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GLA HU208 USB to SPDIF Converter

GLA HU208 USB to SPDIF Converter
GLA HU208 USB to SPDIF Converter
GLA HU208 USB to SPDIF Converter
GLA HU208 USB to SPDIF Converter
GLA HU208 USB to SPDIF Converter
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  • Brand: GLA
  • Model: HU208
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16 bit/48KHz

This product is perfect for desktop and notebook coaxial optical output increases, adding a bridge for your computer to achieve HI-FI trip, the small size of the product, without changes to the computer, connect the USB cable into the back can be hidden, choose to make an optical or coaxial output

And the board computers can sound perfectly conveyed to HI-FI high-grade decoder and amplifier for high-quality playback of AVR, so that the computer voice immediately upgrade, the effect is entirely executed on your decoder, so that the computer has become a high-quality audio

  • 1. Fit laptops, desktops increase fiber and coaxial output
  • 2. Perfect support delivery of high-quality WAV, APE, FLAC, MP3 and other audio
  • 3. More support for multi-channel delivery of DTS in the movies, Dolby AC-3 audio, so you have the feeling of proximity to the King
  • 4. The use of high-speed fiber optic transmission terminals and gold-plated coaxial output jack, sync output fiber coax for your choosing.
  • 5. Use low-jitter clock oscillator
  • 6. Plug and play, no external power supply
  • 7. Selection of high quality components, to achieve the level of audiophile.
  • 8. Make your full advantage of high-grade equipment, sound no longer stumbling
  • 9. Coaxial with standard 0.5 Vp-p / 75 ohm output, optical output -19dBm
  • Note: The use of optical fiber output, can between the computer and the decoder or amplifier is completely isolated, reject interference, leakage, so the sound is more pure

24 bit/192KHz

Polyols audiophile weapon of choice for the grand launch of the computer USB asynchronous transfer coaxial fiber optic products, using the CM6631 programs to support 192K / 96K / 48K / 44.1K asynchronous conversion output, using rational design, multiple sets of independent power supply, low-jitter clock circuit active , output is buffered, shaped, and the use of a pulse transformer isolation, the product easy compact, give you a new feeling of wood ear, another new understanding of your next computer to do the same source is also could be HIFI class.

  • 1. Using asynchronous output, SPDIF output up to 192K / 24BIT, I2S supports up to 192K / 32BIT
  • 2. The use of three active crystal 6ps of jitter as the clock source, to ensure the stability and very low clock jitter, can accurately restore the sound
  • 3. The use of an independent regulator power levels, including a group dedicated to active clock power
  • 4. Decoupling capacitor with a higher-priced, high-quality X5R and X7R capacitors small capacitor combination
  • 5. Does not require an external power supply, and the use of two 105 degree dedicated to computer power electrolytic capacitors
  • 6. Output using high-speed IC shaping buffer, using a dedicated coaxial output isolation transformer
  • 7. Provide the latest drivers, support for XP / XP-64 / VISTA / VISTA-64WIN7 / WIN7-64
  • 8. Support ASIO mode, support for ASIO drivers
  • 9. Firmware Asus and Asus may also be driven before shipping instructions, the default is the official firmware asynchronous
  • 10. Supports DTS / AC3 source output, more suitable high-quality music playback, including the master disc can also be plugged up perfect output


16 bit/48KHz

  • Sampling speed: 16 bit/48KHz
  • Support PCM: AC3 and DTS signal 
  • Digital Output: Coaxial and Optical 
  • Coaxial output: 0.5 Vp-p/75 ohm
  • Optical output:  -19dBm
  • Supported formats: WAV, APE, FLAC, MP3, etc.

24 bit/192KHz

  • SPDIF support: 192K/24BIT
  • I2S support: 192K/32BIT
  • Capacitance: X5R+ X7R
  • Drive support: XP/XP-64/VISTA/VISTA-64WIN7/WIN7-64
  • Support PCM: AC3 and DTS signal


  • GLA HU208 Converter
  • USB Cable

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