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DUNU Falcon Pro

DUNU Falcon Pro
DUNU Falcon Pro
DUNU Falcon Pro
DUNU Falcon Pro
DUNU Falcon Pro
DUNU Falcon Pro
DUNU Falcon Pro
DUNU Falcon Pro
DUNU Falcon Pro
DUNU Falcon Pro
DUNU Falcon Pro
DUNU Falcon Pro
DUNU Falcon Pro
DUNU Falcon Pro
DUNU Falcon Pro
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  • Brand: DUNU
  • Model: Falcon Pro
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DUNU Falcon Pro ECLIPSE Dynamic Driver DLC Composite Diaphragm MMCX Audiophile HiFi In-ear Earphones


FALCON PRO flagship acoustic peak craftsmanship

Polymer flexible independent suspension

The new generation of DLC composite diaphragm

1.6T magnetic flux density speaker magnetic circuit

Q-Lock Lite detachable plug system

Resonance suppression internal and external double cavity

Multi-hole airflow micro-control three kinds of interchangeable acoustic tubes

High-purity OCC silver-plated Litz cable

Art-level metal craft

Shining, high-value metal crafts

The shining FALCON PRO integrates the metal processing technology that we have cultivated for many years. Its sturdy and durable cavity is made of high-strength stainless steel casting. After molding, it is combined with a high-precision CNC carved and tightly-sealed cavity, which provides high-value appearance and stable acoustic performance for the earphone.

Collision, inspired by luxury design

Matte and mirror, the collision of two surface processes. In order to achieve the perfect fusion of the two processes on the same piece of metal, DUNU carried out thousands of proofing, which took nearly half a year and finally succeeded. The texture design of the frosted area is inspired by luxury leather goods. For this reason, we do not hesitate to use high-precision sandblasting and sanding at a very high cost.

The core, the flagship benchmark for the new generation of dynamic

FALCON PRO equipped with the core of DUNU ECLIPSE dynamic unit. The new generation of DLC composite dome diaphragm, polymer flexible independent suspension, toroidal magnetic circuit system, high-tension ultra-fine voice coil… Many flagship configurations are integrated, and its powerful performance far beyond the price has established FALCON PRO's natural balance basic tuning.

Rigid and flexible, a new generation of DLC composite dome diaphragm

The new-generation DLC material diaphragm dome with high rigidity, light weight and high damping coefficient, long-stroke polymer flexible material independent suspension, composite use of different materials, make full use of its different characteristics, greatly suppress split vibration, and effectively reduce various distortions , To achieve precise and efficient diaphragm response.

Power, magnetic flux density up to 1.6T

The newly developed external magnetic ring speaker magnetic circuit system has a magnetic flux density of up to 1.6T. At the same time, the suspension support is made of almost non-magnetic copper material, which effectively reduces the loss of the magnetic field and ensures efficient electromagnetic conversion. The full frequency response performance of the dynamic unit is further improved, and the ease of driving is greatly optimized to ensure stable output of good sound quality on various devices.

(Due to the high magnetic flux density, there will be some adsorption or repulsion between the unit which is a normal phenomenon and will not cause damage to the earphones)

Suppression, resonance suppression internal and external double cavity

The special dynamic unit with an independent inner cavity, combined with a stainless steel outer cavity with stable acoustic performance and internal sound-absorbing materials, can effectively control the reflection of unnecessary clutter and realize the output of pure sound.

Control, multi-hole airflow micro-control technology

After precise calculation, the 5 air holes distributed in the front and rear cavities bring greater airflow while finely controlling the airflow flux. With the high-performance new-generation DLC composite dome diaphragm dynamic unit, it achieves more excellent dynamics and low frequency response.

Changing, DUNU’s first interchangeable acoustic tube design

The different diameters, lengths, and filter density of the tubes will affect the sound. Through repeated experiments, we have equipped FALCON PRO with three acoustic tubes with different diameters/lengths/filters. They are "reference/transparent/atmosphere enhanced” mode, you can quickly experience the changes in sound through the replacement of the tube. DUNU uses earphones with a replaceable acoustic tube design.

(The reference model tube is installed on the earphone by default when it is shipped from the factory, if you need to replace it, you can unscrew it yourself)

Yellow: reference

Blue: transparent

Red: atmosphere enhanced

Lightweight, Q-Lock Lite detachable plug system

For the first time, it is equipped with the lighter Q-Lock Lite detachable plug system. It comes with 3.5mm single-ended, 2.5mm balanced, and 4.4mm balanced three detachable plugs, all at once, compatible with all mainstream portable standards.

Note: TYPE-C and Apple's interchangeable plugs are self-locking detachable plugs (Q-Lock Plus series) and are not compatible with PRO. The Falcon PRO uses pluggable detachable plugs (Q-Lock Lite series), and its size Smaller and shorter in length. The two detachable plug systems are not compatible with each other!

Conduction, the high-quality cable that comes standard with the earphones

We have equipped FALCON PRO with a harness that is rare at the same price.

The conductor material is high-purity single crystal copper plated with silver to ensure efficient and accurate transmission. Each conductor wire is covered with an insulating layer to reduce interference and improve purity. The high-transmittance wire is used as an outer cover. The material is soft and comfortable to wear.

Stable, patented expansion MMCX pin

Patented expansion pin, standard MMCX interface, widely compatible with earphones and cables using MMCX pin, at the same time, it has higher reliability and durability than non-expandable pins.

Intimate, complete all kinds of accessories

The new fabric storage bag, the earphone storage bag to protect the earphones, and all kinds of eartips are equipped with various accessories, which are practical and abundant, worry-free and considerate for you.

Eartips sets

The gray wide-mouth eartips are transparent eartips that can enhance high-frequency performance and enhance sound transparency. They are suitable for the performance of female voices and some stringed instruments.

The gray eartips are the official standard eartips, and the sound balance is accurately restored, which is suitable for most music types.

The color tube eartips are Columbia eartips, which enhance low-frequency performance and enhance the popular atmosphere, which is suitable for expressing popular music.

The blue tube eartips are vocal enhancement eartips, and the vocal image is clearer, which is suitable for listening to the vocal-based music types.


Model: Falcon PRO

Frequency response: 5Hz-40 kHz

Impedance: 26Ω@1kHz

Sensitivity: 112±1dB@1kHz

THD: <0.3% @1 kHz

Dynamic unit: flexible independent suspension DLC composite dome diaphragm dynamic

Magnetic circuit system: external magnetic ring magnetic circuit system, magnetic flux density 1.6T

Cavity material: S316 stainless steel

Tube design: replaceable acoustic tube, with three types (reference/transparent/atmosphere enhancement)

Cable: High-purity single crystal copper silver-plated cable

Pin: Expandable MMCX pin

Plug: Q-Lock Lite detachable plug system, with three plugs (2.5mm balanced/3.5mm single-ended/4.4mm balanced)


DUNU Falcon pro Earphone

3 pairs of nozzles

12 sets of Eartips

3 plugs

3.5mm Female to 6.5mm Male Adapter

Carry Box

Shirt Clip

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