F.Audio S1

F.Audio S1 - S1

F.Audio S1 HiFi Lossless DSD256 Music Player With Vehicle Bluetooth 4.0 Amp


  • Support up to 32bit PCM, DSD 256 bit decoding;
  • OLED display, high brightness display;
  • Support Bluetooth 4.0 music play;
  • Amp mode, enhance the sound quality of phone , using ADC code and then output by the DAC, at last amplify by headphone amplification;
  • With I2C 138mW (TPA6130), compatible with high-impedance earbuds;
  • Built-in Philips audio code, high fidelity sound restoring;
  • Vehicle mode, after the vehicle open, the car starts automatically play music; after turn off, it automatically shut down;
  • Bluetooth, play light can be turned off;
  • 35 hours + continuous play, (16bit, 44.1K standard CD lossless off screen test)
  • Full hard decoding way, flying core experience, high-fidelity restore sound quality, full of bile;
  • Support custom sound, random, cycle mode, automatic shutdown and so on.
  • Suitable earphones within 64 ohm
  • Support USB direct connection;
  • CNC metal shell, no screws design; the front is acrylic lens

*It is recommended that use above 80MB / S C10 high-speed card; the new card can be formatted on this machine and then use;

  • Support 256GB in theory, measured (in fact) Samsung 128GB, SanDisk 200GB;
  • It is recommended to format the memory card before copying music, especially the memory capacity which more than 64GB
  • Customized BAK 1300ma batteries, the material is not careless; metal CNC technology; the front and back are acrylic lenses; metal headphone holder; only for good quality and sound;


  • Size: about 80 * 50 * 15mm (W * H * D)
    Weight: about 20g
    Screen: 0.91 inch OLED screen, resolution 128 * 64
  • Headphone jack: support 3.5mm plug headphone
  • AMP Interface: Support 3.5mm Line in input audio source amplified ,which by the headphone port output
  • USB / charging interface: can charge / data transfer
    Suitable headphone impedance: 16Ω ~ 120Ω (flat-head 300Ω)
  • Audio formats: DSD: DSD64, DSD128, DSD256 (DSF, DFF);WAV: 192kHz / 24bit; FLAC: 192kHz / 24bit;
    APE: 96kHz / 24bit;
    ALAC: 192kHz / 24bit;m4a: 192kHz / 24bit;WMA, AAC, MP3, OGG
    Operating temperature: -5 to 40

Detailed formats support:

  • Support MP1MP2MP3WMAWAVAPEFLAAACM4AOGG3GP,ALAC,DSF,DFF and so on formats audio play
  • Here are the detailed support specifications of four lossless compression formats:
    Sampling frequency: 8KHZ ~ 192KHZ
    APE: C1000 (Fast), C2000 (Normal), C3000 (High), C4000 (ExtraHigh), C5000 (Insane)
    Bit depth: (16BIT, 24BIT) 
  • Sampling frequency: 8KHZ ~ 96KHZ
  • Maximum bit rate: max 9.6Mbps
  • FLAC: (Level0, Level1, Level2, Level3, Level4, Level5, Level5, Level6, Level7, Level8)
  • Bit Depth: (16BIT, 24BIT)
    Sampling frequency: 8KHZ ~ 192KHZ
  • Maximum bit rate: max 9.6Mbps
  • ALAC: Support bit (16BIT, 24BIT) Sampling rate: 8KHZ ~ 192KHZ Maximum bit rate: max 9.6Mbps
  • DSF / DFF: Support DSD64, DSD128, DSD256

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