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Portable AMP

Brand: ACMEE Audio Model: 4 192K
ACMEE Magic Sound 4 192K/24Bit AK4493EQ USB DAC HiFi Portable Type-C to 3.5mm/4.4mm Headphone AmplifierDescriptionDark blue color Magic Sound 4, simple and pure.The Magic Sound 4 amp inherits the exquisite sandblasting workmanship and dark blue of the MF02S. The appearance design echoes..
Brand: FiiO Model: KA17
FiiO KA17 Dual ES9069Q 3.5/4.4mm PCM 768khz DSD512 for Android IOS WIN10 Portable Type-C USB DAC Headphone Amplifier AMP DescriptionKA17DAC and Headphone AmplifierStrong desktop mode 650mW+650mW |Dual ES9069Q DACsTen-level highly precise PEQ|16 core XMOS XU316Multistage balanced THX AA..
Brand: xDuoo Model: XD-05plus2
xDuoo XD05 PLUS2 AK4493SEQ DSD256/PCM384kHz Bluetooth USB/Coaxial/Optical DAC Desktop Headphone AmplifierDescriptionNew upgrade, new experience1200mW output powerPCM384kHz, DSD256/MQASN 121dBEQ adjustmentDigital volumeInterchangeable amp chipTwo USB system UAC1.0/UAC2.0Bluetooth 5.1Multiple audio ..
Brand: FiiO Model: KA5
FiiO KA5 Dual CS43198 3.5/4.4mm PCM 768khz DSD256 for Android IOS WIN10 Portable USB DAC Headphone Amplifier AMPDescriptionSelling pointsDual CS43198 DACs: flagship DAC, for excellent soundSPDIF output: transforms into a mini digital outputHigh and low gain, filters and other functions: mo..
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Brand: AUNE Model: Flamingo
Aune Flamingo Tube 32Bit/768k DSD512 Coaxial USB DAC Audiophile Tube Headphone AmplifierFlamingo tube: supports USB/Coaxial Input , without Bluetooth and aluminum remote control Flamingo tube Bluetooth Edition: supports USB/ Coaxial /Bluetooth input , supports LDAC,APTX-HD,..
Brand: AUNE Model: BU2
AUNE BU2 DSD512 32Bit/768k Bluetooth Dual-DAC HiFi Portable USB DAC Headphone Amplifier Description Master tape level decoding, balanced, BluetoothThe BU2, as the new generation DAC with headphone amp of the Aune B series, adopts the single-to –dual positive-and-negative voltage power supply ..
Brand: iBasso Model: AMP12
iBasso AMP12 4.4mm Pentaconn Balanced Discrete Headphone AMP Card for DX300Description Discrete, the circuit design of the AMP12The AMP12 is a 4.4mm balanced AMP card designed for the DX300. It is fully discrete on both the voltage amplification stage and the current amplification stage.The ..
Brand: xDuoo Model: XD-05Bal
Xduoo XD-05Bal 32bit/768KHz USB DSD512 Bluetooth Portable HiFi Balanced DAC Headphone AmplifierDescription Fully balanced circuitThe fully balanced from digital to analog circuit, eliminating noise interference and crosstalk between sounds caused by shared ground wires, greatly improving se..
Brand: XUELIN Model: H7
XUELIN H7 Dual ES9038Q2M DAC HiFi USB Sound Card Headphone Amplifier for Android Mobile Phone/iPhoneDescriptionXUELIN H7 decoding amp, mobile phone becomes high-end player in seconds More and more mobile phones do not have a headphone jack, but you are not satisfied with the Bluetooth sound qualit..
Brand: ikko Model: ITM05
ikko ITM05 Dual CS43198 Music Patch DAC AMP for iPhone/Android Phone with 3.5mm/2.5mm Interface DescriptioniKKO Light HiFi is coming, both a phone and a playerThe maximum output power of 180mW player level, realize the switch from mobile phone to player with one key, let your mobile phone HiFi u..
Brand: xDuoo Model: XD-05Basic
Xduoo XD-05Basic 32bit/384KHz USB DSD DAC Coaxial/Optical Portable Audio Headphone AmplifierDescription 500mW putput powerPersonal sound enhancementHiFi audio DACEasy operationUnrestricted connectionsXMOSXUF208Extend Bluetooth 5.0DSD 256DXD384High audio performance for game and videoThe..
Model: B4 series
Little Bear B4 Dual Tube HiFi Audiophile Portable Headphone Amplifier The difference between B4 and B4-XB4-X is a dual-mono balanced version. Its left and right channel are amplified by independent components, and power supply, tubes, and op amp are all independent and symmetric. So the degree of..
Brand: AUNE Model: BU1
AUNE BU1 DSD512 32Bit/768k Fully Discrete HiFi Portable USB DAC Headphone Amplifier DescriptionFully discrete Hi-Res Multi-ScenarioThe BU1 is a high quality portable DAC with headphone amplifier that purely focuses on sound quality, it supports up to 32bit/768h and DSD512 decoding, the amp is f..
Brand: xDuoo Model: XD-05Plus
xDuoo XD-05Plus 32bit/384KHz DSD HiFi Bluetooth Portable Audio Headphone AmplifierDescriptionMulti-scenario useNo matter where you are, you can enjoy the high quality music.1000mW output power1000mW output power (32ohms load), comparable to desktop headphone amplifier, easy to drive high impedan..
Model: Dual op-amp
TRULIS HA8801/HA8802 Dual Channel HiFi Audiophile Headphone Amplifier op-amp ChipDescriptionHA8801 op-ampSound three frequency balance, reduction is very real and natural, the details are very rich, the separation of voice, instrument is good, can make the feelings of the singer and performer, t..
Brand: iBasso Model: AMP7/AMP8
iBasso AMP8 3.5pro 3.5mm Balanced Headphone Amplifier Card for iBasso DX150 DX200TransistorHigh voltage and high currentRich and wideThe AMP8 adopts a newly designed discrete component line, and has the characteristics of high voltage and high current output. After long-term intensive research..
Brand: xDuoo Model: XQ-20
xDuoo XQ-20 HiFi Portable Headphone Amplifier for Mobile Phone with High Impedance IEM DescriptionSmall and Thin, High ThrustSolve the problem that your phone/player can not drive superior headphonesThick: 1cm;   Weight: 85g2-Setting Gain, Bass boost ON/OFFSet GAIN according to the h..
Brand: xDuoo Model: Poke
XDUOO XD-10 Poke DSD256 32BIT / 384KHZ Decoding Portable USB DAC Headphone Amplifier DescriptionPOKE HiFi “God Pet” ,Full-featured portable decoding amp integrated machineBeautiful, not fancy, but more bright to showLight and compact as WalkmanAs almost big as Sony A series Walkman, button lay..
Brand: iBasso Model: AMP5
iBasso AMP5 3.5mm High Voltage Swing Headphone Amplifier Card for ibasso DX200Description+/-8v high voltage swing, this significantly improves dynamics and headroom, resulting in a more powerful sound.Topology utilizing voltage and current feedback, with the positive benefits of both types of f..
Brand: FiiO Model: Q1 Mark II
FIIO Q1 Mark II Native DSD Decoding HiFi Portable Headphone AmplifierDescriptionBeing equipped with the XMOS platform allows the Q1 Mark II to support decoding of more formats with outstanding performance – it is capable of decoding up to 384 kHz/32bit PCM as well as up to DSD256 (the latter us ..
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