HESSIAN TWS7 Micro-Dynamic Driver True Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 APTX HIFI Audiophile In-Ear Earphone


Bluetooth 5.0, compatible with multiple systems

Bluetooth 5.0 technology, fast connection, stable transmission, smooth experience and not easy to freeze. Whether it is an outdoor station, a living room at home, or a lazy cafe, enjoy the free melody.

Compared with Bluetooth 4.2, the transmission speed is increased by 200%, and the transmission data capacity is increased by 800%.

Powerful power reserve

The earphones battery capacity is 45mAh, and the charging box battery capacity is 400mAh.

You can listen continuously for 3 hours even when you turn on the maximum volume, and the charging box can charge the earphones 4 times.

Professional sound adjustment

The sound film combination of different thickness composite diaphragm and copper-clad aluminum voice coil, N52 strong neodymium magnetic circuit structure micro-dynamic full-frequency unit

Professional adjustment of standard frequency response curve

Custom EQ adapts to multiple music styles

Fully simulated

Big dynamic

Big soud field

Three-frequency balanced

Sound full styles

Tips for using earphones

TWS7 tuning adopts full-information mode and tuned to linear EQ (similar to monitoring style). The following operations need to be combined to adapt the EQ effect.

After the earphones are successfully connected, double-click the right earphone 4 times to adjust the earphone volume to the maximum. At the same time, adjust the volume of the phone to a size suitable for your listening.

Find the EQ selection custom of the music software, refer to the following: It is recommended to adjust the 10-band EQ to get a better listening effect.

Open the case and paired in seconds, single and double mode all-around

After the initial pairing, it will automatically pair every time you open the cover. You can easily operate with one hand, and you can talk and play in both single and dual modes.

Comfortable and stable to wear

Ergonomic in-ear design, skin-friendly and veneer, creating a comfortable wearing experience. With the special gray sports silicone, even if the intense movement, it also can be as stable as Mount Tai, not loose.

Compatible with 99.9% of Bluetooth devices on the market, strong compatibility

AAC/SBC dual audio decoding is compatible with Android/Apple system, compatible with 99.9% of Bluetooth devices on the market.


Model: TWS7

Bluetooth version: V5.0

Bluetooth chip: BK

Driver: 6mm composite

Impedance: 32Ω±3%

Frequency range: 2.4000-2.4835GHz

Frequency response: 20-20kHz

THD: <1%@1kHz

Power rated: <10mW

Earphones battery: 45mAh x2, 3.7V

Charging box battery: 400mAh, 3.7V

Rated charging voltage: 5V

Max working distance: 10m(no obstacles )

Earphones working time: >3 hours(not include charging box

Earphones charging time: about 1.5hours

Charging box charging time: about 2.5hours

Charging earphones through charging box: 4 times

Standby time: about 200 hours

Waterproof: IPX4(earphones)

Size: 72*36*29mm


We recommend that the battery be fully charged before first use. Put the earphones into the charging box to charge. The full charge cycle of the earphones is approximately 1.5 hours. When charging, the white LED light of the charging box flashes, and the LED light will go out after fully charged. Insert the micro USB end of the charging cable into the micro USB port of the charging box. The full charging cycle of the charging box is about 2.5 hours. When charging, the white LED light of the charging box will flash, and the LED light will light up when fully charged.

Operation guide

Power on

Mode 1: Turn on charging and the earphones will automatically turn on.

Mode 2: Take out the earphones from the charging box and press the L and R buttons for 3 seconds.

Turn off earphones

Mode 1: Put the earphones into the charging box and cover it, the earphones will automatically turn off (the charging box need to have power)

Mode 2: When the earphones are not in the charging box, press the L and R earphones for 3 seconds

Mode 3: When the left and right earphones are paired for more than 5 minutes, the earphones will automatically shut down

Mode 4: 5 minutes after the earphones is disconnected from the device, the earphones will automatically shut down

Bluetooth connection

1. Turn on the Bluetooth function on your device and start setting

2. The screen will display search for new devices

3. The distance between the two devices should not exceed 3 meters

4. Turn on the charging box, the earphones will automatically turn on, and pairing will begin at this time. When the earphones "connected" prompts the sound, the earphones indicator will start to alternate between red and blue lights.

5. After the system detects the new device, select the icon displayed as HESSIAN TWS7-L or HESSIAN TWS7-R in the dialog box, and follow the prompts to select allow. After the connection is successful, “Your device is connected” prompt will appear.

6. In the second time to use, the earphones will automatically connect to the used equipment.


Volume adjustment: Double-click left/right to decrease/increase the volume

Play/pause: Single-Click the earphone button

Previous/Next song: Long press 1.5S left/right earphone

Answer/hang up a call: Double-click the earphone button

Refused to answer: Long press the earphone button for 2s

Manually enter the pairing mode: Long press the earphone button for 6s

Activate the voice assistant: Triple-click the earphone button

Earphone LED indicator

Mode 1: Power on, LED blue light will be on for 2 seconds

Mode 2: Turn off the power, and the red LED will light up once

Mode 3: Pairing mode, LED red and blue lights flash alternately

Mode 4: Connection mode, LED blue light flashes slowly

Mode 5: Reset mode, LED blue light flashes 3 times, red light is always on 1 time

Charging box battery indicator

Mode 1: The earphone is charging and the white LED light flashes

Mode 2: The earphone is fully charged and the LED light is off

Mode 3: The charging box is charging, and the white LED light flashes slowly

Mode 4: The charging box is fully charged and the white LED light is always on

75-100% power: LED white light flashes 4 times

50-75% power: LED white light flashes 3 times

25-50% power: LED white light flashes 2 times

Below 25% power: LED white light is off

0% power: LED white light has no response

Earphone reset

Put the earphones into the charging box and press the button of the charging box for 6 seconds to reset the earphones. The left/right LED blue light flashes 3 times and the red light flashes 1 time.



Silicon eartips(S/M/L)

USB charging cable

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