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  • Brand: DUNU
  • Model: SA6 MK2
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DUNU SA6 MK2 6BA MMCX HiFi Audiophile In-ear Earphone IEM with Tuing Switch


SA6 MK2 compare with SA6 ULTRA & SA6, more differences

1. Greatly improved the high frequency response to obtain more high frequency details and more natural sound field performance. At the same time, the high frequency resolution is improved, so that the high frequency performance is dense and clear.

2. Optimize the frequency response characteristics of 3-5 kHz, improve the separation degree and clarity of vocal and musical instrument, and increase the sound.

3. While keeping the mid-high frequency pure and clear, DUNU enhanced the low frequency performance of SA6 MK2 to achieve more for alluring listening experience.

Overall tuning in standard mode is neutral with slight low frequency enhancement; move the dial lever to the atmosphere after the perimeter enhancement mode, the low frequency will be significantly enhanced, and the clarity and momentum of the low frequency will be surpass SA6 ULTRA and SA6.

4. Comes with S&S eartips like the SA6 ULTRA - but adds a brand new XL size.

5. The new optimized and upgraded auricle model has a fuller appearance. While ensuring comfortable wearing experience, the display area of the panel is increased.

6. New leather storage box pressed with DUNU LOGO.

7. Cable upgrade to "HULK Pro mini", using Q-Lock Plus detachable plug system(with 3.5mm single-end plug, 4.4mm balanced plug)

8. Newly designed wood grain stable wood panel, each earphone has a different grain pattern.

Knowles and Sonion 6 balanced armature hybrid driver structure

1. Custom open-hole low-frequency driver, surging low-frequency energy impact:

Two custom Sonion open-hole low frequency drivers, with cavity air flow valve, to achieve a large air flux, surging low frequency energy impact sense, precision low frequency control highlights a rich low frequency level.

2. Custom independent mid-high frequency driver, natural and vivid mid-high frequency:

Two custom Knowles independent mid-high frequency drivers are used to polish the mid-high frequency timbre in fine detail, so that the natural and vivid mid-high frequency jumps up.

3. Custom ultra-high frequency driver, ultra-high frequency details rich in air sense:

Two custom Knowles ultra-high frequency balanced armature driver are used to stimulate outstanding ultra-high frequency response capability, and beautiful high frequency extension presents ultra-high frequency details with sufficient air sense.

Precision dual system triple frequency control

Independent three-channel sound guide + electronic frequency division controller, physical and electronic double frequency division system, precise control of each frequency response, coordination of 6 balanced armature driver to achieve smooth and natural sound, wide sound field and excellent clarity pleasant.

Two different tuning modes

The STUDIO SA6 MK2 offers two different tuning modes that can be quickly switched with a tool-free tuning lever. The standard tuning mode (" 1") has an accurate and clear three-frequency response, while the ambience-enhanced mode (" ON") has a stronger low-frequency response. Both modes can be effectively expanded to fit more music types.

(Please make sure that both earphones are in the same tuning mode before listening).

Handmade delicate craft

SA6 MK2 is industry rare use of private mold custom earphone process to produce production models. Exquisite craftsmen with the handmade, many and complicated processes, time-consuming and limited production capacity, presenting a warm texture like jade.

They specially selected wood texture birch stabilization wood panel, each panel has a similar color and different texture, mixed with gold powder resin flowing through, elegant and smart.

(Each earphone panel will be slightly different due to the special material and process of the panel).

Further optimized cavity contour

The new optimized and upgraded auricle model has a fuller appearance, which effectively increases the display area of the art panel while ensuring comfortable wearing experience.

Upgrade cable quality’s standard cable

Standard upgrade cable HULK Pro mini, Furukawa single crystal copper conductor with high purity secondary refining, and independent aluminum foil shield layer maintain HULK Pro's excellent sound quality performance. The lightweight design is more suitable for portable going out, and the wearing experience is more comfortable.

Excellent inner connection cable

To get the most out of the STUDIO SA6 MK2, DUNU not only comes with high-quality cable, but also uses high purity Furukawa single crystal copper silver-plated cores throughout the earphone's internal wiring.

Patented Q-Lock Plus detachable plug system

The Q-Lock Plus detachable plug system comes with 3. 5mm single-ended and 4.4mm balanced plug, plug and play, convenient switching, also can be connected to mobile phones and other equipment by replacing the Type C/Lighting plug.

More rich and practical accessories

The new leather storage box, S to XL's S&S eartips, the SA6 MK2 comes with more versatile and practical accessories to save the day.


Model: SA6 MK2

Driver: 2 custom Sonion low frequency driver + 2 custom Knowles mid-high frequency independent balanced armature + 2 custom Knowles ultra-high frequency balanced armature

Frequency response: 5Hz-40kHz

Impedance: 24Ω

Sensitivity: 114dB±1dB@1kHz

THD: ˂0.5%@1kHz

Cavity material: Germany Nicefit resin

Art panel: stable wood

Cable: HULK Pro mini

Cable length: 1.2m±0.1m

Plug: Q-Lock Plus detachable plug system(with 3.5mm single-ended, 4.4mm balanced plug)

Connector: 2pin 0.78mm




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