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  • Brand: DUNU
  • Model: TALOS
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DUNU TALOS Dual Magnetic Circuit Planar + 2BA Hybrid 2Pin 0.78mm HiFi In-ear Earphone Audiophile IEM with Dual-mode


Dual cavity free switching

Planar earphone mode

Planar + balanced armature hybrid earphone mode

Dual cavity double magnetic circuit planar diaphragm unit

Custom high frequency and ultra-high frequency dual balanced armature unit

New structure of planar earphones, full-frequency planar unit + high-frequency ultra-high-frequency dual balanced armature

The distinctive new flat-panel hybrid structure, the dual-cavity dual-magnetic circuit planar unit with excellent full-band response and the high-performance custom high-frequency, ultra-high-frequency dual balanced armature unit form a powerful core unit configuration, ensuring high performance with outstanding performance, accurate presentation of quality sound.

Newly developed 14.6mm dual-cavity planar unit

Ultra-thin planar diaphragm, ultra-light silver alloy voice coil, N55 double-sided magnetic circuit array system, independent acoustic cavity, two-way push-pull drive structure... High-precision new planar unit, achieves acoustic performance beyond cognition, response accurate and dynamic wide, lays the foundation for a natural, balanced sound with outstanding full-range performance.

Custom dual balanced armature drivers

The custom high-performance high-frequency and ultra-high-frequency balanced armature unit, the gorgeous and transparent high-frequency and ultra-high frequency sound effects jump out, and at the same time bring strong resolution to capture the delicate details of the music.

What are planar diaphragm earphones?

Planar diaphragm earphones are different from traditional earphones in that their coils are integrated into a thin and light diaphragm. The permanent magnets are on one or both sides of the diaphragm, and the changing current of the coil drives the diaphragm to vibrate in a magnetic field.

What are the advantages of planar diaphragm earphone?

The coils evenly arranged on the entire planar diaphragm, combined with the planar magnet array, can make the driving force received by the diaphragm evenly distributed, and the diaphragm motion filling is more ideal, effectively eliminating most of the split vibration, achieving excellent extension and good transient state, low distortion effect.

New dual-mode gameplay, planar earphone mode/planar + balanced armature hybrid earphone mode

TALOS has a mode adjustment lever, which can be freely switched between the pure planar earphone mode or the planar + balanced armature hybrid earphone mode, bringing a new way of playing planar earphone and adapting to more music types. At the same time, relying on the powerful core unit configuration, it has excellent restoration ability in both modes, and one pair earphones is better than two pairs of earphones.

Planar earphone mode

It is natural and warm, comfortable and durable, suitable for most types of music.

Planar + balanced armature hybrid earphone mode

It is transparent and beautiful, with stronger dynamic power, suitable for strings and female voices.

Aviation aluminum alloy vibration suppression cavity, CNC precision cavity, special surface texture sandblasting

The aviation-grade aluminum alloy CNC precision cavity is not only light, strong and corrosion-resistant, but also provides stable acoustic performance for the earphones and effectively suppresses excess vibration. Specially-tuned surface sandblasting particles, fine sandblasting process, gold diamond knife cut surface outline stroke, elegant shape, excellent texture and delicate touch.

Micro-control of multi-porous airflow, fully simulating the air-hole arrangement of the test, taking into account the requirements of sound insulation and acoustics

The position and size of the multiple air holes distributed in the front and rear cavities have undergone sufficient simulation tests. Together with the new dual-cavity planar unit, a special multi-hole air flow micro-control system is formed to achieve strong dynamic and low-frequency response, taking into account the acoustic progress. Air requirements and sound insulation.

*Instrument-grade brass gold-plated acoustic tube stably transmits natural sound; thickened gold-plated anti-oxidation layer effectively avoids brass oxidation.

*The ergonomic front cavity is round and full, and with the lightweight cavity design, it is comfortable and stable to wear.

High-quality wiring, high-purity single crystal copper silver-plated Litz cable

TALOS comes standard with four strands of high-purity single-crystal copper silver-plated cable, which ensure high-efficiency transmission and a Litz structure for sound quality. Using 0.78mm 2Pin standard pins, it is widely compatible and easy to use.

Plane wall ultra-soft silicone eartips

Vocal enhancement eartips, the mid-frequency vocal image is clearer, closer, and denser, and enhance the sense of surround. Suitable for listening to popular vocals

Colors tube wide mouth silicone eartips

Transparent eartips improve high frequency brightness, enhance the transparency of earphones, and enhance the sense of sound lines and restoration. Suitable for listening to female voices and stringed instruments

Gray eartips set

Balanced eartips for balanced sound. Each frequency band has a high density and is accurately restored. Suitable for most types of music.


Model: TALOS

Driver: 14.6mm dual cavity dual magnetic circuit planar unit + 2 custom high frequency and ultra-high frequency balanced armature

Frequency response: 5Hz-40kHz

Impedance: 16Ω@1kHz

Sensitivity: 100dB±1dB@1kHz

THD: <0.3%@1kHz

Cavity: aviation aluminum alloy vibration suppression cavity

Tube: brass gold-plated acoustic tube

Cable: 4 strands high purity single crystal copper silver-plated cable

Cable length: 1.2m±0.1m

Connector: 2pin 0.78mm

Plug: 3.5mm single-ended

Earphone mode: planar earphones mode(I), planar + balanced armature hybrid mode(ON)

Weight: 14g



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