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Brand: TGXEAR Model: Red Serratus
TGXEAR Red Serratus 300ohm PET Polymer Diaphragm Dynamic Driver Audiophile EarbudDescriptionBrand: TGXEAR Model: Red SerratusDriver: PET Polymer DiaphragmImpedance: 300ohmShell: MX500 Shell acoustic damping Cable:  a custom hybrid copper and silver alloy..
Brand: TGXEAR Model: Revelstoke
TGXEAR Revelstoke 130ohm Custom 1 Dynamic Driver + Tesla Neodymium Magnet Driver Hybrid Audiophile EarbudDescriptionBrand:TGXEAR Model:Revelstoke Impedance: 130ohmShell: Black MX500 with internal volume modification Cable: memory free 6N OCCPlug:4.4mm b..
Brand: SHOZY Model: MXN
SHOZY MXN Nostalgic Version 32ohm 15.4mm Dynamic Driver Audiophile EarbudDescriptionSHOZY MXN flat-head earbud is the pay tribute to MX500, regaining the past moving and balanced atmosphere, nostalgic popularity.Compared with the earlier MX500, SHOZY MXN has improved the R angle and is more comforta..
Brand: SHOZY Model: Cygnus MKII
SHOZY Cygnus MKII 16ohm High-Sensitivity Low Impedance Dynamic Driver Audiophile EarbudsDescription SHOZY Cygnus MKII is the upgrade version of SHOZY Cygnus , it is comfortable to listen to, popular tuning, more balanced, more detail, larger sound field.SHOZY integrating design,..
Brand: Simphonio Model: D3+ 15th
SimPhonio Dragon D3+ 15th Anniversary Version 14.2mm Ceramic Diaphragm  Dynamic Driver 32ohm HiFi Audiophile EarbudDescriptionMore solid imageThicker densityMore three-dimensional sound field.The D3+ 15th driver features a ground-breaking 14.2mm dual diaphragm driver, which is composed of..
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Brand: FiiO Model: FF5
FIIO FF5 14.2mm Carbon-Cased Dynamic Driver MMCX HiFI Audiophile Metal EarbudDescription Detachable cable carbon-based dynamic driver earbudsLarge 14.2mm dynamic driverPU gasket + carbon-based diaphragmExtended bass acoustic resistance pipes 6 pairs of anti-slip rings included4-stranded 392..
Brand: SHOZY Model: BKse
SHOZY BKSE (Black) Special Edition 3.5mm Audio HiFi Audiophile Flat-head Earphones/EarbudsDescriptionSHOYZ BKse use OFC cableSHOZY BK (black) special edition earbud use high performance drivers which is imported from Japan.SHOZY BK special edition use minimalist open design, comfortable to wear. J..
Brand: OURART Model: QJ21 Selected Edition
OURART QJ21 Selected Edition 14.6mm Dynamic Driver MMCX HiFi Earbud with 3-in-1 Detachable CableDescriptionOURART flagship earbud, sound continues OURART earbud popular style, prominent vocal. Inspired by the prototype of supercar wheel shaft, it is ergonomic to wear. The whole hollow out design ..
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Brand: Cat Ear Model: MiMi Pro
Cat Ear MiMi Pro 32ohm 15.4mm Dynamic Driver HiFi Earbud DescriptionWhen you see a cat, you can't help calling out "MiMi", an ordinary, lovely name, and a pair of extraordinary beautiful earbuds, from then on, have been linked together.MiMi pro earbud are made of real material, long crystalline..
Brand: Smabat Model: M4 Main Module
Smabat M4 Main ModuleNOTE:it does not comes with driver module and cable Acoustic structure: 3D maze structureShell material: Aluminum alloy..
Smabat M4 Smabat M4
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Brand: Smabat Model: M4
Smabat M4 15mm Dynamic Driver 40ohm MMCX HiFi Earbud with Replaceable Driver ModuleDescription There is no reason to miss this M4 module earphoneSmabat M4, fourth generation modular HiFi earphones, more than just earbuds1.5 revolutions, just right Screw thread fixed drive module, easier..
Brand: Penon Audio Custom Model: PAC Earbud
PAC Earbud (No Cable) We customized this audiophile Earbud (no cable) . It is free of charge , how can you get it? 1.   Registered / login account 2.   Buy any of the following ISN/Penon cables/IEMs 3.   Add it to cart ISN Cable ..
Brand: SHOZY Model: Gold
SHOZY Gold Flagship HIFI Audiophile Earbud (Limited Edition)SpecificationDriver unit: φ15.4mmImpedance: 32ohm3.5mm audio plug: Using original Japan imported Oyaide TRS 3.5mm plug. 4.4mm balanced plug: Japan Bispa 4.4mm balanced gold-plated plug ,Cable entry aperture: 5mm , Shell diame..
Brand: Smabat Model: ST20 Pro
Smabat ST20 Pro 120ohm Balanced Armature + Dynamic Driver Hybrid MMCX HiFi Earbud DescriptionSmabat use the coaxial hybrid structure for the first time, 15.4mm dynamic + high frequency balanced armatureThe balanced armature unit can exert its high-frequency acoustic performance and make the s..
Smabat M Pro Smabat M Pro
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Brand: Smabat Model: M Pro
Smabat M Pro Dynamic Driver 40ohm MMCX HiFi EarbudDescription Smabat M Pro, audiophile sound qualityHuge sound field, development learning versionAdvantagesAudiophiles do it yourselfQuick assembly moduleHigh fidelity sound qualitymini version of super one linear maze tuningSmabat technolog..
Brand: Smabat Model: M3 Pro
Smabat M3 Pro Dynamic Driver 150ohm MMCX HiFi Earbud with 3 Replaceable DampersDescription Controllable damper earbudsMaster classManual HiFi tuning3D curly maze structureStrong sound quality configuration150Ω black gold driverCurly maze structureAdjustable professional sound qualityFaste..
Brand: Astrotec Model: limited Edition
Astrotec Lyra Nature Limited Edition Dynamic Driver MMCX HiFi Audiophile Earbuds EarphonesDescription Natural soundSpecial filter module technology, effectively suppress the refraction of sound waves.ComfortEar guide, comfortable wearing.6N OCC cable8 strands, 128 cores, high purity 6N OCC cab..
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Brand: HESSIAN Model: Ansata Pro
HESSIAN Ansata Pro HiFi Earbud with 8 Strands MMCX 3.5mm Audio/2.5mm Balanced Cable DescriptionHESSIAN ansata pro is a comprehensive upgraded version of several models of Ti7,ACG, ANSATA. The quality, configuration, and wearing have been strengthened. 8 strands of 360 cores comprehensive upgr..
Brand: Smabat Model: X1
Smabat X1 Dual Dynamic Driver 2pin 0.78mm HiFi Earphone with Tuning Button DescriptionThe amazing price in the universityEquipped with manual tuning controller   Treble & bass dual drive modeToggle SwitchElectronic crossover0.78mm interfaceTuning filter technologyConsumer-gra..
Brand: Smabat Model: M2Pro
Smabat M2Pro Dynamic Driver MMCX HiFi EarbudDescriptionModular Headphones-M2 Pro Smabat M2 Pro is the first modular design headphones of Smabat Technology. You can upgrade and adjust the sound quality of the headphones by replacing parts. This is a headphones specially designed for headphones e..
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