HIFIMAN R2R2000 Prince WAV/FLAC/ALAC/APE USB DAC Hi-Fi Lossless Bluetooth Portable Music Player


HWA HD Bluetooth DAC+ High Resolution USB DAC

HIFIMAN R2R2000 Prince Cloud Music HD DAC: Support HWA HD Bluetooth, standard audiophile product

High Resolution USB DAC: Support up to 24bit, 384kHz USB audio format

The Sound of HWA Bluetooth Wireless Transfer Protocol Can be Comparable with Wired

HWA Bluetooth Transmission: The phone converts the music files into a file stream - near lossless compressed files stream become a Bluetooth signal - Bluetooth accepts and converts audio streams - external DAC - analog signals, the distortion as low as 0.0005%. Audio specifications support up to 24bit/96kHz.

Ordinary Bluetooth transmission: The mobile phone file is decoded into an audio stream—the lossy compressed audio stream is converted into a bluetooth signal—the Bluetooth receiver module converts the built-in DAC into an analog signal, the distortion is up to 0.017%. The Apt-x Bluetooth specification is also a similar architecture, with audio specifications increased from 16bit/48kHz to 24/48kHz.

HIFIMAN custom the digital filter FPGA chip that truly supports 768kHz sampling rate

HIFIMAN custom single-process embedded operating system, one task at once, Jitter is very low. Most of Android and Linux are multi-process operating systems that handle many tasks at the same time, causing Jitter to be very high.

The audio line is a professional Hi-Fi design, using a Chebyshev analog filter with very low distortion. Both of right and left channel have 7 op amps constitutes complex filter-buffer-amplifier circuit.

Balanced output power per channel 500mW (half watts) with large thrust headphone amplification

3.5mm headphone balanced interface, 4.4mm headphone balanced interface, dual PCM1704U-K

Compact size ,The reason is that the power consumption of the customized operating system used is low, the power consumption of the CPU and the control part is only 10mA, which is an order of magnitude lower than that of Android. More than 95% of the electricity can be used in sound quality related circuits.

35 hours play time ,In the Hi-Fi mode, playing time is about 8 hours; in the economy mode, playing time is about 35 hours

In 1A charge, the charge time is 2 hours, 100% full

Music player mode ,Supports multiple lossless formats and MP3, OGG, AAC, WMA format

Currently this player supports DSD files up to DSD64 (DFF, DSF format only)

Supports multiple lossless formats:

WAV/FLAC/ALAC/APE/AIFF(aif-f) 16bit 44.1kHz 16bit 48kHz16bit 88.2kHz16bit 96kHz16bit 176.4kHz16bit 192kHz

WAV/FLAC/ALAC/APE; 24bit 44.1kHz, 24bit 48kHz, 24bit 88.2kHz,24bit 96kHz

WAV/FLAC/ALAC: 24bit 176.4kHz, 24 bit 192kHz

DFF/DSF: 1bit 2.8MHz (DSD64)


Dimensions: length 97.4mm, width 56mm, thick 13.1mm (thin place), 18.8mm (thick place)

Weight: 142g

Life time (differences due to usage method and playing file formats):

Hi-Fi mode: 8 hours

Economy mode: 35 hours

Frequency response: 20Hz-40kHz

Distortion: 0.006%

Signal to noise ratio: 115±3dB

TF card support up to: 256GB

R2R2000 driver :Only Windows system needs to be installed the driver, and the MAC system does not need to be installed it.

This driver supports Windows XP and Windows 7-10 system.




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