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HIFI E.T. MA9 PCM1704 8GB Super Digital Audio AMP Portable HiFi Music Player


In order to fulfill different pursuit for acoustic effect, and just like SLR, the users can change the lens, the frame, we modularize MA9- MA9 is divided into the nose, DAC, Amp, and the three parts are completely independent, so that the users who might be longing for classical or vocal music , could make combinations freely

  • Modularization is our core design concept: DAC and amp can easily be replaced, which will be the reliable guarantee for continuous upgrading ; MA9 is openly for DAC chip from the market so that there is no need for user to worry about the incompatible replacement of DAC
  • As for Amps ,Monster have storage enough PCB space ; In order to reserve space for electrolytic capacitors, we thicken the frame of MA9 ; In the near future , the balance board will be carried out , and equipped with AN ; Especially ,all users can DIY your own style DAC and amp board
  • What kind of the audio player is the dream player for audiophile? High-voltage power supply, God-like OPA, DAC, top-level capacitance, slim & hand-able body;If a player can meet all the above needs, it will be perfect;
  • While, after R&D for a long time, Monster decided to adopt the top-level but expensive R-2R DAC PCM1704, of course, users can replace it with affordable and other DAC freely. In R-2R DAC PCM1704, Monster refers to the” NATIVE” dual power supply
  •  “Native” means that the battery is divided into two groups: one is the positive voltage, the other is a negative voltage; There is without any conversion for plus-minus voltage, which is very rare for any other the portable player; Of course ,the disadvantage for “Native battery “is with high cost
  • Advantage: the audio doesn’t need coupling capacitors, with pure DC amplifier; no conversion noise for power supply; and the supporting voltage reaches 16.8V and 8.4V
  • There are three boards inside MA9: main board, DAC and Amp; Equipped with four single 1150ma lithium batteries ; With the strong and top quality , MA9 can be the best match with all the top-level headphone all over the world


D/A/C is the PCM1704 from Burr-Brown. PCM1704 is a D / A decoder chip with 24BT 96KHZ, which is one of the best D/A decoder chip all over the world now. The digital filter is the DF1704, also from Burr-Brown; DF1704 has a superb electrical performance and is the perfect match of PCM1704 D / A converter. DF1704 can change the input data - 24BT/96KHZ to the output data - 24BT/768KHZ and then to PCM1704, this is the perfect conversion.

IV: Using the top OPA-OPA627 from Texas Instruments as IV; OPA627 is with Minimum input offset current, and OPA627 is the best match for PCM1704

LPF: Using the latest dedicated audio amplifier LME49722; LME49722 is with THD+N --0.00002% and a good conversion rate 22V/us, which can ensure excellent sound quality under low pressure;

Potentiometer: we select ALPS as Potentiometer; Compared to the domestic volume potentiometer, ALPS is with small volume, enough balance degree, long life span and a very good reputation

  • Uses built-in TI top 24bit PCM1704 DAC, can be changed from the manufacturers
  • Use the built-in 1150mAh 8.4V *2 lithium battery, can be replaced
  • Built-in amp board OPA627+ double BUF634, can be replaced
  • Built-in DAC function USB ( USB card ), it is convenient for you to connect the notebook computer and enjoy HIFI music at any time.
  • HIFI E.T MA9 contains a 3.5mm headphone output support balance / unbalance
  • 3.5mm lineout single end output
  • Built-in 8G flash, you also can be applied in 32G MicroSD to expansion
  • Uses a 2.36 inch 320*240 TFT display
  • Menu language: Chinese, English

Technical Parameters:

  • DAC chip: PCM1704
  • I/V conversion OPA: OPA627AU
  • Analog filter OPA: LME49722MA
  • Headphone preamp buffer OPA: OPA627AU
  • Headphone amplifier driver buffer: each channel 2pcs BUF634
  • Frequency response: 0Hz-25kHz
  • THD+N: 0.00275%
  • SNR: 103dB
  • Channel separation: 89dB
  • Earphone jack output level: 1.5V @ 32Ω3V @ 150Ω
  • Recommendations for earphone impedance: 16-300 e
  • Maximum output power: 60mW @ 32Ω, 50mW @ 150Ω
  • Internal memory space: 8GB
  • Battery time: 8-9 hours
  • Size: 120x64x25.5 ( mm )
  • Weight: 300g

Supported audio format: 16Bit/8KHz-48KHz

  • MP3: 8Kbps-320Kbps,CBR and VBR
  • WMA: 8Kbps-320Kbps(Except WMA Pro and WMA lossless)
  • APE: Normal and fast
  • FLAC: Normal and fast
  • OGG: Quality1-quality 10


  • HIFI E.T MA9 Music Player
  • Power supply Adapter (Independent dual 9V1A output)
  • USB Cable
  • Manual
  • Protective bag


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