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  • Stock: In Stock
  • Brand: ECCI
  • Model: YST-02
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ECCI YST-02 1BA + Dynamic Driver Hybrid 2pin 0.78mm HiFi in-ear Earphone


Custom ultra-high single balanced armature

Japanese CCAW voice coil dynamic driver

5N single crystal copper silver-plated cable

Acoustic Space Tuning Technology

PVD gold-plated border inlaid dyed natural abalone shells

Easy to push omnivorous, comfortable to wear

Starting from the heart, YST

ECCI earphones have always pursued the natural and transparent sound of sound, which is dominated by easy-to-push and long-lasting listening, and implements the theme of not getting tired of listening. Reference is aimed at matching mobile phones to portable lossless players, so that the pleasure of enjoying high-quality music can be brought to more different groups of people, this as a reason to open a new series of products Yinshite.

Auricle zone pressure adjustment, comfortable fit in the ear

Wear around the ear, with memory PU hose ear hooks, more comfortable and more stable to wear. The small cavity is in line with the shape of the human ear, and there is no pressure when wearing it for a long time.

Two-way frequency division hybrid driver, simplifying complexity, not blindly stacking materials, suitable is good

Two-way frequency division is a very common frequency division method in traditional HiFi bookshelf speakers, usually provided by large-sized speakers. Through multiple selection speakers with cooperative speaker manufacturers and then design and pairing combinations, physical frequency division and RC circuit frequency division are used to make the timbre accurate and the transition natural and loose.

Multi-tuning damping technology

Front and rear double pressure relief holes + multi-layer tube damping structure, balance the pressure in the ear, improve the overall wearing comfort.

Rich cable expandability

The cable is made of four-strand litz structure single crystal copper silver-plated, and the cross-braided wire can effectively reduce the loss and distortion of signal transmission. The custom 2pin 0.78mm interface is highly resistant to unplugging to ensure signal transmission.

Space reconstruction tuning 

Comprehensive use of sound psychology, acoustics, subjective aesthetic, the strong depth of space conditioning, strengthen the specific non-sensitive frequency, enhance the depth of sound diving, improve the sound head space, improve the degree of music information separation to obtain similar to the room listening speaker from far and near experience. 

Jewelry-grade appearance creates a light and luxurious texture

The PVD gold-plated cover is inlaid with dyed natural abalone shells, and with high-transparency resin, it has a jewelry-grade texture. The color of the natural panel is unique, making it a good-looking blind box, is a good sound and a bright accessory.

*The abalone shell has an uneven structure at the microscopic angle, and it can produce brilliant and colorful colors under different incident angles of the optical fiber, which is the real abalone shell. Panel appearance is random


Brand: ECCI


Driver: 10mm composite diaphragm + custom ultra-high balanced armature

Sensitivity: 102dB/Vrms(@1kHz)

Impedance: 30Ω ±15%(@1kHz)

Distortion: <1%(@1kHz/1mW)

Frequency response: 5Hz-40kHz

Cable material: litz single crystal copper silver-plated

Cable: 1.25m

Plug: 3.5mm

Connector: 2pin 0.78mm




Dean Thompson 15/11/2023

I own many iems, chasing my ideal (neutral bright). Of all the iems I have purchased, perhaps the best value! Lightweight, the aesthetic gives them a more classy and costly look. The litz cable alone is way ahead of anything else you'll find at this price. The sound? A fantastic midcentric set that punches way above its weight. The bass kicks authoratatively, bringing solid punch and slam without infringing on the mids. The mids are extremely clear and forward, maybe a little too forward for some but standing out nicely from anything else I have. Great macro detail, sometimes infringing a bit on micro due to the midrange being more forward. Treble is well handled, perhaps a little rolled off. It manages to avoid any splash/sibilance, while still staying detailed. All in all these remain quite musical, not veering into overly bright "critical listening" levels. These trade blows with my BQEYZ spring 2, and those were triple the price. These could compete at $150 to $250.

cqtek 14/11/2022

Starting with the low end, perhaps the strongest point of these IEMS. They possess remarkable quality and technical abilities. The mids can be a mixture of sensations. It can work very well, depending on the genre, but the excitement of the upper-mids can easily fatigue those ears sensitive to this area. I think ECCI focus more on the details than on the music itself and it has a bright imbalance, which can make it unpleasant. The high end works relatively well, as long as you are tolerant of the level of crisp sparkle exposed.

KutuzovGambit 10/05/2022

The YST-02 turns out to be that rarest of creations: a budget-tier midcentric IEM, hewing fairly close to an audiophile-neutral signature. Rather than pumping up the low end for some head-rattling bass or employing a sawtooth-boosted treble region to create an artificial sense of excitement and detail, as so many budget-tier offerings do, the YST-02 opts instead for a quiet and restrained presentation. Although some of those accustomed to more flashy or colored tunings may find the YST-02 a bit flat or lacking in dynamics, others will doubtless appreciate the deftness with which the YST-02 gets out of its own way and simply introduces us to the music, stepping back from the recording in a retiring and self-effacing fashion.

Dsnuts 23/03/2022

The sound signature of the YST-02 has a harmon balancing but infused with a bit of coloring to make them highlight detail for treble and upper mids with good bass impact and rumble. The bulk of the YST-02 sound comes from the composite dynamic. The sound from the lowest hitting bass notes to the low-mid trebles is mostly done by the dynamic driver and the BA is basically a tweeter to handle the ultra highs. This configuration means you're getting the benefit of dynamic timbre and sound characteristics of the composite diaphragm and the BA is there to throw a bit of air and shimmer to the treble up top.

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Tags: 2driverS , 1DD , 1BA , hybrid , 2pin

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