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Geekfly GF8

Geekfly GF8
Geekfly GF8
Geekfly GF8
Geekfly GF8
Geekfly GF8
Geekfly GF8
Geekfly GF8
Out Of Stock
Geekfly GF8
Geekfly GF8
Geekfly GF8
Geekfly GF8
Geekfly GF8
Geekfly GF8
Geekfly GF8
Geekfly GF8
  • Stock: Out Of Stock
  • Brand: GEEKFLY
  • Model: GF8
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GEEKFLY GF8 Bluetooth 5.0 TWS Balanced Armature + 2 Piezoelectric Ceramics + Dynamic Driver Hybrid HiFi In-Ear Earphones


Balanced armature + piezoelectric ceramics + dynamic, 3 drivers hybrid results in higher sound quality

Three switchable physical patented tuning technologies

The world's first 8 drivers TWS earphone

Touch operate

4 drivers per side

Bluetooth V5.0

IPX5 waterproof

3 kinds of sound mode

Exquisite workmanship, quality assurance

High performance large particle ceramic antenna with excellent radio signal isolation space design makes signal more stable. Add smart processor to make earphone operation faster and more sensitive.5 micron turmeric PCBA, separate audio cable, cleaner sound quality, more details.

Wearing stable and comfortable, fashion in sports

Up to a year of design and improvement, the shape and structure of the earphones accord with ergonomic, wearing more stable and comfortable.

Compared with other TWS earphones, the bulk decreased by 20% and the battery capacity increased by 20%.The capacity of the same bulk battery case is increased by 30%.

Black technology brand, speak with technology

Original ecological EQ, pure hardware technology, adopts self-developed MEAOES (multiple audio experiences) technology (3 invention patents and 4 utility model patents), and utilizes the working state of the driver, multi-line frequency division, combination of various types of drivers and other hardware designs to achieve a variety of sound effects.

Balanced armature

Composite diaphragm driver, composite diaphragm design, responsible for the middle and high frequency, there is a rounded middle frequency and high resolution high frequency, high frequency earphone details rich, round and listenable, vocal exquisite.

Dynamic driver

The titanium diaphragm dynamic on the composite dome is responsible for low frequency, deep diving, strong elasticity, high resolution, strong sense of music layers and good low frequency atmosphere.

Piezoelectric ceramic driver

Composite dual piezoelectric ceramic driver, 10 layers diaphragm high capacitance design, responsible for ultra-high frequency, can extend to 40kHz frequency response range, enhance the sound field of the earphones, enhance music background details, three-frequency is more balanced

Dynamic + Piezoelectric ceramic mode

Piezoelectric ceramic driver (ultra-high frequency) + dynamic driver (full frequency)

big Transverse sound field , high sound density , warm, strong heavy bass, high frequency background rich details , voice is warm and thick, low frequency is better flexibility, deep diving, have excellent performance on heavy bass, rock, DJ, pop jazz and other song styles.

BA + Dynamic mode

Balanced armature (medium and high frequency) + dynamic driver (low frequency)

clean sound background , high resolution, good sound density , listenable and comfortable, high frequency cohesion is good, vocal is exquisite, low frequency flexibility is good, diving deep, Have excellent performance on ACG, pop, jazz, rock, vocal, DJ and other song styles.

Hybrid mode

Piezoelectric ceramic driver (ultra-high frequency) + balanced armature (high frequency) + dynamic driver(low frequency)

large and wide sound field , rich details, high resolution , good permeability, instrument extension is good details, vocal is clear and bright, low frequency diving deep and elastic. Suitable music style widely. Have excellent performance on ACG, pop, jazz, rock, vocal, DJ and other song styles.

Function operation instruction

Power on: open the charging case cover

Reset pair: touch left and right earphones for 10 seconds until the blue light flashes

Voice assistant: touch the right earphones 3 times

Pause playback: touch the right earphones twice

Previous song: touch the left earphone 3 times

Next song: touch the left earphone twice

Switch sound mode: touch left and right earphones at the same time for more than 5 seconds

Power off: put the earphone into the charging case and close the charging cover

3 sound modes switch light prompt, three modes can be used repeatedly. Please use the left and right earphones in the same mode.

1) Turn on the default balanced armature + dynamic mode (red light flashes for 10 seconds quickly)

2) Hybrid mode (red light lasts for 10 seconds)

3) Dynamic + piezoelectric ceramics mode (red light flashes slowly for 10 seconds)



Bluetooth connect name: GEEKFLY GF8

Bluetooth version: 5.0

Charging port: TYPE-C

Power input: DC/5V

Earphone battery capacity: 3.7V/65mAh

Call/play time: about 4 hours

Charging compartment battery capacity:3.7V/580mAh

Supporting agreement:HSP1.2/HEP1.7/A2DP1.3/AVRCP1.6/SPP1.2/PBAP1.0

Sensitivity: 104dB

Frequency response:20-40khz

Impedance: 10ohm



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