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Out Of Stock FIIO BTR5 - BTR5

FIIO BTR5 Bluetooth 5.0 LDAC Lossless 2.5mm Balanced Potable Headphone Amplifier


Change your experience, starting from the connection

Your Bluetooth device can be transformed into a part of a Hi-Res wireless setup by simply connecting it to be the BTR5. With the help of the BTR5’s Bluetooth version 5.0 supporting high-resolution formats such as AAC/SBC/aptX/aptX low latency/aptX HD/LDAC up to 96kHz, you can get a totally portable yet excellent sounding setup with your current device!

Audiophile-approved performance flagship Bluetooth chip CRS8675

The Qualcomm CSR8675 is a low-power Bluetooth chip with enhanced audio capabilities, such as supporting 24Bit audio processing and possessing a 120mHz DSP, allowing it to powerfully handle various Bluetooth decoding functions with ease. Whether you are watching videos, playing games, or listening to music, thanks to this Bluetooth chip you can enjoy remarkable sound quality.

Handling it all with ease FPGA precision clock management

An FPGA, often used in high-end music players, is not only responsible for the transmission and reception of Bluetooth and USB digital audio signals, but also for clock management. In the BTR5, after the Bluetooth signal is processed the FPGA greatly reduces jitter and improves signal stability, completely solving the problem of different clock rates that exist between the different parts of the audio architecture.

*Tests have down that Bluetooth music playback quality under LDAC is as good as local playback on a high-end audio player.

Independent dual crystal oscillators for accurate audio reproduction

With the addition of a dedicates FPGA, the 45.1584/49.152mHz dual crystal oscillators during Bluetooth and USB decoding can more accurately reproduce audio signals under various sampling rates, giving the BTR5 exceptional audio fidelity among Bluetooth amplifiers.

One is not enough? Try adding another on, DAC utilized to its full potential

With its precise clock management system and being set to synchronous mode, we fully unleash the potential of the ESS SABRE ES9218P for extremely detailed reproduction of sound. The multi-level analog gain and digital volume are combined into a singular dual-volume adjustment design, allowing you to more precisely adjust the volume while fully preserving the dynamic range in your music. Under balanced output with 2 DACs working in conjunction, the BTR5 is capable of 220mW output at 32ohm and 7.6Vpp at 300ohm.

Fully equipped to tackle USB decoding with generous power worthy of a flagship

In addition to its considerable lossless Bluetooth format support, the BTR5 is also quite the capable unit when it comes to USB decoding. Utilizing an independent XMOS XUF208 control chip, the BTR5 is capable of asynchronous audio decoding under USB audio class 2.0. And when connected as a USB DAC through its USB Type-C connector, the BTR5 can decode up to 384kHz sampling rate and native DSD.

*USB DAC functionality supports 2 modes, driverless and high performance(the letter requires you to download and install drivers from the official website).

Balance befitting of a flagship

For greater power and detailed resolution, the BTR5 features both balanced and single-ended outputs. In its truly balanced audio architecture, each channel is driven separately from the other with its own DAC and amplifier, allowing the BTR5 to bring you a purer sound with unmatched finesse and balance.

*In order to ensure the BTR5 operates normally, when both 3.5mm and 2.5mm outputs are inserted into, only the 3.5mm port will output sound.

Displaying its beauty for all smartphone-based OLED technology

The one display that shows all-a major feature of the BTR5 is the crisp 0.49 inch 64x32 resolution OLED screen which displays pairing/connection/call status/power status/encoding format/volume. And with the display, you can call up a menu that allows you to visually view and adjust the charging status, enable car mode, change filters and EQ, etc.

Silky smooth surface

With an suitably sleek aluminum alloy body like those of the latest smartphones, and curved glass on both the front and rear with an oleophobic layer for a silky smooth touch while prevent fingerprint buildup, the BTR5 is a visual gem that smartly complements your sense of style.

Keeps you going to all day

With a built-in 550mAh battery, the BTR5 only takes 1.5 hours to fully charge but lasts for a length 9 hours!

*3.5mm output, using AAC codec

High-fidelity calls to more clearly hear “Hi”, 2 microphones with cVc 8.0 noise cancellation

While the BTR5 has a built-in omnidirectional high-sensitivity microphone, you can use an external microphone in a 3.5mm CTIA headset. When you plug such a headset in, the BTR5 will automatically recognize you want to use that headphone and seamlessly switch microphones accordingly. And when using either set of microphones, you can benefit from cVc 8.0 noise cancellation technology, which intelligently adjusts microphone gain and effectively suppresses background noise for crystal clear calls.

*When using OMTP headphones, audio output is guaranteed to work but the microphone and in-line controls may not work properly.

It’s spunky, but it remembers for you too

When you connect the BTR5 to your phone, the phone’s volume and the BTR5’s volume can be adjusted separately, allowing you to better fine-tune the volume to your needs. The BTR5 also remembers your desired volume, so you don’t have to adjust the volume to where you want it every time you use the device.

*When paired with an IOS device, you can view remaining battery in the widget.

Your thoughtful intelligent companion

When you insert your headphones into the BTR5, it can detect what type you are using and automatically adjust the output accordingly. When you unplug your headphones, it automatically pauses and goes into low power consumption mode to save battery life. And when you plug in headphones with CTIA controls, you can use the microphone as well as the play/pause, volume, and track selection controls.

Just connect whenever

The BTR5’s built-in NFC allows you to simply connect to other compatible devices with a single tap, allowing you to avoid the clumsy process of manually pairing.

One button handles it all

The multi-function button does exactly as its name suggests-use it for: pairing/play/pause/accept call/hang up/cancel/force pair/open voice assistant. After disconnecting via Bluetooth from another device, simply press the multi-function button briefly to re-pair with the other device. When paired to a phone, simply double-click the multi-function to wake up your voice assistant.

Your own personal music DJ

Download the FiiO Music app to remotely control the BTR5’s channel balance, switch between the four different DAC low pass filters, or adjust the 10-band equalizer.

*the equalizer does not work for the LDAC codec.

Wear it with style

Included with the BTR5 is a case that not only provides 360°of all-around protection, but also has a detachable back clip that allows you to wear it either vertically or horizontally. And if you prefer to tuck the BTR5 away in your pocket or satchel, it is compatible with external microphones and remote controls so you can continue to use all of the BTR5’s functionality without hassle.

Use it everywhere

Connect to your wired headphones

*Instantly improve the sound coming from your smartphone

Decodes your computer’s audio

*Let the professional XMOS solution handle it

Connect to your car’s AUX in

*Listen to high-quality lossless music from your phone in your car

Connect to your desktop setup

*Get more enjoyable high-quality music with your setup

Receive your TV’s audio

*Creating your own private concert hall


Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 5.0

Volume adjustment: independent adjustment separating from cellphone’s volume

Support audio formats: SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX low latency, aptX HD, LDAC

Bluetooth: CRS8675

DAC chip: ES9218P*2

USB DAC: Xmos XUF208

Dedicated pairing/play button: Yes

Independent volume button: Yes

Transmission: 10m

Display screen: Yes

Displayed contents

1. Display the Bluetooth format, battery, volume, charge status, call alert, sample are rate(USB DAC)

2. Menu settings: filter, EQ, brightness, charge switch, gain in-vehicle mode, USB driver free mode

Gain setting: H/L

Volume setting

Bluetooth: 32 steps

USB DAC: 60 steps

Output power

3.5mm output≥80mW+80mW

2.5mm balanced output ≥240mW+2440mW(32Ω)


3.5mm output: -118dB

2.5mm balanced output: -122dB(A-weighted)

Background Noise

3.5mm output: ≤2μV(A-weighted)

2.5mm balanced output: ≤2.2μV(A-weighted)


3.5mm output: ≤0.004%

2.5mm balanced output: ≤0.002%(LDAC 1kHz/32Ω)


3.5mm output: 79dB

2.5mm balanced output: 117dB(1kHz/32Ω)

Hands-free call/Mic: supported

Call up Siri in iOS: supported

In-line remote control: CTIA support

NFC: supported

Headphone output: 3.5mmPO + 2.5mm balanced

USB port: type C/charge

Battery capacity: 550mAh

Battery life

3.5mm headphone output about 9 hours

2.5mm balanced output about 7 hours(AAC)

Charging time: 1.5 hours

Dimensions: 72x32x11.1mm

Weight: 43.7g



USB cable

Back clip

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