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Out Of Stock DUNU DK2001 - DK2001

DUNU DK2001 3BA+ Beryllium-Plated Dynamic Driver Hybrid MMCX HiFi In-ear Earphone IEMs


Application of core technology of dynamic

The classical one dynamic and 3 balanced armature structure, the core technology double-sided beryllium plating dynamic application, full equipped with Knowles balanced armature unit, 13mm double-sided beryllium plating dynamic unit, a Knowles balanced armature unit, after the careful adjustment of DUNU, the combination of high performance dynamic and balanced armature advantages, incisive presentation of high-quality music signal.

Double-sided beryllium-plated dynamic driver, shocking low frequency response
DK2001 is equipped with a large-diameter 13mm beryllium-plated diaphragm dynamic, and adopts double-sided beryllium plating technology to make full use of the acoustic characteristics of light weight, rigidity and flexibility of metal beryllium, brings a cohesive shock to the low frequency response, a clear and stratified of medium and low frequency details.

Independent Knowles custom balanced armature unit, full and meticulous medium-high frequency performance

The use of an independent Knowles custom balanced armature unit responsible for the middle-high frequency compared to the common earphones used in the composite unit, the intermediate frequency thickness is better, the charm is better, the vocal performance is greatly improved.

Two Knowles ultra-high frequency balanced armature units, meticulous ultra-high frequency details

Two Knowles ultra-high frequency balanced armature units, strong response ability, showing meticulous ultra-high frequency details, bring a subtle music experience.

Patented self-locking quick-changeable plug, suitable for more mainstream front-end equipment
It has both value and high reliability. It comes with a 3.5 single-ended plug included in the package. By changing different plugs, it can be compatible with various mainstream portable and unbalanced standards on the market (also applicable to mobile phones), which can greatly save. The input of different standard wires is convenient and practical, and really solves the pain points of audiophiles’.

High purity single crystal copper silver-plated Litz cable, high-quality cable configuration
As always, high-quality cable, the original cable is high-purity Litz single-crystal copper silver-plated cable, each conductor is covered with an insulating coating, the cable quality surpasses high-end headphones, effectively improves the sound purity, and brings comprehensive sound quality Promotion.

Patented expandable MMCX pin, higher playability
Expandable pin, standard MMCX interface, widely compatible with other brands on the market. Compared with the traditional non-expandable pins, the earphones and cables using this interface have greatly improved reliability and service life, effectively reducing the probability of poor contact.

Precision metal processing, two materials, 100 processes

S316 stainless steel + high-strength aluminum magnesium alloy, the cavity is made of two kinds of materials at the same time, through dozens of processing processes such as metallurgy, casting, CNC, polishing, sandblasting, anode, highlighting, and nearly 100 processing processes, only to present a delicate and delicate texture.

Seiko full metal cavity, eliminate vibration, clear and pure

The cavity is made of S316 stainless steel front cavity and high-strength aluminum-magnesium alloy upper cover, with scientific internal design, effective suppress harmonic resonance, enhances sound cohesion, which bring clear and meticulous high tone quality experience.

Wear around the ear, firm and comfortable, no sense to wear in the ear

Based on the ergonomic design, the curvature of the outer shell of the front cavity and the tilt Angle of the tube are continuously optimized after data collection, so as to obtain a comfortable wearing experience. Wear around the ear to isolate the external noise and reduce the effect of stethoscope.

Handmade leather storage bag, convenient and practical
Come with a beautiful leather handmade storage bag, beautiful and practical, easy to carry. Built-in storage mezzanine for detachable plug, earphone and plug can take away at once.

Rich accessories, more satisfied
Equipped with a variety of practical and abundant accessories, leather storage bags, aviation plugs, cleaning tools, etc., to meet the needs of audiophiles.


Model: DK 2001
Dynamic unit: 13mm double-sided beryllium diaphragm dynamic coil
Balanced armature unit: 1 Knowles customized medium-high frequency independent balanced armature, 2 Knowles customized ultra-high frequency independent balanced armature
Frequency response: 5-40kHz
Sensitivity: 109dB ± 2dB at 1kHz
Distortion: <0.5% at 1kHz
Impedance: 13 ohms
Cable: High purity single crystal copper silver-plated Litz cable
Cable length: 1.2 m

Pin: Expandable MMCX standard pin


DK 2001 earphone
3.5mm single-ended plug
3.5-6.35 adapter plug
4 pairs balanced eartips (
black color, balanced for universal (orange earphones' are orange color)
3 pairs transparent eartips (
gray color, make the sound transparent and beautiful)
3 pairs vocal eartips(
red color, enhance medium-low frequency performance, fit for popular and vocal.)
1 pair memory foam eartips (
black foam eartips, enhance sound insulation and low frequency performance, will affect part of high frequency transparency.)
1 earphone cleaning brush

DUNU Modular plug

Suit for DK4001, DK3001 PRO, DK2001, The 17th, Lyre, Chord, NOBLE and HULK.

2.5mm balanced plug

4-pole balanced plug, one of the common balanced standards, is common in IRIVER, FiiO, Shanling front-end devices.

4.4mm balanced plug

5-pole balanced plug, one of the most common mainstream balanced interfaces, Cayin, Sony, Hiby, iBasso, Shanling and FiiO use it.

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