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FiiO  X3 2nd gen Native DSD Decoding 192kHz/24bit HiFi Music Player


  • Dual crystal oscillators
  • Native DSD decoding
  • All new X3:Giving its peers the jitters

All-new digital audio architecture

  • JZ4760B+SA2000+CS4398,natively supporting DSD, decoding SACD ISOs directly, also supporting lossless formats WAV, FLAC,APE,WMA,ALAC,AIFF etc.

Dual crystal oscillators

  • Dual crystal oscillators dedicated to multiples of 44.1 and 48KHZ respectively, 
  • ensuring lowest jitter and highest precision for playback of music at all sample rates and eliminating all conversion artifacts.
  • Audiophile-grade architecture and components
  • Utilizing Cirrus Logistics’ top-flight CS4398 DAC coupled with our painstakingly tuned low-pass filter, 
  • the X3 realizes extremely low noise and phase distortion; also utilizing premium tantalum capacitors in the analog circuit for minimum internal resistance for the best uncolored sound.

Further improved USB DAC+ function

  • Supporting up to 192KHZ/24BIT audio as well as DSD playback
  • +ASIP driver installation required for windows computers(plug-and-plug on Macs) via DSD plugin on windows computers.
  • Supporting CTIA standard inline remotes on earphones (Apple, Samsung etc.)
  • 10-band EQ, and user-defined playlist(.m3u/m3u8)

All-new power management features

  • Supporting hibernation mode (Power consumption < 5mA) for instant-on Playback; 
  • coulomb meter integrated in battery for accurate battery % reading. 
  • Power button flush with chassis avoids accidental activation while remaining easy to Press; 
  • volume + button includes tactile marker for easy operation even in your pocket.

Better build quality than ever

  • With all-metal chassis and high reflectance fine-grain faceplate bringing fit and finish to another level. 
  • Unique titanium color bringing fresh appearance to a FiiO product.

All new UI(User Interface) design

  • With classic scroll wheel operation; six unique UI themes to choose from.

Complete set of ports

  • Standard 3.5 headphone out and composite coaxial/line out port for connection to external amps/DACs etc. 
  • standard micro USB2.0 port for charging and data transfer, and for docking to future FiiO equipment.

Micro SD card slot

  • Supporting the largest current card (currently 128GB)
  • Approx. 3200 lossless songs of various formats (44.0KHZ/16BIT, 4min, 40MB)

Full set of accessories available

  • Match leather case/cover. Clear protective case, stacking kit for external amps/DACs, line out cable, etc.

Appearance and connectors displaying

  • Screen: 2. 0 "screen, 320 x 240 pixels
  • Shell material: Aluminum alloy
  • Power: Micro USB2.0 charging port: Micro USB2.0
  • External power: computer USB port, USB charger or mobile power bank
  • Storage: Micro SD cards slot Supporting up to 128GB (largest current cards)
  • Headphone port: Standard 3.5 mm headphone port
  • Line out/Digital out(coaxial): Standard 3.5 mm port(shared line out/S/PDIF/ coaxial out)
  • Status indicators: Status LED—Working: blue, charging: red, fully charge: green.
  • Display screen shows detailed battery info and low battery warning.
  • Supported formats
  • DSD: DSD64/128(.ios&.dsf&.dff)
  • APE: up to 192 kHz/24bit (fast)
  • up to 96kHz/24bit(normal /high)
  • Extra High and Insane compression not supported.
  • FLAC: up to 192 kHz/24bit for all compression Levels.
  • ALAC: up to 192 kHz/24bit
  • WAV: up to 192 kHz/24bit
  • AIFF: up to 192 kHz/24bit
  • WMA: up to 96 kHz/24bit
  • AAC: Supporting AAC as used in Apple’s iTunes, IPhone, iPad, iPod, etc.
  • OGG: Supported
  • MP3: Supported
  • MP2: Supported

Main features

  • Firmware upgrades: via Micro SD card (formatted in FAT32 via the X3)
  • Data transfer: Micro USD2.0 High Speed
  • Song playback: Supporting browsing and playback via folders, all songs, albums, artists, Genres, favorites and Playlists.
  • Play mode: Sequential/shuffle/loop single/loop all
  • Resume after power off: can resume from last song or last position before power off.
  • Library management: supports adding and managing favorites, playlists om-player; 
  •  Supports deleting favorites, playlists, songs and folders on player; support batch deletion
  • Hibernation: Player can automatically enter hibernation for instant wakeup/ playback with minimal battery drain
  • Screen saver: Custom defined screen timeout time
  • CUE sheets supported: Support splitting songs by CUE sheet and skipping through tracks within CUE sheets
  • Themes: 6 different built-in themes
  • Playback display: supporting embedded/external/folder-based album art, lyrics and ID3 display
  • Volume control: 120 steps digital potentiometer
  • Output protection: Power supply safety control over analog circuit
  • Output selection: Headphone out and line out
  • Gain setting: Switchable between high and low gain
  • Equalizer: 10 band equalizer (±6dB)
  • Hearing protection: Customizable max volume setting to protect hearing
  • Balance: Max bias 5dB increments
  • On/off transients: Output relay prevents on/off transients
  • Headphone detection: Playback pauses on headphone disconnection
  • Internal battery: 2600mAh 3.7V Li-polymer
  • Charging current: 450mA via computer USB port (charging time approx. 8h)
  • 1.3A via 2A USB charger (charging time approx. 3h)
  • Playback time: >11(32Ω; normal volume with display off)
  • Chips used: SoC: JZ4760B, DAC: CS4398, LPF: OPA1642, OP: OPA1642+LMH6643


General Specifications

  • Model : X3 2nd gen
  • Headphone Port: Standard 3.5mm Headphone Port 
  • Drive Ability: 16-150Ω
  • Volume Control: 120 steps digital potentiometer
  • Equalizer: 10-band equalizer (±6dB)
  • Display Screen : 2.0" TFT screen, 320x240 pixels 
  • Line Out: Standard 3.5mm Port (Shared line out / S /PDIF coaxial out)  
  • Bass:N/A
  • Treble: N/A
  • Digital Out (Coaxial): Standard 3.5mm Port (Shared line out / S/PDIF coaxial out)
  • Balance: 5dB
  • USB DAC: Supporting up to 24bit/192kHz and DSD (driver installation required)
  • Gain:2.6dB(GAIN=L)8.6dB(GAIN=H)
  • Dimensions: 96.7 mm×57.7 mm×16.1 mm
  • Weight:135g  

Partial Performance Parameters for Line Output

  • THD+N: <0.001% (1kHz) 
  • SNR:≥114 dB (A-weight)
  • Frequency Response:20Hz-20kHz
  • Dynamic Range:>110dB
  • Crosstalk:>102dB (10KΩ/1kHz)  
  • Line Output Level:1.45 Vrms (10KΩ/1kHz)

Partial Performance Parameters for Headphone Output

  • Output Power 1:>224mW (16Ω/THD+N<1%) 
  • Output Power 2:>200mW (32Ω/THD+N<1%)
  • Output Power 3:>24mW (300Ω/THD+N<1%)
  • Output Impedance:<0.2Ω(32Ω)
  • Crosstalk:>74dB (1kHz)
  • THD+N:<0.001% (1kHz)
  • Frequency Response:20Hz-20kHz
  • MAX Output Voltage:>7.2 Vp-p
  • SNR :≥113dB (A-weighted)  
  • MAX Output Current:>75 mA (For reference)

Power and Battery

  • Power:DC5V 2A recommended
  • Battery Capacity:2600 mAh
  • Charge Display:Red light indicates , green light turns on after fully charged
  • Battery Life:>11h (32Ω; normal volume with display off )
  • Battery Display:Yes (Accurate battery % readings)) 
  • Charging Time  <3h (DC5V 2A)

Audio Formats Supported


  • DSD: DSD64, DSD128 (.iso&.dsf & .dff);
  • APE(Fast): 192kHz/24bit;
  • APE(Normal): 96kHz/24bit;
  • APE (High): 96kHz/24bit;
  • FLAC: 192kHz/24bit;
  • AIFF: 192kHz/24bit;
  • WAV: 192kHz/64bit;
  • WMA Lossless: 96kHz/24bit;
  • Apple Lossless: 192kHz/24bit;
  • Lossy compression: MP2、MP3、AAC、ALAC、WMA、OGG…


  • FiiO X3 2nd gen music player
  • 1m high-current Micro USB catalog/charging cable
  • 3.5mm coaxial S/PDIF adapter
  • Black silicone case
  • 2pcs protective film(with one already attached onscreen when leaving factory)
  • 3 sets  bodywork sticker(USA flag, wood grain, carbon fibre)
  • Quick reference sheet, quick start guide

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