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Hisoundaudio Golden Crystal IEMs HiFi Grade Earphones


  • Golden Crystal are the smallest HiFi grade dynamic style IEMs which applied the 5 mm drivers. Normal dynamic IEMs have 9-11 mm drivers which nearly 2 times bigger than Golden Crystal. Every designer knows that the tiny earphone driver has radical important benefit for the listener. For the smaller earphone chamber, the earphone will be more light and the more comfortable for wearing. But 5     mm driver is the extreme small size for the designers. For the smaller chamber is hard to get the impact bass. At current market, the 7mm dynamic driver is the limitation.
  • The core value of Golden Crystal is the humble minimized smaller size earphone has the very tight and lush bass, the bass is deep with details and layers. The bass is very different from the average quality earphones bass. The bass of Golden Crystal is vibrant, It has the cream alike density. It is very clear bass. The leisure bass is very comfortable which will not make you feel headache for extended listening.  Of course Golden Crystal is not the bass head IEMs, It has extremely balance 3 frequencies. The mids and highs are also excellent.
  • Of course the wider sound stage is full of music nuances. This feature makes the Golden Crystal became the flagship IEMs of Hisound. It’s incredible enclosing sound make the listener easy involved in the music. You will feel no earphones inside your ear only moved by the sweet music.

The introduction of Golden Crystal in details:

The most important feature of the Golden Crystal is the tiny driver, which is only 5mm diameter. It is the smallest dynamic earphones in the world.

The tiny driver can make the earphone has many advantages:

  • The most comfortable wearing feeling. Normally the driver of the in ear phone size is 9-13mm, which is 2 times larger than Golden Crystal. That means the earphone is bigger and weighter which will cause the ear cannel very uncomfortable and fatigue, this flaw distract the mood to enjoy the music.The tiny earphone is very light and almost has no the upset feeling of foreign body inside the ear cannels except the music.
  • The tiny driver has the natural advantage on the mids and highs. All of the instruments has the same character that the smaller chamber the better on mids and highs. The Crystal has very transparent mids and very extending highs. It is benefited from the tiny chamber. The mids of Crystal is extremely liquid. The music is like the milk smoothly flowing through the earphones with the sweet and warm feeling.
  • As the name implying the Golden Crystal has the sound character of crisp, clear, and with the shining of gold. Especially when playing the strings, the highs seems has no end extending, the highs combined with numerous reverberation and other details.
  • The cleaning sound signature places the music under the clearing background, which can contrast every detail of the music, for example the vocal, you can clearly hear the breaths and the throat vibration of the singer
  • The enclosure chamber of the Crystal is made up of fine aluminum alloy, which is solid to ensure you long time usage.
  • The Golden Crystal has delicious musicality. This character is the symbol for the flagship IEMs. The unique musicality highlights Hisound’s music philosophy that is the ancient Chinese philosophy of gold mean. The Golden Crystal has the neutral sound signature, the frequencies spectrum is very balanced, this character make the earphone can match most of the music genres, thus greatly offer the value for the consumers.
  • The extremely dynamic sound: the Golden Crystal has very good speed on reproduction of the music, this make the music feel very dynamic. This feature make Golden Crystal is good for both of symphony and Rock.

The zerio DB difference of the drivers:
The speaker driver is the key component of the earphone.

  • We have specially designed the driver tor the Golden Crystal, it is the hi end Hi Fi grade earphone driver, normally the pairing of the left and right earphone can allow 1-3 DB sound pressure difference. The drivers used at the Golden Crystal have been handpicked by the senior engineers. We apply the 0 DB difference pairing standard for each pair of the earphones. (tested before assembled, there are some difference of the finished products). I By this way, the sound of the left channel and right channel will have the stable and coherence sound. It can en sure the balanced sound and the accurate phases positioning.

The introduction of the top grade silver plated twisted audio cable Blast

Cable is the vital components of the earphone.Blast is the top grade cable which specially designed for the high grade earphones of Hisoundaudio. The following are the unique features:

About the sleeve of the Blast

The sleeve of the cable is made up with BASF. BASF Laser cable sleeve is very famous in the cable field, usually called PUR, It is composite material. It will be bright forever, which will not be discolored. The cable sleeve can tolerate with the temperature range of –40-+93 degree Celsius. The cable sleeve can resists the static interference. The safety grade of it is compliant with FDA food standard.

About the physical ageing experiment:

  •   The Blaster cable has been simulated tested and get the following results: it has 70 months life under the natural indoor environment. It has 19 months life under the outdoor environment, and has 85 days life under the sunlight.
  • The bended and swinged experimenting: (with 90 degree swinging, moved to right and left with 45 degree of each direction, bended 60 times per Minute,), the Blast cable can pass 10000 times tested. The cable body can have the duration of 6-8 years under the condition of normal usage.(not included the jack and splitter. The jack and the splitter can have more than 30 months life under the condition of daily normal usage.

The core of the Blast:

  • The core cable is made up of the top audio grade silver plated OCC: The OCC core cable has excellent signal conducting feature. Many high end audio cable brands apply this kind of core cable. The manufacturing method of the OCC is very complex which the whole cable is made up with the single crystal copper. It is the historical breakthrough in the audio cable industry.
  • The OCC has the following unique features: (1), the fineness of the single crystal copper is exceeded 99.999%: (2), It has 8%-13% lesser impedance than the general copper cable. (3) The superior flexibility, with the testing, the normal copper cable can only be twisted for 16 circles. The OCC cable can be twisted around for 116 circles. (4), it has superior conducting feature which is only next to silver. (5), Because there is no crystal interface and low inductance with the OCC, it is super on anti-interference. If there is the crystal interface, it will cause the signals reflection, refraction during the transmission of the audio signals. These flaws will make the signals deformation, distortion and attenuation.
  • With above extremely excellent characters, the OCC is applied with the high end audio and Video cables. Many expensive hi end cable applied the OCC core cable.

Straight golden plated jack

  • The Blast cable has adopted the durable and safety form of straight jack which many international earphone brands have applied including UE,and Creative.
  • The metal part of the jack is applied the 3U/ 24K plated material from Korea. The good golden plated makes the jack benefits to diminish the connection impedance. It is fine and elegant


  • The Blast is a fine hifi grade OCC cable, It is wove with the twisted method to avoid the interference. No matter the sleeve or the core cable, it is designed with painstaking. It has comfortable touch feeling, The appealing looking make the earphone very attractive, plus the wonderful sound quality of the earphone, It will tempt bother the audiophiles and music lovers.


  • Driver units: 5mm
  • Rated impedance: 16Ω
  • Sensitivity: 110dB
  • Frequency: 15HZ-23KHZ
  • Channel Balance: ≤125dB (at1KHz)
  • Plug size: 3.5mm
  • Cord length: 124cm


  • Hisoundaudio Golden Crystal IEMs Earphones
  • Carry Case
  • Shirt Clip
  • 6 Sets of Ear tips
  • 3.5mm Female to 6.5mm Male Stereo Audio Adapter

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