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Brand: Penon Model: OCC849
Penon OCC849 Single Crystal Copper HiFi Audiophile IEMs CableType-4 Litz configurationDescription 6n single crystal copper cable8 strands, single strand is 49 cores, a total of 8 × 49.The plug contains 68% copperThe solder joints is silver – contained tinCarbon fiber metal splitter and CNC i..
Brand: ISN Audio Model: C8
ISN AUDIO C8 8 Strands 19 Core OCC IEM Cable Earphone Replacement CableDescriptionBrand:ISN AUDIO Model:C8 Material: OCC wire , consist of 8 strands 19 cores , 1 core is 0.08mm . Connector : 2pin 0.78mm / MMCXPlug :2.5mm balanced /4.4mm balanced / 3.5mm audio gold-plated ..
Brand: Penon Model: ASOS
Penon ASOS 8 Shares Alloy copper Silver-plated & OCC Silver-plated Mixed HiFi Audiophile IEMs Cable wth 3-in-1 Modular PlugsDescriptionPenon ASOS Audiophile IEM Cable Brand: PENONModel: ASOSMaterials: 8 strands, 25 cores all..
Brand: ISN Audio Model: CSO2
ISN AUDIO CSO2 2 Shares Copper Silver Alloy & OFC Audiophile IEM CableDescriptionCopper silver alloy + OFC IEM cable2 shares, single share is 20 cores, a total of 2 × 20Single core copper silver alloy diameter is 0.08mmSingle core oxygen free copper diameter is 0.06mmPVC skin..
Brand: Penon Model: 4 shares
Penon Impact 4 Shares OCC & 24K Gold-plated OCC Mixed HiFi Audiophile IEMs Cable wth 3-in-1 Modular PlugsDescription4 shares, 100 cores per share, 400 cores in totalOCC + white sheath + 24K gold-plated + transparent PVC Gold-plated copper + carbon fibe..
Brand: Penon Model: BASS
Penon BASS 2 Shares Copper Silver Alloy & OFC Audiophile IEM Cable Description Red and blue mixed cloth skin Copper silver alloy + oxygen free copper IEM cable2 shares, single share is 20 cores, a total of 2 × 20Single core copper silver alloy diameter is 0.08mmSingle co..
Brand: Penon Model: Vocal
Penon Vocal 4 Shares 60 Cores OCC Silver-plated Plus Gold Foil Audiophile IEM Cable Description Single crystal copper silver-plated plus gold foil wire4 strands, each strand contains 60 cores  Carbon fib..
Brand: ISN Audio Model: H8Plus
ISN Audio H8Plus 8 Strands OCC & Sliver-plated Mixed Braided HiFi Audiophile IEM Cable with 3-in-1 Modular PlugsDescription Continuously optimize knitting methods, tightness and direction. Not only have the softness like skin, still reduce the mutual interference of conductor piece effectively..
$33.50 $39.90
Brand: Penon Model: Space
Penon Space 4 Shares OFC Silver-plated HiFi Audiophile IEMs Cable with 3-in-1 Detachable PlugsDescription OFC silver-plated cableBlack nylon sheath4 shares, single share is 133 cores, a total of 532 cores.3-in-1 detachable modular plug3.5mm audio,2.5mm/4.4mm balanced gold-plated plu..
Brand: OURART Model: 4 strands
Ourart QJ21SE 4 Strands 6N Single Crystal Copper Silver-plated MMCX Earphone Cable wth 3-in-1 Detachable PlugsDescriptionCable material: 6N single crystal copper silver-platedThe number of cores: 4 shares,160 cores per shareThe cable resistance:  0.25 ohms/mThe length of the cable:  1..
Brand: Meaoes Model: 2 strands
Meaoes 2 Strands 6N Single Crystal Copper IEM Cable wth 3-in-1 Detachable PlugsDescription6N single crystal copper 2 strands, 19 core per strand, 0.1mm wire diameter per coreCable length: 1.2m Connector: 2pin 0.78mm/MMCXPlug:3.5mm audio/2.5mm balanced/4.4mm balanced 3-in-1 plug..
$34.90 $50.00
Brand: Penon Audio Custom Model: with mic
2 Strands OFC Silver-plated HiFi Earphone Cable with Mic Description2 strands ,7 cores per strandOxygen-free copper copper silver-plated cableLitz conductors are independently insulated The cable is soft and flexibleCryp – 19R℃Length is 1.25MProvide balanced signal transmission Wire diameter ..
Brand: ISN Audio Model: H2
ISN Audio H2 2 Shares 6N+ OCC & Silver-plated OCC Hybrid HiFi Earphone IEM Replacement Cable with 3 Detachable PlugsSpecificationBrand: ISN AudioModel: H2Cable material: 6N+ OCC & silver-plated OCC hybridCable Cores: 2 shares 72 cores, the wire&nbs..
Brand: ISN Audio Model: S2
ISN Audio S2 2 Shares 6N+ OCC Silver-plated HiFi Earphone IEM Replacement Cable with 3 Detachable PlugsSpecificationBrand: ISN AudioModel: S2Cable material: 6N+ OCC silver-platedCable Cores: 2 shares ,each share is 72 cores, a total of 2 x 72 The wire&nbs..
Brand: ISN Audio Model: C2
ISN Audio C2 2 Shares 6N+ OCC HiFi Earphone IEM Replacement Cable with 3 Detachable PlugsSpecificationISN C2Brand: ISN AudioModel: C2Cable material: 6N+ OCCCable Cores: 2 shares 72 cores, the wire core is 0.08 Accessory..
Brand: Penon Model: OBSIDIAN
Penon OBSIDIAN 4 Shares OCC & 18K Gold-plated OCC Mixed HiFi Audiophile IEMs Cable wth 3-in-1 Detachable PlugsDescription4 shares, 100 cores per share, 400 cores in totalOCC+18K gold-plated OCC hybrid cableGold-plated copper + carbon fiber plug accessoriesLength: 1.2mPlug: gold-plated 3-i..
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Brand: Penon Model: OS133
Penon OS133 OFC Silver-plated HiFi Audiophile IEMs CableDescription OFC silver-plated cableBlack nylon cover2 shares , single share is 133 cores , a total of 266 cores.Gold-plated copper + carbon fiber plug accessoriesMMCX connector  2Pin 0..
$39.60 $99.00
ISN Audio G4 ISN Audio G4
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Brand: ISN Audio Model: G4
ISN Audio G4 OCC Graphene Silver-plated + OCC Graphene Gold Paint Hybrid HiFi Audiophile IEM cableDescription Type-6 Litz configurationEnvironmental protection transparent PVC sheathAluminum CNC alloy&nb..
$99.50 $199.00
Brand: DUNU Model: DUW 03
DUNU DUW 03 MMCX/2Pin 0.78mm 8 Shares OCC Silver-plated HiFI Audiophile Earphone CableDescription 8 strands of Furukawa single crystal copper silver-plated wire Coaxial double-layer conductor Patented self-locking quick-change plug Independent HDPE insulation layer MMCX/2pin 0.78mm/QDC2 pin..
Brand: Penon Model: Storm
PENON Storm TOTL Flagship Gold & Silver & Copper & Palladium Mixed HiFi Audiophile Earphone Cable with 3-in-1 Detachable PlugsSpecification Gold, silver, copper, palladium mixedType-6 Litz configuration4 shares, 199 cores per share3.5mm audio/2.5mm balanced/4.4mm balanced Gold-pla..
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