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Brand: HiFiMAN Model: ANANDA
HiFiMAN ANANDA Full-Size Over Ear Planar Magnetic HiFi Audiophile Headphone DescriptionANANDA is the culmination of years of development, lightweight, ultra-fine planar drivers at their heart sing with unmatched agility and power sensitivity.High Sensitivity allows use with virtually any smartpho..
Brand: HiFiMAN Model: RE800
HIFIMAN RE800 Topology Diaphragm Dynamic Driver MMCX Detachable HIFI In-Ear Earphone Audiophile IEMsDescriptionThe Ideal Dynamic Driver  The Topology diaphragm structure used by HIFIMAN greatly reduces the uncontrolled diaphragm distortions, enabling the operational performance of dynamic ..
Brand: HiFiMAN Model: RE2000
HIFIMAN RE2000 60ohm Topology Diaphragm Dynamic Driver HIFI In-ear Earphone Audiophile IEMSDescriptionThe Topology DriverHIFIMAN’s utilization of advanced depositional technology and research makes for a driver unlike any other in the world. With the creation of Topological, Nano..
Brand: HiFiMAN Model: RE-600S
Hifiman RE-600S High Performance Audiophile HiFi Sound Quality in-ear earphones IEMs New designed 8.5mm speaker driver RE-600S done a lot of basic research on the small size speaker driver project, the ultimate success of the design and produced 8.5mm speaker. It uses NdFeB magnets, and a..
Brand: HiFiMAN Model: HE1000
HiFiMAN HE1000 Open Back Over-Ear Planar Magnetic Professional HiFi Music Headphone PS:We have bought insurance for this item, if the package is lost or damaged during the transit, logistics company will compensate. Description World’s First Diaphragm in Nanometer Thickness The diaphragm..
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Brand: HiFiMAN Model: RE300 Series
HIFIMAN RE300i High Fidelity In-ear Earphone with Mic & Remote Control for iPhone HIFIMAN RE300H High Fidelity In-ear Earphone RE300H is the cable upgarde version of RE300A . Description: In the tradition of proud HIFIMAN hi..
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Brand: HiFiMAN Model: RE-400
HiFiMAN RE-400 Warterline High Performance IEMs HiFi Grade Inner-Ear Earphones Description The RE-400 Waterline by HiFiMAN is a premium quality, high-performance In-Ear Monitor (IEM) that sets the standard for others to follow. Featuring advanced ergonomics for superb fit and premium materi..
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