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DUNU Studio SA6

DUNU Studio SA6 - Studio SA6

DUNU Studio SA6 6BA 2Pin 0.78mm HiFi Audiophile In-ear Earphone IEMs


Brand-new 6-balanced armature structure, wide tone, surging bass

The newly developed 6-unit balanced armature structure incorporates high-performance balanced armature units from Knowles and Sonion. After countless matching and adjustments, it only presents a wide dynamic range and captures the subtle details of music.

Low frequency: 2 custom Sonion opening low frequency units, matched with cavity cross stoma to achieve huge air flow and surging bass.

Mid and high frequency: Custom Knowles 2 independent mid and high frequency units, vocals are clear and sweet, soft and natural.

Ultra high frequency: 2 custom Ultra high frequency units, outstanding ultra high frequency response, beautiful high frequency extension, transparent and clear.

Switch between two tuning modes

SA6 provides two modes, standard tuning mode and atmosphere enhancement mode, to meet the needs of more players and avoid "choice difficulties" (before listening, please make sure that both earphones are in the same mode).

Standard tuning mode: dial rod position 1. Accurate and clear three-band equalization response

Atmosphere enhancement mode: the dial rod position is ON. The low frequency is more powerful, enhancing the popular atmosphere.

Special tuning dial rod, one - key switch, easy to operate

The special tuning mode dial rod is larger and firmer, and the mode switch can be completed by fingering, which not only does not need tools, but also can be completed even wearing headphones, making the operation convenient and comfortable.

Precise frequency division system, rich layers, clearer and more moving sound

Independent sound tube + electronic frequency divider, physical and electronic dual frequency divider system more finely and accurately control each frequency band, fully coordinate 6 balanced armature units, realize smooth and natural sound expression, and give listeners a sense of pleasure.

Professional audio-grade electrical components, SMT patch PCB boards provide excellent electrical performance, escort accurate frequency division.

High-purity OFC silver plating internal cable to ensure lossless transmission of sound quality

In order to ensure the full performance of the internal components of the earphone, DUNU chose Furukawa high-purity OFC silver-plated wire cores as the internal cable on the SA6. The diameter is up to 0.6mm. The core is covered with insulation and covered with the internal cable configuration, which is rare at the same price.

New 8-strand single crystal copper silver-plated cable, rich and delicate musical expression

SA6 comes standard with 8-strand Furukawa purity single crystal copper silver-plated cable to fully guarantee signal transmission. At the same time, the cable use coaxial structure double-layer conductors and independent HDPE insulation layers to improve sound purity.

Brand new self-locking quick-change plug, adapt to more mainstream front ends

Adopting DUNU's patented self-locking quick-change plug design, the package comes with 3.5mm single-ended, 2.5mm balanced and 4.4mm balanced plugs. Fully compatible with mainstream portable standards, abandoning complicated transfers, and convenient for users.

Your beauty should be different

Each piece and part of the stable wood board dyed with colorful ink has completely different texture and color distribution. The panels made from its slices show different beauty, just like the dazzling version of the nebula and the endless deep sky striking.

*Due to the particularity of the panel material and craftsmanship, the appearance of each earphone panel is different, please be aware of this before purchasing.

Comfortable to wear, not tired after long wear

The cavity model designed in combination with the big data of the auricle and the ear canal gives the listener a comfortable wearing feeling. With the lightweight and skin-friendly resin material, there is no need to worry, please enjoy the music.

Recessed 0.78mm 2pin female socket, widely compatible, more stable connection

The 0.78mm 2pin pin, which is widely used in custom/class-custom headset manufacturers, is matched with the newly developed female pin socket. It is not only widely compatible with various wires, but also can fully guarantee the stability of the connector, effectively extend the service life, and reduce The exposed volume of the pin improves the wearing experience.

Pure handmade craftsmanship

SA6 is handmade, using the same manufacturing process as custom earphones. The process is complicated and the production cycle is long. After molding, grinding, matching, assembly, bonding, curing, polishing, glazing and other processes, it finally presents a high-value and delicate cavity texture.


Balanced armature unit: 2 Sonion custom-opening low-frequency balanced armature unit, 2 Knowles custom medium and high frequency independent balanced armature unit, 2 Knowles custom ultra high-frequency balanced armature unit

Tuning mode: standard tuning mode (position 1), atmosphere enhancement mode (position ON)

Model: Studio SA6

Frequency response: 5Hz-40kHz

Impedance: 60Ω

Sensitivity: 115dB±[email protected]

Cavity material: Nicefit resin

Art panel: Stable wood

Cable: 8 strands Furukawa High purity single crystal copper silver-plated cable

Cable length: 1.2m±0.1m

Cable pin: 2pin 0.78mm

Net weight: 11g


Studio SA6

High purity single crystal copper silver-plated cable

3.5mm single-ended plug

2.5mm balanced plug

4.4mm balanced plug

Aviation plug

Leather storage case

Cleaning brush

4 pairs balanced eartips

4 pairs transparent eartips

3 pairs warm eartips


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