has built-in RT6863 independent operational amplifier chip, and the dual amplifier module is independently powered, which helps to obtain a darker sound background and make the sound details come alive.

Cooperate with Colorfly's custom-grade copper silver-plated digital connection cable, which can effectively reduce the radio frequency noise interference and improve the purity of the sound, thus bringing you excellent signal-to-noise ratio performance.

Double keys mode design, load adaptation

M1 is the first to join Colorfly's load mode designed to optimize the output characteristics of devices with different impedance loads.

Two-button flexibly switch between high and low load modes, high resistance and low resistance, dynamic and balanced armature, various earbuds and earphones, two buttons are instantly matched to achieve the best effective output.

4.4mm balanced output

-100dB@RL=600Ω, -1dB/high resistance

-98dB@RL=32Ω, 100mW/low resistance

3.5mm un-balanced output

-100dB@RL=600Ω, -1dB/high resistance

-98dB@RL=32Ω, 100mW/low resistance

Rainbow frequency points

M1 supports two load modes of high impedance and low impedance. Colorfly rainbow frequency points can instantly map corresponding color indications according to the load status of different audio file formats.

Red dot: CPM/low resistance mode

Yellow dot: PCM/high resistance mode

Blue dot: DSD/low resistance mode

Purple dot: DSD/high resistance mode

Play with sound

Invisible to the enemy, footsteps can be clearly distinguished.

In online games, M1 can provide you with a game experience without delay, clear positioning, and synchronized audio and video for your battle.

*CDA-M1 haven’t support the microphone call function.

Your HIFI game sound card

M1's independent audio architecture is equivalent to a high-quality independent sound card. Whether it is a 3A masterpiece or a mobile game, it can create a real sense of space as on-site. From now on, get rid of the computer's integrated sound card and let your gaming headset fire up!

*CDA-M1 haven’t support the microphone call function.


Model: CDA-M1

Independent op-amp chip: RT6863

USB connector: Type-C

Decoding format: PCM 32Bit/768kHz; DSD512/Native; DSD256/Dop

SNR: 120dB

THD + N:

-100dB@RL=600Ω, -1dB/high resistance/balanced

-98dB@RL=32Ω, 100mW/low resistance/balanced

-100dB@RL=600Ω, -1dB/high resistance/un-balanced

-98dB@RL=32Ω, 100mW/low resistance/un-balanced

Output level

2Vrms@RL=600Ω un-balanced output

4Vrms@RL=600Ω balanced output

Max. Output power

100mW@RL=32Ω un-balanced output

200mW@RL=32Ω balanced output

Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz(+0.05dB/-0.4dB)

Dynamic range: 120dB

Firmware upgrade: support later upgrade



Type-C data cable

Type-C to USB-A adapter

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