DUNU ZEN PRO Dynamic Driver Hybrid MMCX HiFi Audiophile In-ear Earphone


ZEN PRO's extraordinary strength goes further

The second generation ECLIPSE structure independent suspension magnesium alloy pure metal diaphragm Nanocrystalline diamond coating

Ultral-1.8T magnetic flux density ring magnetic circuit

A.C.l.S Air Boosting System

Self-locking quick changeable plug


ZEN was launched in December 2020 and is an important milestone for DUNU.

ZEN PRO represents our further thinking and improvement of sound.

The core of ZEN PRO, the benchmark for the next-generation dynamic unit

"ZEN PRO" is an improved product based on "Zen". Its overall technology and structure are better. DUNU have made adjustments in the following aspects:

1. Updated to the second generation of magnesium-aluminum alloy diaphragm, adjusted the ratio of magnesium-aluminum alloy, so that important performance indicators such as rigidity and damping have been strengthened, and the sound is more relaxed and clean;

2. Optimize the uniformity of the diaphragm Nano-diamond coating and the thickness of the coating, increase the overall rigidity while reducing the weight, further reducing the distortion caused by the split vibration, and the high-frequency response is also better;

3. Continuing and optimizing Zen's excellent magnetic circuit design, the transient response and dynamic performance are even better.

4. The product has better frequency response, lower distortion parameters, and tends to be more ideal;

5. The outer coating of the cavity is replaced with a gray coating of vacuum high temperature plasma titanium plating.

Super structure, tactful melody reverberation around the beam

Numerous new architecture dynamic blessed by black technology, outstanding strength to interpret the tactful melody for you, the second-generation ECLIPSE pure metal diaphragm, Nanocrystalline diamond coating, ultra-1.8T magnetic flux density ring magnetic circuit system.. The big universe is hidden in a small cavity.

Rigid and soft, music atmosphere within reach

DUNU's exclusive ECLIPES dynamic unit core, second-generation W-type pure metal diaphragm, polymer flexible independent suspension, high-tension ultra-fine voice coil cable, to achieve full diaphragm response. Shows wide frequency response, majestic dynamics, agile transient...The immersive music atmosphere, within reach

Light and hard, ideal material for quick response

Magnesium alloy pure metal diaphragm, hard and lightweight, supplemented by Nano-crystalline diamond (NanoDLC) coating, fast response, showing the subtle details of the notes; full of rigidity, rejects split vibration, bringing lower distortion performance; natural three-frequency response Truth, listening to the smooth flow of clouds and water.

ZEN PRO's second-generation W-type magnesium-aluminum alloy diaphragm has re-optimized and adjusted the metal composition ratio. By adjusting the ratio of the total metal magnesium to the metal aluminum of the diaphragm, a new alloy is obtained, the rigidity is enhanced, the damping characteristic is also more excellent, and the performance index is enhanced.

DUNU’s exclusive Nano-nanocrystalline diamond coating (nanoDLC) technology has a higher proportion of sp3-sp2 hybrid carbon than the current industry. It is achieved through high temperature, purification, deposition and other technical methods. This technology is only suitable for metal substrates (polymer substrates will Meltdown and deformation). This process will produce fewer gaps and surface defects, making the coating characteristics closer to pure diamond. A more uniform and fuller coating is used on the "Zen PRO" to improve and optimize this feature.

Ultral-1.8T magnetic flux density, surging power is contained in it.

The newly developed external magnetic toroidal super-strong magnetic circuit system has a magnetic flux density of more than 1.8 T, providing ample energy output and further improving the full-frequency response performance of the dynamic unit.

(Due to the high magnetic flux density, there will be a certain adsorption effect between the earphone unit, which is a normal phenomenon and will not cause damage to the earphones, please rest assured to use)

The magnetic circuit system components used in the unit are all custom-designed and CNC precision processed to ensure excellent performance.


The rear cavity is equipped with an upgraded version of DUNU's patented air booster loop system-A.C.I.S, which increases the air intake, and cooperates with a powerful dynamic unit to control low frequencies of 100Hz and below to achieve better diving and dynamic performance.

Finely carved, handicrafts on the ears

The whole piece of S316L stainless steel has undergone five-axis CNC carving, meticulous hand-polished mirror surface, vacuum high-temperature plasma titanium-plated gray coating, and surface spraying AF Nano-Oleophobic layer. The tedious process and complex process will finally meet the transformation.

Each inch of earth and inch of gold, independent placement of the connector

In order to obtain a complete internal cavity structure and use the internal space scientifically and rationally, since DN2002, DUNU has been using an independent connector design to place the socket outside the cavity.

Not to stop, high-quality wire comes standard.

It comes standard with 8 strands of Furukawa single crystal copper silver-plated wire (DUW03) to ensure signal transmission. The cable uses a coaxial structure double-layer conductor inside and an independent HDPE insulation layer is built-in. Pure sound quality is connected for you.

Q- Lock Plus

Patented Q-Lock Plus detachable plug system, with 3.5mm single-ended, 2.5mm balanced and 4.4mm balanced in the package, fully compatible with mainstream portable standards, plug and play. By changing the TYPE-C detachable plug, it can also be turned into TYPE-C digital earphones, which is convenient and quick. (TYPE-C plug needs to be purchased separately)

Patent number: ZL .201821202295.0

Stable connection, enjoyable use

Patented expansion pin, standard MMCX interface, widely compatible with earphones and cables using MMCX pin, and at the same time, it has higher reliability and longer service life than ordinary pins.

Patent number: ZL201820808544.4

Careful accessories can make you worry-free

Storage bag, various eartips, earphones protective cover, cleaning brush, aviation plug... It is equipped with many practical and abundant accessories, which are intimate for you and worry-free.

Eartips sets

1.      The gray eartips are the official standard eartips. The sound is balanced and accurately restored, which is suitable for most music types.

2.      The black eartips are Columbia eartips. Enhance low frequency performance and enhance popular atmosphere, suitable for expressing popular music.

3.      The black sponge cover is a memory foam soundproof cover, which improves the sound insulation performance, and the sound is smooth and full. It is suitable for eliminating some stimulating sound source burrs.

*The memory foam eartips need to be kneaded tightly before use, and then quickly placed in the ear canal to adjust to a comfortable position. The best effect can be achieved after the self-adaptive rebound filling.

4.      White eartips are transparent eartips, which enhance high-frequency performance and enhance sound transparency. They are suitable for expressing female voices and some stringed instruments.


Model: ZEN PRO

Dynamic unit: The second-generation ECLIPSE structure, independent overhanging magnesium alloy pure metal diaphragm + Nanocrystalline diamond coating dynamic unit

Frequency response: 5Hz-40kHz

Impedance: 16Ω

Sensitivity: 112dB±[email protected]

THD: <0.2%@1kHz

Magnetic circuit system: DUNU external magnetic ring magnetic circuit system, the magnetic flux density exceeds 1.8T

Back cavity design: patent A.C.I.S

Cavity material: S316 stainless steel

Cable: 8 strands of Furukawa high-purity single crystal copper silver-plated cable

Cable length: 1.2±0.1m

Pin: patented expansion MMCX Pin

Plug: patented Q-Lock Plus detachable plug system, with 3.5mm single-ended/2.5mm balanced/4.4mm balanced plugs


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