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COVID-19 CUSTOMER Reinforcements

COVID-19 CUSTOMER Reinforcements - for safety

Because many businesses export unqualified epidemic prevention materials and masks, the export of pandemic prevention materials is prohibited, so the major express logistics have stopped receiving parcels. Our default express service with free 25pcs masks has been suspended. Now we change to send 10pcs masks for free for orders over US$50, 20 masks for US$100, and so on. (Up to 50pcs per order.The mask will be sent out in about 3-4 weeks, please plan accordingly)

Customer support

Because the COVID-19 continues to spread globally, it may be difficult to purchase masks in some countries, so we set up customer support to our members at purchasing price.

If you are in an emergency and need masks very much, and you have difficulty buying it, please contact us.

The countries are not listed in the options, please feel free to contact us if you need purchase masks.

2 ways to get mask:

1: If you order any one of our product which is using DHL service by default, we will send you 25PCS masks for free, please add it to your shopping cart.

2: If you are a member of this shop, please contact us. The price of the mask is USD0.1/PC + DHL postage. Limited to 150PCS at a time.(PFE BFE)

The above support is only available once a month per person.

Introduction to Epidemic Prevention

Not all PM2.5 mask can prevent all COVID-19, Although PM2.5 masks can filter suspended particle molecules, can block particles such as haze, viruses, bacteria, pollen, and dust mites from entering the respiratory system, but because There are many types of PM2.5 masks and their functions are different. For example, ordinary clinic masks are tight in material and poorly sealed, so they cannot defend against COVID-19. Surgical masks (PFE + BFE) and N95 masks can prevent both haze and COVID-19. Therefore, in the high season of Covid-19, you must choose correct PM2.5 masks when going out to play a protective role.

Mask Introduction:

The details are of high quality and strict standards for better experience.

Stronger PM2.5 barrier ≥99%, lower air resistance and smoother breathing.

3Ply high-efficiency filtering, better isolation of droplets and dust.

Outer layer:non-woven fabric protection layer,skin-friendly thickening and moisture-proof, filter large particles and dust.

Middle layer: fusion-spraying electrostatic micro-filtration layer, strong thickening filter material. ,filter suspended particles above 0.5 microns.

Inner layer: non-woven fabric protection layer, moderate thickness and flexibility, skin-friendly, low-sensitivity non-woven fabric, comfortable to wear.

Antifouling, melt-blown cloth is the key.

Melt-blown cloth layer has high density and good filtering effect. Without melt-blown filter paper, the protective effect will be greatly reduced.

Flat elastic earloop

The elasticity is moderate, so that the ear can feel at ease.

Plastic nose bridge clip

Built-in aluminum-plastic strip nose bridge clip, can be adjusted to fit the face more closely.

Three-layer fold design

Three layers of fold design, large space, more comfortable breathing.

Water-proof test

Protective masks are waterproof tested.

Since many customers ask about masks, we list the price of masks and DHL services by country.

Please read the following details carefully.

How to transform adult masks into children's masks. You can try to do in this way.

Step 1: Fold the left side of the mask in half first.

Step 2: Then fold the left foot back in half and stitch or staple with stitches.

Step 3: Do the same on the right.

Step 4: Cute kid mask complete.

Note: Masks are anti-epidemic products. Do not use speculation to make huge profits. Masks are provided only to those who really need it. Don't abuse resources.

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Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, global international shipping will delays. The delay at our Hong Kong post office is very serious, so we have changed to other fastest or most efficient international shipping. Now the normal estimated delivery time may be delayed by about 1-2 weeks. In some countries where is higher free-tax rate, we will provide free courier service as much as possible.

Free Shipping

All listed items will be shipped though Registered Airmail with tracking number if there is no extra shipping method option listed or shipping description in the product page.

Economy shipping: Will be shipped without tracking number.

Registered Airmail : Will be shipped via such as Hong Kong post , Deutsche Post , Netherlands Post , Singapore Post, you can leave us a message if you have any requirement about the shipping method .

It will be shipped via Hong Kong Post by default, Europe countries can choose to be shipped via Deutsche Post or Netherlands Post, it is also FREE, pls leave us a message if needed.

Express service: Will be shipped via DHL/EMS/UPS/FedEx

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