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Brand: ToneKing Model: UNICORN
TONEKING UNICORN Dynamic Driver Audiophile MMCX Detachable Cable EarbudDescriptionShell appearance High gloss gritty process, the metal cavity provides excellent sound reflection, enough hardness, effectively suppress resonance loss, and enhance high fidelity tone.Double cavity tuningOn the b..
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Brand: OURART Model: Ti7
OURART Ti7 Dynamic Driver High Fidelity MMCX Metal EarbudUpgrade cable : OURART Ti7 MMCX Upgrade CableDescriptionOURART Ti7 modeling was inspired by the sports car wheels, all-metal CNC to create a earphone dynamic and texture. Using 14.2mm titanium crystal diaphragm full aluminum speaker and Si..
Brand: MEMT Model: X3mini
MEMT X3mini High Fidelity Full Metal Earphone Earbud with MICDescriptionUsing metal composite diaphragm, aerospace metal material, to bring more extension of the treble detailsPET material is soft and elastic, ensuring mellow accent and strong bassLow frequenc..
Brand: ToneKing Model: TO300
MusicMaker TONEKING TO300 300 Ohm Audiophile Metal Flat-Head EarbudDescriptionThere are 2 cable version optional: one is Single Crystal Copper Silver-plated cable version , the other one is Oxygen free copper silver-plated cable version .300 ohm high impedance with pure voice coil winding resist..
Brand: SHOZY Model: BK (Black)
SHOZY BK (Black) 2.5mm Balanced/3.5mm Audio HiFi Audiophile Flat-head Earphones/EarbudsDescriptionUse high performance drivers which is imported from Japan.Special customized HIFI audiophile cable (8-core imported single crystal copper, a core containing 26pcs 0.06occ, small overall diameter, sho..
Brand: ToneKing Model: TP16
MusicMaker TONEKING TP16 32Ω  High Quality Flat Head Earbuds          Description  Sound features: wide soundstage, musical instruments structured, good position. Pure music is Clean and very solemn, ethereal, elegant, melodious sounds..
Brand: Paiaudio Model: PR1
Paiaudio PR1 High Fidelity Sound Quality Stereo Earphone EarbudDescriptionSensitivity 16ohm CCAW high persormance driver helps the earphones go well with all digital products like cellphones and ipads, Using the earphones on undamaged players or amps brings you the most fabulous sound...
Brand: TY Hi-Z Model: 150ohm
TY Hi-Z 150ohm HiFi EarbudSpecificationModel: HP-150Impedance: ≈150ohmCable Material: Handmade twisted wireSensitivity:115+-5 db  Frequency range: 16-23000HzHigh sound quality ,good density , transparent sound, wide soundstageSuitable crowd: Audiophiles wi..
Brand: ToneKing Model: Ting
MusicMaker Ting Full Metal Cover HiFi Flat Head Earphone  Earbuds Description Metal front cover,extra-wide soundstage Tuning: HiFi balanced direction Under the premise of low-frequency elasticity, focusing on the human voice and high-frequency extension, unique metal front cavi..
Brand: ToneKing Model: MRZ Earbud
MusicMaker Tomahawk MrZ High-Fidelity Sound Quaility  Alloy Flat Earbuds Earphones Description Appearance Material This earphone began to design from the beginning of 2014, from the metal alloy shell CNC machining, production, modification, surface oxidation treatment plating mat..
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Brand: SHOZY Model: Cygnus
SHOZY Cygnus High-Sensitivity Low Impedance Dynamic Driver HiFi Open EarbudsDescriptionSHOZY integrating design, research and development, production. Cygnus Open earbuds, is the brand concentration of various elite, spent nearly one year, the intention specializes earplugs out of the first parag..
Brand: YUIN Model: G1A
YUIN G1A 150ohm Clip-on Style Ear-Fit High Quality HIFI Earbud Earphones Description YUIN G1A earphones can leave you a deep impression once you use it to enjoy the music. G1A headphones are the improved version of G1.You will like it. Perfect design. Low distortion, high impedance,..
Brand: YUIN Model: OK3
YUIN OK3 32ohm High Fidelity Quality Professional Earbuds HIFI EarphonesDescriptionYUIN OK3 high fidelity earphones are really delicate.with fine workmanship,it can bring us special feelings on sound.It worth buying. Transparent, smooth sound. Comfortable traditional design,but it is very ..
Brand: YUIN Model: OK2
YUIN OK2 16ohm High Fidelity Quality Professional Earbuds HiFI EarphonesDescriptionYUIN OK2 high fidelity earphones are different from the traditional earphones.with the fine workmanship,it can bring us special feelings on sound.You should own it.Transparent, smooth sound.Ultra low distortion,..
Brand: YUIN Model: PK3
YUIN PK3 High Fidelity Quality Professional Earbuds EarphonesDescriptionYUIN PK3 high fidelity earphones offer smooth, natural mid and high. The deep and punchy bass can bring you in an atmosphere of sensation. The wide and realistic sound stage is remarkable as if you were listening to bigger h..
Brand: YUIN Model: PK2
YUIN PK2 16ohm High Fidelity Quality Professional Earbuds HIFI EarphonesDescriptionPK2 earphones are the low impedance version of PK1. Although not as good as PK1, PK2's sound signature is similar to PK1. You don't have to drive PK2 with an expensive head-amp. If you are looking for something wi..
Brand: YUIN Model: PK1
YUIN PK1 150ohm High Fidelity Quality Professional Earbuds HIFI EarphonesDescriptionPK1 earphones are the ultimate traditional design with top sound quality. Driving by a head-amp, or even some high output portable audio like Ipod or Iriver, this monster can give you a feeling as top grade hifi ..
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