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Digital Amplifiers

Brand: AUNE Model: S10N
Aune S10N QCC5125 768K/32Bit DSD512 2.4G LDAC/aptX HD Bluetooth WiFi HiFi Lossless Audiophile Desktop Headphone Amplifier Description Description The one network music player that you needThe S10N, the new generation of aune's network music player in 2..
Brand: FiiO Model: KA17
FiiO KA17 Dual ES9069Q 3.5/4.4mm PCM 768khz DSD512 for Android IOS WIN10 Portable Type-C USB DAC Headphone Amplifier AMP DescriptionKA17DAC and Headphone AmplifierStrong desktop mode 650mW+650mW |Dual ES9069Q DACsTen-level highly precise PEQ|16 core XMOS XU316Multistage balanced THX AA..
Brand: FiiO Model: BTR15
FIIO BTR15 QCC5125 + XU316 DSD256 USB DAC AptXLL Portable Wireless Bluetooth 5.1 Audio Receiver HiFi Headphone AmplifierSelling pointsQCC5125 + XU316 high performance comboChange modes with just one button0.96 inch OLED displayDual curved glassGlobe parametric EQIndependent po..
Brand: xDuoo Model: XD-05plus2
xDuoo XD05 PLUS2 AK4493SEQ DSD256/PCM384kHz Bluetooth USB/Coaxial/Optical DAC Desktop Headphone AmplifierDescriptionNew upgrade, new experience1200mW output powerPCM384kHz, DSD256/MQASN 121dBEQ adjustmentDigital volumeInterchangeable amp chipTwo USB system UAC1.0/UAC2.0Bluetooth 5.1Multiple audio ..
Brand: xDuoo Model: XD-05Pro
xDuoo XD-05Pro ES9039SPRO DSD512 Bluetooth USB/AES/Coaxial/Optical DAC Desktop Headphone AmplifierDescriptionHard nucleus, flagship configuration, strong performanceBecause XD05Pro is free to change DAC operational amplifier chips, it can bring it a variety of sound styles.Flagship DAC ES9039SP..
Brand: AUNE Model: S17 Pro
Aune S17 Pro Full Balanced Class-A Twin JFET R2R Powerful HiFi Lossless Audiophile Desktop Headphone Amplifier Description Twin JFET, Class A, current adjustable, R2R volume As Aune’s new generation of fully-discrete class-A headphone amp, the S17 Pro has the features of twin JFET,..
Brand: AUNE Model: S10 Pro
Aune S10 Pro ES9038 Pro Bluetooth/WiFi 32Bit/768k/DSD512 USB DAC HiFi Audiophile Desktop AmplifierDescriptionThe one network music player that you needThe S10 Pro, the new generation of aune's network music player in 2023, innovatively adopts distributed multi-core frame - Media Tek streaming c..
Brand: AUNE Model: S9c Pro
Aune S9C Pro Dual ES9068AS Fully Balanced Powerful HiFi Lossless Audiophile Desktop Headphone Amplifier Description The all-round master PLL clock synchronization Fully discrete 5W amp Dual DAC chip External clock support Twin JFET As aune’s new generation of DAC wit..
Brand: FiiO Model: KA5
FiiO KA5 Dual CS43198 3.5/4.4mm PCM 768khz DSD256 for Android IOS WIN10 Portable USB DAC Headphone Amplifier AMPDescriptionSelling pointsDual CS43198 DACs: flagship DAC, for excellent soundSPDIF output: transforms into a mini digital outputHigh and low gain, filters and other functions: mo..
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Brand: xDuoo Model: XP-2 Bal
Xduoo XP-2 Bal ES9018K2M CSR8675 Bluetooth 5.0 DAC 4.4mm Balanced Portable Audiophile Headphone AmplifierConfigurationXU208 ES9018K2MCSR8675Bluetooth 5.0NFC4.4mm balanced outputUSB DAC double-sided 2.5D glassMicrophoneHi-ResMulti-color indicatorLDACProfessional power amplifier circuit, powerf..
Brand: Topping Model: G5
TOPPING G5 ES9068AS DSD512 768kHz LDAC Bluetooth Portable USB DAC AMP  Hi-res Audio Headphone Amplifier With 4.4mm/3.5mm Description Built-in NFCA HPA ES9068AS DAC LDAC audio Hi-Res Audio USB + BT + AUX inputs 4.4mm & 3.5mm headphone output 3 step gain settin..
Brand: Topping Model: NX7
TOPPING NX7 NFCA 1400mW Output Power Portable Hi-Res Audio Headphone Amplifier With 3.5mm & 4.4mm OutputDescriptionHi-Res Audio NFCA modules 3 step gain settings <0.00007% THD+N 135dB DNR <0.3ɥVrms noise* 20H battery life <0.1Ω output impedance 1400mW m..
Brand: Topping Model: L50
TOPPING L50 NFCA Ultra Low Noise Hi-Res Audio Headphone Amplifier With SE+BAL Input 6.35mm/XLR OutputDescription Bypass output when power offHi-Res Audio3 step gain settingsNFCA modulesTHD+N 0.00006%145dB DNR<0.3ɥVrms noise<0.1Ω output impedance3500mW x 2 @16Ω540mW x 2 @300Ω* Th..
Brand: Topping Model: L30 II
TOPPING L30 II NFCA Big Power Low Noise 3 Gain HIFI Desktop Headphone Amplifier for E30 DACDescription Headphone amp/ preamp applicationHi-Res Audio3 gain settings, high, mid, lowNFCA modules<0.00006% THD+N144dB DNR<0.3ɥVrms noise<0.1Ω output impedance3500mW x 2 @16Ω, 260mW x 2..
Brand: Topping Model: E50
TOPPING E50 MQA Decoder ES9068AS 32Bit/768kHz DSD512 USB DAC HiFi Headphone Amplifier with Remote Control Description ES9068ASHi-Res AudioXMOS XU216THD+N 0.00009%USB supports up to DSD512 Native & DSD256 DoP & PCM768kHzMQA decode for USB, coaxial and optical inputsSelectable RCA &a..
Brand: AUNE Model: Flamingo
Aune Flamingo Tube 32Bit/768k DSD512 Coaxial USB DAC Audiophile Tube Headphone AmplifierFlamingo tube: supports USB/Coaxial Input , without Bluetooth and aluminum remote control Flamingo tube Bluetooth Edition: supports USB/ Coaxial /Bluetooth input , supports LDAC,APTX-HD,..
Brand: AUNE Model: X8 XVIII Anniversary Edition
Aune X8 XVIII Anniversary Edition 32Bit/768k ES9038 DSD512 Lossless HiFI Audiophile Headphone Amplifier Description FPGA, TRS balanced output, op-amp interchangeable, 7 filter modesThe X8 XVIII is the special edition of the company’s 18th anniversary. Having reserved the classic feature of “o..
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Brand: AUNE Model: BU2
AUNE BU2 DSD512 32Bit/768k Bluetooth Dual-DAC HiFi Portable USB DAC Headphone Amplifier Description Master tape level decoding, balanced, BluetoothThe BU2, as the new generation DAC with headphone amp of the Aune B series, adopts the single-to –dual positive-and-negative voltage power supply ..
Brand: AUNE Model: X1s GT
Aune X1s GT 4.4mm Balanced 32Bit/768K DSD512 USB DAC HIFI Audiophile Headphone Amplifier Description PLL external clock support 4.4mm balancedThe X1s GT, as the 8th Gen of the classic X1 series, innovatively added clock input with PLL clock technology and the complex fully-discrete headphone ..
Brand: iBasso Model: AMP12
iBasso AMP12 4.4mm Pentaconn Balanced Discrete Headphone AMP Card for DX300Description Discrete, the circuit design of the AMP12The AMP12 is a 4.4mm balanced AMP card designed for the DX300. It is fully discrete on both the voltage amplification stage and the current amplification stage.The ..
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